Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me in It

Two hackers have developed a tool that can hijack a Jeep over the internet. WIRED senior writer Andy Greenberg takes the SUV for a spin on the highway while the hackers attack it from miles away.

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Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me in It

Executive Producer: Editor in Chief – Scott Dadich
Consulting Producer: Creative Director – Billy Sorrentino and Editorial Director – Robert Capps
Producer: Senior Producer – Sean Patrick Farrell
Post Supervisor: Nurie Mohamed


Rutzorr11 says:

Newer cars come with the “IBM-Prob Data-Collector probe’s, and Transmitter Probes so you can’t really Wirelessly do it unless you fixed up the Transmitting Data like how they did and so on. So No worries :3 Your cars are safe ^-^

Bill Ryan says:

You all shouldn’t rip on Chrysler vehicles, any vehicle with a computer and internet can be hacked,import or domestic.

Pritpaul Dhesi says:

Good luck with my 2001 Honda

donnald troll says:

bring back ‘wired battle damage’

Tyler Em says:

Ha! My car is over 30 years old. The most complicated piece of tech in it is the radio.

Evan Pure Dubstep says:

This is why we take the computer out of the car. And essentially have it running on human commands not computer.

Bea Trendy says:

This happened to me once while driving in Arlington. I own a Chrysler

David Gamero says:

why the fuck did i get an ad with an adblocker

Daffyd Landegge says:

and they want “auto-pilot” vehicle systems. lol

You Spy On Me says:

While I do have a newer car to get back and forth from work, it’s not new enough to have a head unit or “brain”. My weekender is a 70 Chevelle SS that I rebuilt with my dad and have had since I was 15. I love that car, not just because of what it is, but any work that needs to be done to it, can be done by me.

If I can’t work on the car myself, because it needs some kind of computer hookup to find out whats wrong with it, then that’s not a car I need. I prefer the older “Tanks”. I’ve been rear ended in that car by newer cars, and have barely gotten a scratch on the chrome, while the newer cars that hit it looked like they had an accordion for a hood, and on the plus side, I can’t get hacked.

TheNorwegianGuy says:

so this is how tesla have auto pilot
all they have to do is to force a hacker inside a car with a small hole

greatgood5 says:

The people who deny technology on cars because they can get ‘hacked’, despite the fact that FCA got this problem fixed, are the type of people that are 64 and need to call IT support to close a window on a computer.

FCA got this patched with cooperation of the crew that exploited the UConnect system.

Samuel Moretz says:

I know that street its in st.louis

Matanumi says:

man…fuck new cars

Yhowbyjytub310 says:

So glad the highest tech thing in my car is 6 buttons to preset my radio

Mastfa Mastfana says:

I think I am following the first Arab channel

Gamer_plays_2017 says:

Did is like watch dogs 2

UnforgivenAngel says:

My mom has his exact same car…. Well I don’t want to ride in her car anymore…

biggyb5000 says:

Why would they release it?

ChillyBear says:

just full throttle then full right turn boom you kill someone and it looked like an accident… dear god I’m fucked up xD

Letfordlay says:

I was surprised to see this took place in St Louis

benzlover55 says:

my old diesel Benz laughs in the face of such danger lol.

ND - Neutral says:

I am convinced most of these would work globally but there are some things about the cars my country builds (Germany) that are different. We have a lot of extremely strict rules. Only one example is the need for a backup braking system that will always work mechanically independent from the electrical brakes and will always work no matter what you “hack”. Just a response to the last scene where the Jeep drives into the slope.
Turning an engine off, however could also be very dangerous potentially and with modern cars there is no mechanical failsafe. Key detection (wether or not your key is nearby or not) can easily be overridden. Just some thoughts on this topic 🙂

Roobik B says:

fuck the modern products, they are all from cheap china or hackable.

boost lord says:

get ready America. I saw this shit on criminal minds, people are gonna be victims real quick.

aaron saychek says:

simple fix dont give the car the control of the stearing breaks and everything else

TLMYC says:

Now, it has been proved that the CIA have been trying to do this sort of stuff. This is super dangerous.

richard343s says:

I realize self driving internet connected cars might be the future. But I’ll never buy one unless it runs free/open source software.

William Seroyer says:

Aw yes the glory’s of a CAN bus network.

Robbert van Batenburg says:

Rip Michael Hastings

Tony Vo says:

yay toyota supra not hack

Sc.Lime says:

That thing is probably drive by wire, which means they could have floored the gas on him if they wanted to.

Unlimited Juice says:

Once hackers get a hold of this shit they are gonna kill so many people smh

ReisenFruit says:

win8 & a mac wow no linux? bitch pls git gud

VloggingWithCole says:

This is scary in 2015 our Jimmy burned so we got a rental jeep and now looking at this it is scary…

Lolpoop Lolpoop says:

this why I think fully auto pilot cars are dumb

Omar Martinez says:

awwww, white hat hackers ;p

Giuseppe Farrugia says:

OK bitch, hack my disconnected Alfa Romeo Spider.

Freddy Pedraza says:

Good God what the fuck is that thing???!? A Cherokee ????!?? Makes my old Jeep Liberty feel like a wrangler in comparison, is it at least good off-road ?

Lord Manocsak says:

Solution: Never buy a car like that!
Solution2: Don’t even make cars with any kind of internet connection.
Solution3: If you have a car like that, just cut of from any kind of internet receiver.

Why would I ever need a car with internet? The whole concept is so stupid, just because you can invent a toaster with weather widget, you don’t have to make it?!?! wtf 21st century!

dead channel says:

this is fucking watchdogs 2 shit


Why the fuck do we need brakes that can be disabled!?! W t f !!??

Renato Medeiros says:

never in my good old Chevrolet Omega 1997 free from this stupid eletronics stuff

Alex N says:

where can i get this software?!

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