Dually Duel: 2017 Ford F-350 vs Chevy Silverado 3500 vs Ram 3500 Drag Race

( http://www.TFLtruck.com ) Dually Duel: 2017 Ford F-350 vs Chevy Silverado 3500 vs Ram 3500 Drag Race

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Mitch Braaaps says:

fuckin brake boost the shit out of that cummins

Juanito Skillz says:

I don’t get why people start bitching over these types of videos. They’re all great trucks!

skins2181 says:

It’s a stupid video anyway.  Who buys a 1 ton diesel dually to drag race?  These trucks are built to haul payload, not haul arse.

Rich Farfugnuven says:

the problem with all of them are about 85 thousand for a new fully loaded truck. I will keep my ’02 and ’03 Powerstrokes. you can keep all 3 of those at those prices.

Duane Boersma says:

I dont know why i still click on your vids … This test is completly useless without multiple passes with each driver given several chances to drive each truck.

Alpha monkey says:

turbo lag?

Alarmmanjjj says:

good show but i wish you would do the trucks at max payload and see how they pull. thanks luv the show

Esmeralda Torres says:

ya’ll guys should do the 6.2 escalade vs the 6.2 yukon denali and the chevy tahoe

chance bunker says:

hook them up, those trucks are for pulling not drag racing.

cb7pwn says:

all HD trucks are the same . each have their positives and negatives, i dont care what anyone says. 3 badass trucks right there!


please do a 3/4 ton towing/mileage shootout

Curtis Bull says:

Cummins is kinda a turd, always as been. But I wonder what the outcome would be if tuned and deleted? As far as longevity the powerstroke will be the first to go down.

Robert Arauza says:

Aluminum? Big mistake.

BLR12343 says:


Michael The Atheist says:

The ford and its aluminum frame can drag but, compared to the other two it can’t tow, and that is what these big trucks are designed to do!

Ron Mower says:

let me drive that chevy.come on guys these guys don’t now how nothn. no offense this is entertainment industry

Rafael Bacca says:

obvio la Ford es motor turbo

tim vanderlinde says:

well they should have done this race with clouds and a barometer below 29.45 and always lower the tire pressure 5 psi and shine the wheels. the my truck brand would have won. hehehe

Victor Lebron says:

well look at both trucks the chevy is heavier and it is a real truck and not a light toy

Pablo Martins says:

well guys 5 years latter and you still didn’t learn anything about 1 ton trucks.. bunch of morons………

Walther White says:

Launch my 6.4 at 20psi of boost and forget that cheevy

miguel hernandez says:

I dislike power strokes and I only like Duramax and Cummins Powerstroke sucks anyways

Mr. Ws6 says:

410s in the chevy it would of probably out ran the ford.

Chris Ludwig says:

they do in next video. Ford still wins

PaLEOjd says:

To actually get proven results, the trucks should have the same rear end gear ratio. The results mean nothing because a lower gear will always accelerate quicker than a higher gear ratio. Ford fanboys got the results they wanted by purposely getting a GM truck with higher gears, what a joke!

If Dodge would learn how to build their own engine and not have to rely on Cummins, they would be more competitive with GM & Ford.

DW VW says:

That hood scoop is so unnecessary

Thomas Helgeland says:

I’m a Ford guy myself but they are all great trucks… for the most part


Cummins still has most torque and best for towing

Blake Sanborn says:

I wonder why Ram went with a i6 then a v8.

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