JULIAN SMITH – Techno Jeep

The sounds in this video are ACTUAL sounds from the Jeep. Everyone began rehearsing their parts 2 weeks before we shot the video. It took us 7 hours of filming to get a solid take. Enjoy!

© 2009 Julian Smith Productions

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Eric Wooten says:

I like that go Jeep

CamJam 312 says:

man… the good ol’ days of youtube. sucks it’s not like this anymore

Talia says:

listen to this on .5 speed

The Arbiter says:

0:56 sounds like something from Halo Reach

nascaos says:

thahahah xD awesome

Yuyi Cruz Guerrero says:

this Is so creative love it

MamaDespik says:

“link in sidebar”. Man I feel old.

Terryn Statham says:

already got this as my ringtone

Davey Gamey says:

my dad’s car used to make those noises it was fine don’t worry about it

Annika Eisenbraun says:

Freaking skill

R T says:

when u cant afford a dj gear…

Charlie Pierce says:

When YouTube vids actually had talent to get viral

ZabuGD ` says:


Llamarama B- says:

The sounds of my childhood!

Kristian Ivancic says:


Conor Larocque says:

how many door locks did ya go through to make that one then? 😛

AJS Superhulk says:

techno jeep in da house

Luna Moonfall says:

I have the same jeep and that is soooo cool

Eric Wooten says:

I like that go Jeeps love it

Damien Hopkins says:


mryall95 says:

LOVED every second of this one!

Gamer TheRedDragon says:

wow it’s been 7 years. #2017

Critter0817 says:

at the end he says “cut” instead of “that’s a wrap guys”. I would’ve slapped him XD

Amanda Anaya says:

I remember when this video was new, the first video I saw of Julian Smith! He made some of the best songs and I sure miss his awesome era on YouTube

Eric Wooten says:

I like that go cars or Jeep

Senpai Films says:

Jumper cable guy really getting into it.

ZombieExtermina - Minecrafter says:

How did you guys’ neighbors react to your rehearsing?

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