Exclusive Preview: AUDI Q8 / MUSTSEE! – Audi Van den Brug

Thursday july 5 was the moment: the Exclusive Preview of the brandnew Audi Q8 at Audi Van den Brug Drachten. Experience this preview movie!

Op donderdag 5 juli was het zover; de exclusieve preview van de nieuwe Audi Q8 in de showroom van Audi Van den Brug in Drachten.
Geniet van deze preview film!

More info at: bit.ly/Audi-Q8-exclusive-preview


ryudori says:

i like this color..

M Dayeh says:

Audi and their beautiful design….WOW

Harper Wallace says:

Those wheels are my new favorite Audi wheels.

Anderson C says:

UGLY. It’s funny how there’s so many people buying into SUV’s. They aren’t that much more practical than a sedan these days with the FWD sloping rear window. The more vertical the better. There are only a few SUV’s still have the boxy rear section. Which is the point IMHO. So that you can carry tall items that wouldn’t fit in the trunk of a sedan. Right now the most practical vehicles are pick-up trucks. They are stronger (structurally) as they need to be able to carry almost 2000-lbs in the bed (or more) and pull over 9000-lbs. And if there is a mess in the truck bed you can hose it off (unless you’re an idiot that put carpeting and didn’t have a spray-on protectant). Add, if you get a “super crew” the 2nd row seats can be folded straight up. Could put a few flatscreens in that area standing up. And t he people inside are more protected in a collision Vs sports car, compact car, or SUV.

Валерий Анатольевич says:

морда уебище пипец

Salvador Venegas says:

Audi is going to kill the car game these next couple of years

앙요 says:

Clean diesel xD

Manmohan Ram says:


Orazio Ganci says:

Q8 grande

Sabid Hasanovic says:


foxsux123 says:

Yeah, the grille is controversial, but, I love it.

Jonathan Williamson says:

Not paying r8 money for this vw group parts-bin tdi trash. It’s like they were trying to out “vulgar” the x6… get a range, get a merc, a tesla, don’t buy this.

H Kömandant says:

Two words..horri, ble!!!!

thoz says:

Much nicer dealerships than the ones here in Sydney.

mobil audi audi says:

audi spot, minta all

Jean-yves Derick says:

Beau SUV, belle couleur !❤❤

XX yy says:

This car is bigger than almost all other suvs in its class but makes a smaller impression when you look at it.

John McClane says:

Q8 is bigger than Q7 ? Or. Bigger than Q5 And smaller than Q7 ? Anybody ?

marcus79nyc says:

Ruined the video with your sh*t music

mikeythebold tv says:

Audi did an awesome job with this car wish they made a q2 with similar design because that’s the only car i could afford right now

문현성 says:

but bmw god.

ew10j4turbo says:

What happened with the rear calipers? I love the rear brembo 4 piston brakes of my q7 4L but design it’s okay I will buy one but RSQ8

Ronin585 says:

Is a shit … Audi = VAG = DieselGate …ufff

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