Epic TFL Jeep Wrangler 50 State Road Trip Preview: Motor Mountain USA Monday

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) Motor Mountain USA Motor Mountain USA (#MotorMountainUSA) is the latest epic adventure from TFLcar. Motor Mountain USA takes the epic road trip to a whole new level. TFLcar teamed up with the Jeep Corporation and Turtle Wax for an adventure that will touch all 50 states and reach highest elevation public roads.

We are talking about driving over 25,000 miles back and forth across the great nation! We will also reach Alaska and Hawaii. The adventure will be split up into several sections and will take 1 year to complete.

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moimeme says:

Lucky men.

Paul Montero says:

Nice Jeep outfits fellows. When you come to Massachusetts we would love to meet you and bring our Jeep. Bon voyage!   O|||||||O
Mount Greylock is the tallest mountain in Massachusetts and you can drive to the top on a road that is eight miles long.

Jack Wu says:

You guys are living my dream! Have fun!

tops303 says:

This is awesome!! Can you guys do a mini review of the camper? maybe share some thoughts about it as you guys go along? Thanks

G. Hazzi says:

That’s awesome guys and I’m jealous. Enjoy and looking forward to the weekly videos.

Aquamium G says:

I bet a $1,000 the 4wd and the transmission will fail before 30K miles, But hey, at least the truck will still be under the manufacturer warranty.

MrKeyboardCommando says:

A whole year on the road, touring the contiguous USA, and people try telling me TeamTFL aren’t the best goddam car guys in the whole wide world ??? What a load of pillocks !!!!

jerry barlow says:

Can’t wait to find the belt buckle in utah!

Donald Valinski says:

Awsome idea.how does the insulation work on the roof.i was thinking about getting it!

XJet1982 x says:

I got a little concerned with all the moaning coming from the camper lol.

saliston says:

Your Iowa trip will be fast LOL

Bruce Solomon says:

Let me know when you’re in Florida.

kirk189 says:

Awesome guys!!!

J Kav says:

Hey TFL crew. I’m “J” here in the natural state(Arkansas). I’ve been subscribed to you for several years now and watch the show everyday. I hear that you’re traveling to all 50 states. I just want to be one of the first to welcome the crew to the beautiful state of Arkansas. Good luck on your journey. Hope to see your vlog on the natural state. “J”

saliston says:

How will you do your regular videos?

drkpg1 says:

Can’t wait to see that. A big fan from France!!! And the wrangler is one of my favorite car.

Jeff Kloster says:

Super excited to see how this unfolds!

Caleb Cissna says:

What about hawaii

Migalouch Garcia says:

Im here to represent wack ass delaware lol
Ps dont get pulled over here

Grzegorz K.G says:

Men!! This is so cool!

RAJohnson713 says:

How long did this trip take in real time? Can we get a tour of the camper?

Matt Kubisiak says:

Will you be passing through the District of Columbia? You could climb Capitol Hill.

Luki W says:

Very great idea, good luck Guys.

Jonathan Washington says:

Please come to Florida st Petersburg!!

Justin Kelly says:

Cant wait to meet with you guys in Illinois!!! Do Wrangler owners get anything special when we show up?! haha:)

Noah Burden says:

Why don’t you take the raptor?

Justin Ilbrink says:

tell me when you are going to MICHIGAN!!!

Michelle Luna says:

Really enjoyed this… Yes, I’m probably biased to this type of stuff since my Jeep is just like this one and I like the idea of themed road trips.. Going to miss this series!!

Lauryan Flipsen says:

Love the idea

Mr. Cairo says:

Hopefully you go indepth on the Jeeps performance throughout the trip.

Jonathan Scherer says:

Might I suggest that you take on Colorado while there’s still a good bit of snow on the mountains?  While I realize snow poses a challenge almost no 4×4 can overcome, at least once it gets deep enough, there are quite a few Coloradans out there who have no choice but to traverse such adverse conditions every day. There are farmers and ranchers and simply people who live outside of civilization who have to get through the conditions no matter what – to get home or to get to town for work or groceries.  Many state and forest roads aren’t maintained from Labor Day through Memorial Day. That leaves a long span of time for people to have to get through the muck on their own.  So it’d be nice to see how well the Jeep does in these real world conditions. Sure it can go up any trail you choose on the nice, dry rock of Moab, but how well does it do when faced with the rough and tough Colorado Rockies?  Give her no mercy. That’s the only way to test a Jeep! Push her to the limit and then some.  Just be sure to have a tow vehicle along for the moments when the going gets tougher than even the Wrangler can get through. 😉  I vote for the TRD Tacoma Sport, but that’s because I’m a Jeep/Toyota hybrid fan. I don’t think that’s normal. I better get it checked out. I wonder where you can find a brand loyalist mash-up specialist. Doctor Who?

CaptBenSisko says:

Your channel is great and I watch it every single day. Keep up the awesome work. I envy you guys for having the opportunity to drive in such beautiful places.

ted101975 says:

Taking the Ford with you like you did with the old car?

Michael Johnson says:

you guys are great

crazy wheel says:

California Love (2pac)

Chris Miller says:

Can I cheat a little and take a selfie with my 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk?

jamesgjt says:

damn it i better buy the renegade trailhawk right now

GreatToastMigration says:

I would love to go on a road trip of this proportion! Livin’ the dream.

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