Jeep Grand Cherokee Stereo System Finale, PART 6 – Amplified #111

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In this episode of Amplified, the crew finally completes the Jeep Grand Cherokee Audison system. Doug cuts his new dogs hair with a Flowbee. The shop gets a new Dr. Dre Beat Box. Rafa’s grumpyness gets cured.


SumoFlip511 says:

I had Flobee haircuts for the majority of my childhood ahahah

Douglas Brimer says:

Doug, you guys so need the Threadsetter tool for your shop. you will never have to get under the cars to apply the washer and nut when you put a bolt to hold something down. Threadsetter pops a nut flush mount to any thin metal. A TOTALLY awsome tool. Mine works like a dream. Got it at Amazon. Type in Threadsetter kits. I have the kit with all of the availabe arbors and nut sizes. Use it several days a week .LLLLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEE it. God Bless you and your team Love you guys.

CaptainBreny says:

fuck off i had beats before the friggin 3.5 aux fell off like WTF abd i bearly used it cause they sounded crap

Erik S. says:

Whats the name of the song playef in the Jeep

MiniExtreme says:

does anyone know of any places that do this type of thing in sydney australia or newcastle?

Conor Saunders says:

Beats are SHIT!!!!

cyanideg says:

YO! Please lemme know about the question above.

KevinxDoll says:

i would love to work in a shop like that

jghdez89 says:

Ya’ll are the best

VikingMarksman says:

My question is where’d you put the spare tire when you were done

Joseph lancaster says:

Super Clean install!

ken6x says:

one day, i will go down to your shop, slap Rafa and run out.

Денис Земцов says:


kcmann4152 says:

Where is the spare tire?

1gnxregal1 says:

The only down side is!! The spare tire..where does it go?

Shane Woodard says:

Sick clean install

ken duran says:

not the flowbee my grandpa has one never seen any one else with one to funny

Mlito69 says:

whats the name of the music/song playing at the end @soundmancaraudio

Oper8or says:

Nice! Now I need Lynda so I can learn to tolerate your arse. I’m kidding. You remind me of a buddy I had in the mil. His name was Sandafur. He was a lot like you. A turd. 🙂 Seriously. Great work. Really nice attention to detail. Just don’t hurt your right hand or you’ll have problems musterdbaiten.

laken ezzell says:

your beats are stupid

SMILY95 says:

great work as always sound man is the sht

Chris Piltz says:

sh#t looks stock and perfect. I’ve never made a box all out of fiberglass. super tight!!!! good job. normal people don’t understand how long/time it takes to do this stuff!!!!

Tomer Dori says:

That jeep looks so beautiful. You guys did a nice job on the box

paolo monticello says:

The sound you want in your car is sweetened, the sound you want while editing or mixing is flat.

Damiano di Maria says:

doug, please the name of the song at the end of the videos..

Andre Bezerra says:

aren’t wood boxes better than fiber glass? I mean the sound quality.

DoctaMarcos says:

Damn you guys are da boss in audio and custom work. I would love having you guys put work in my car

2hPl0Xowns says:

He thought your dick was 4 gauge wire? im sorry bro

Jason Bobinger says:

Just curious, but did ya’ll have any port noise?

Matthew Haley says:

How many cubic ft did that box end up being? My 2014 Jeep SRT is in the shop now getting an Audio Frog GB12D2 installed and like how you put the port under the floorboard. But really curious to know what the cubic ft ended up being. Thanks bud

ACIDBURN6661 says:

Hey Doug! I was wondering how you keep your spry gun from jamming up when you use glue? Great show 🙂 Loved it 😀

JohnnyTLuxury says:

Imma say it, the subs port dirty lookin, y’all can do better. Other than that, AMAZING install.

bryon mead says:

I’d say it would cost around 6 or 7k for this if a shop did it

kshepthedrummer says:

hey doug……how could you spill that glue like that?… suck

jghdez89 says:

No more spare tire bye bye

Redytoosnap says:

very nice install ,very clean . great job guys

Joe Collings says:

and we test bumped it and it sounded bitchen lol

kole owens says:

Line Up Everybody 4.99 MotherFucker Lmao

Buju TM says:

You guy are good at what you do but C.A.F explains his builds more for people wanting to learn.

Jay OC says:

I have an SRT and want it…how much?????

Kent Daigle says:

Milo rules !!!!

121243 says:

Clean, almost looks stock.

AnotherJun says:

can i know how much will this cost..

pat v says:

Creep street- timothy j wills

Matthew Reimer says:

Beats are stupid

cyanideg says:

Great job on the install, one question: Did the SRT already have the upgraded HK audio option or was it just the base system?

Betoesco15 says:

F beats should have gotten a kicker amphitheater

Edgar Medina says:

Instalacion chingona! Como encienden los leds del amplificador?
I don’t write & speak english.

Lalo Zamora says:

What is the cost of this set up?

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