Dodge, Jeep & Ram AWD Preview: Driving FCA Cars & Trucks in the Canadian snow

( ) What do Dodge, Jeep and Ram have in common? They all belong under the new FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobile banner and they all build AWD and 4X4 cars as Andre and Roman recently found in the frozen Canadian winter tarmac.

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Andy Melo says:

epa chysler jetta tdi std, suck it like the election you lemons

toulouse666 says:

It’s the second time you come to the Montreal area in around ~1 year and I hear about your after the fact!

Ever thought of organizing some kind of meet up?

Gaming 4 Ohio says:

*Could of guessed more shit jeep videos smh*


Vaas Montenegro says:

Pretty cool you get to drive a police car, lucky you. Nice montage guys!

Aidan D says:

Probably the only time anyone will see a police car drifting lol. But hella cool and you guys should definitely do more drift videos

0dq0 says:

Be more specific when you give titles for videos. AWD, Full Time 4WD, 4WD. Its all different. At first I thought you were going to show all AWD cars but then I saw Wrangler I understood that you messed everything. Guessing that Ram pickups are not AWDs either. Guessing because stopped the video at wrangler bit.
And another thing. Behavior of the car in all weather conditions and off-road (be it snowy off-road too) are two totally different things. Try to lock that wrangler in town on snowy road and you will see what happens.

Super Dan says:

I’m so jealous, that looks like a lot of fun!

ferbbe02 says:

This Montage tho lol this looks fun

TheUltimateMacer says:

i love how the renegande is a usless piece of crap

Olivier Fecteau says:

Welcome to Montréal. If you listen very carefully you can hear the snow apologizing for making you lose traction. 🙂

M-A O says:

First gngngngn

ssgp2 says:

Would of been nice to meet you guys.

Christopher Walken says:


Alex Morangelli says:

This was at the Pierre Elliot Trudeau airport in guessing? I live 2 min from there

goatmonkey2112 says:

POWER WAGON!  Didn’t I see something similar to that in a movie?  Hmmm… what was that. 

wantsanewvehicle says:

Three different chargers, and 2 each of the 200 and 300..Why ? They are all only available with 1 engine choice with the awd version. Two different models of the renegade and cherokee, which I am guessing is for the different engine and 4wd choices. Only one model (and therefor engine choice) of the grand cherokee and durango, though..??? Weird.

It sounds like the police charger has the hemi with awd.. so it’s not like they somehow changed the drivetrain with the remodel so why take awd from normal hemi chargers? I remember you saying in another vid that people supposedly weren’t buying the awd hemi version. Well, I am sure some did…and would..

Luki W says:

Nice car family. I would choose RAM. Is Dodge Journey has the same name in US? In Poland we called it Fiat Freemont.
I would like to test such a quantity of cars for the time. You have great job. Greetings.

gargilbert says:

Can’t wait to see the Gay Range Rover fanboys vs the most likely to go offroad Jeep Fans Start a comment war on one of these nice informative videos

Billy Batson says:

Aww didn’t say which you thought was better

thomasthetrain789 says:


icemanroyal says:

ahh Montreal, home sweet (cold) home.  

StephenMc2000 says:

Please come back and do more!!!!

Da-Mad Modler says:

ya know the last time dodge/Chysler claimed to have the longest last anything? it never happened they broke down on they way. people talk shit about fords and chevys because they bought a dodge and nothing could be more stupid unless you bought two!

san379 says:

niceeeeeeeeeee… i still own my first car/truck.   ..its a dodge 94 dakota 

The windigo 123 says:

Dodges are pretty good but u need to see those chevys

cbr10 says:

im jealous

Ahmad smeili says:


Jaegr Wolf says:

The power wagon looks nice, it’s no truck that “Rick Simon” drove but it’s nice. 

DoubleD 613 says:

Looks like yall had lots of fun in canada

Cooldibs says:

A bit more thank 45k…. Oh wait it’s 56k sorry lol

DoubleD 613 says:


grabir01 says:

A Saturn V rocket Engine put into a POS Cryco.  

Avid James says:

that snowRAM with the hyundai tiburon extra lights lol

edwardmtl says:

This cold is really rare actually. We’re used to a couple of days like this a year, but this year it has been like this for 2 weeks straight. You should have had a hat, scarf and gloves, you would have been better off. Your jacket seems pretty thin also…and not zipped all the way up…Come in the summer and check out all the beautiful girls we have 🙂

Brendan A. MacWade says:

Oh no, Renegade. You do have limits!

Sheldon Kilby says:

I would like see a mash-up with the Wangler, Renegade and Cherokee trailhawks 

Cory Parker says:

Does the AWD police charger have a V8? If it does then why would they get rid of the AWD V8 regular charger? I wanted a 2015 AWD V8 charger but since they got rid of it I have to get a 2014.

Martin Vaillancourt says:

Do you plan to test the Jeep Grand Cherokee too ?

bander ibrahim says:

Can’t wait to see it all

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