Driving the Mercedes S Class & Mercedes S550 Plug In Hybrid Preview

Driving the Mercedes S Class & Mercedes S550 Plug In Hybrid Preview. MotoMan experiences the new Mercedes S Class in three ways: From the front seat driving the twin turbo V8, from the rear seat while learning about the interior details the people who developed the 2014 S Class and from the driver’s seat while the car autonomously drives itself . . .

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P yes says:

the car in effect can drive itself the reason it doesnt stay absolutely perfect in the lines is to stop you relying on the self drive all the time its same with the auto braking it wont brake till the very last second before an impact is imminent it does this to stop you becoming fully reliant on the safety aids it could steer perfectly by itself and brake perfectly by itself the technology is there but you shouldnt rely on it

Gowtham N says:

I saw your other video again, and it answered all my questions about self driving 🙂 .

Pjty1 says:

Magic body controll isn’t avalable in S 500 plug-in hybrid

Balabek Mukhtarov says:

The Best.

Mughees Mohiuddin says:

wow, impressive review bro!

MotoManTV says:

Hey Guys! Thanks for the quick feedback. We just watched it twice – on a computer and on a mobile device and it played all the way through. Can you try it again and let us know if it works.

Sorry for any inconvenience – we will have the YouTube folks drawn & quartered!

Warren C. says:

So, now I understand. You sit in the back seat and get a massage and the car drives itself.
That is VERY cool!

IceDree says:

I’m rendered Speechless M ! …. I’ll come back later when I think of something to say …

As Always, Great Video MotoMan !

oh & the video played fine .

TBAGGZ1 says:

MERCEDES BENZ is the greatest!

Monique Marella says:

I like the Ass class, cant w8 for a h2head with the latest 750i

MotoManTV says:

Thanks for the kind words. This is the second of two films. You can find that here: 7rwXCriPQiM

MotoManTV says:

The price is about what you would expect – US$80,000 – US$100,000 for the S550. Will go up from there based on options and if you go up to the S63 or other planned models.

Jan-Michael Franklin says:

Video seems jacked up. Won’t play all the way through.

punchthedog says:

S550 is what a S500 is called in North America and Japan. The are the same car.

peter john kattz says:

i want a car that drives itself

Ermal Morina says:

The best car ever made
The Best or Nothing

shpeendy ibra says:

What Price about is this car _!!

Stefan Unson says:

Even though it steers itself, you have to WATCH THE ROAD!!!

LamboGallardo560 says:

I want my car to do the driving in rush hour traffic. Computers would make it safer, quicker, and less stressful. Then give me control when the roads open up.

Gowtham N says:

Thanks. I read that somewhere that stop and go autopilot is not available in the US. I think it is wrong. s550 has stop and go in bumper to bumper slow moving traffic right?

Zain ‍ says:

i’m too scared to try distronic on my s550


I knew you reminded me of someone, I finally figured it out. If you’ve ever watched Sam Harris debate Rabbie David Wolfe, you look like the Rabbi, you could be his brother, really.

Ibrahim A says:

great video and the presentation you made is really worth watching. thx

Will So says:

Great car

MotoManTV says:

Hello! Thanks for the quick feedback. We just watched it twice – on a computer and on a mobile device and it played all the way through. Can you try it again and let us know if it works?
Thanks in advance!

MotoManTV says:

Yep, the Distronic Plus is indeed available on US Bound S500.

MotoManTV says:

Distronic Plus is indeed available in the US. It is on offer on the S Class and E Class. The car in the film is an S550.

Stanley Judah says:

As much as Autonomous Driving has its plus points, at the end of the day I would much rather be in charge of the driving and drive myself, with the noteable exception of being drowsy at the wheel.

Gowtham N says:

One doubt. The self driving thing, is it available in the US? U drove a s500 or s550?

Kitty Fister says:

start the thing driving itself, get up and skt in the back seat for a relaxing nude hot stone massage

southbeach09 says:

Lets see how BMW answers this car when they release the new 7 series.

Gowtham N says:

Nice video 🙂 . Have u made a detailed review of the car? Like 20 minutes or so?

GorZhe says:


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