From BMW to Faraday Future: The Future of Automotive Tech – CES 2017

With CES 2017 arriving this week, we prepare for what should be a huge lineup of awesome tech reveals from the big car manufacturers from BMW. Faraday Future & more.

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Redd Wolf says:


retrogamerfan says:

Can’t wait to test out a self driving car I can watch the 5th element in the back seat while it’s driving to my favorite steakhouse xD

Connor Collins says:

Oh hell half of the people in the comment cant even afford these cars

Olly .S says:

IGN please stick to videogames, TV shows and movies, for the sake of everyone.

Ckc dillpickle says:

Faster than a car that does 0-60MPH in 2.4… NO WAY.

Member? says:

member when ign made videos about video games?

Kevin Qerimi says:

Meclaron p1 is the best

Hao Tran says:


Gimp Shepart says:

Will you still need a Driving licence if you are driving Autodriving Car?

McRibs says:

I dont see any headphone jacks though

chasemebaby says:

Too bad they always forget to mention…… only rich people will own these things. Self driving ubers will be how ordinary people experience it and in a weird twist of fate they will be ex uber employees, replaced by the new system.

isak says:

Finally you can drink and drive, hehe

Darthadios says:

Why there are cars now ? Well car technology actually develops. But videogames are going backwards, games becoming more and more simpler, easier and shorter. Sadly there is no innovation in videogames any more.
But if I compare my first car to my current car, there is a huge difference.

OfficialYTZ says:

i like driveing my shelf yall can keep dis shelf drive shiz

shahbaz faiz says:

Finally you can drink and ride in peace

mutsnuts1989 says:

getting more like irobot every year

nipponhouseplayer says:

Johnny Cab!

No Names says:

These youngsters are talking about things irrelevant to a majority of serious responsible adults: exotic, expensive men toys for youngsters.

ScrubTheNub says:

Self-driving is lame af.

the war ITA says:

Skynet will not be a reality anymore.

Ciontu Marius says:

dont call it futuristic untill it flies…


Damn, Forza Motorsport 7’s graphics are good

Cashew ew says:

A car with propellers instead of wheels that fly’s you to where you want with simple gps coordinates.Flying seems to have more obvious advantages then driving.

Marvier Jeudy says:

I want a self driving car and I’m only fourteen

Shaggy2222 says:

So there have been 400,000 tesla 3 ‘preorders’, at 35,000 each.. that 14 BILLION!!!! Not bad for an unreleased car

RetardskillMe says:

IGN = Imagine Games Network. Why not change to IAN?

Alex Vizzini says:

Just like CES, IGN use to talk about Video Games but now they talk about cars

Sinistaar says:

The Lucid Air was actually the first stand-alone full electric competitor.
Faraday is just outlandish, but their car definitely grew on me.

Batman v Superman says:

Still waiting for the Nick Fury SUV with windshield FaceTime and machine gun

Tech Fast says:

Guyes I have some Awsome videos at my channel come check it out

Cory llo says:

Either I’ve been saying Hyundai wrong all my life or the guy on the left says it funny.

Will Dominguez says:

Wow, the Tesla Model 3 is just amazing! It looks beautiful, 200 mile range, electric, self-driving.. All for $35k.. Tesla is going to blow up! I can’t wait to buy one of these. Absolutely sold on it.

Rocks 176 says:

We can’t wait to buy.

DubstepDinosaurs says:

Good job on the model 3 reservation dude! Me too. That vegan leather looks awesome in model 3!

BigWorm512 says:

1 out of 2 nerds prefer a zip-up hoodie.

Sebastie Cortes says:

2017 looking great already !!!

Classic Miles says:

Like all of this series, it is clickbait, but I actually enjoyed

RJ Zipper says:

is the guy on the left a half filipino? because, if I am not mistaken, filipinos do say the word ‘LIKE’ like in every seconds. especially sa ‘mga arte na tao’.. idk why…

ZooM mTm says:

11/10 ign

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