Land Rover Defender versus Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Land Rover Defender versus Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

This massive comparison between these two legendary off-roaders reveals some surprises. The Jeep Wrangler (Jeep Wrangler Rubicon) and Land Rover Defender (One-ten stationwagon) are the two great off-roaders by which all others are judged. But which one is best?
Here, 4×4 author and filmmaker Andrew St Pierre White joins 4×4 training guru John Rich to undertake the challenge.
The vehicles are compared in terms of driving comfort, rear seat space, dash ergonomics, on-road ride and comfort, and of course, off road ability. The two transmissions are explained and tested. In the rough, the two vehicles are pretty evenly matched, until . . . Watch the video to find out.

NB. This Jeep is a limited edition 2012 “Call of Duty” Wrangler Rubicon no 246 of 250.

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Blazing_Fox says:

Land Rover wins, my mother had an accident with a Jeep it toppled over, really unsafe cars.

HRm708 says:

Jeep all day.

Hands down no questions asked.

Lost me when:
“We won’t use the lockers to keep it fair”
FAIL. Jeep overall is a better and more capable off roader.


considering one vehical is wal older then the other. the land rover did well

Pablo Valdez says:

Love the video, great editing. I would like to comment tho on the Jeeps steering. You mention it feels unresponsive. That vehicle at the time of filming was 3 to 4 years old. The fact that the vehicle is used offroad regularly and already has some age to it means most likely ball joints in the steering linkage and knuckles are worn, a common occurrence in wranglers, which will in turn cause the steering to feel wandery, loose, or impricise. I have experienced this in many late model wranglers I have worked on. The steering joints when fresh offer a very direct and responsive feel.

Chris v says:

I actually agree and disagree with the method of the test. i can see a valid point for not testing with the diff locks as a side by side equivalent tech of the brake based traction control. but it would have been nice to have seen it with the locks in too so that that could also be seen by the viewers. as for the bias, we all have bias. Just because someone says they have a fondness for a vehicle doesnt mean they cant admit, as he did, that another vehicle also has its strengths. now take into account the rubicon won the off road part even without the diffs lock engaged. overall i liked the video. thanks for making it.

Ken Barbie says:

Not only is the Rubicon a much better vehicle with higher resale, but the initial cost and cost of maintenance is not even close. The Land Rovers are notorious for oil leaking, tire wear, and smog failing vehicles. The price of parts and frequency of repairs favors the Jeep ten fold. The British have not perfected vehicle reliability, only status of driving. That status comes with a high price tag.

Naegling says:

Thank you for what is the best comparison video of two excellent vehicles. My wife drives an LR3 (D3) and I have an older Jeep TJ. I love them both.

DrewVlogs says:

I could watch this stuff all day. Love off roading!..

J Myakka says:

I think you do a disservice to the Jeep when you opt not to use the locking differentials in order to “keep things on an even footing”. They are not even. You are comparing vehicles and discussing which one handled the hill better. cherry picking which features to use and which ones to ignore does not provide a complete or fair comparison. my opinion. Otherwise, I enjoyed the video.

Nickolas Griffith says:

I have the discovery. The other day when going to school i broke something I think the tranny however it is still running strongish.

Daniel Kilpatrick says:

Keep in mind how much older this model of defender is to the jeep

Tj C says:

This video brings a smile to my face. They’re both terrible to drive on a daily basis, but I would love to have one of each. XD

JACK WEN says:

The JK Wranglers are equipped with BLD(Brake Lock Diff), standard on all models. Even tho you don’t engage locker, the computer still activates BLD to act like a locker, that’s why the wrangler goes up that hill so easily.

NemeanLion says:

At first I thought this was a very honest appraisal, but after a few viewers brought up not using lockers (which he should have because it’s a rubicon) and defender winning for “touring” (which almost no off roster does), I’d have to say this was a bit biased to the rover.

Crazylandrover says:

I hate jeeps. land rovers are the best

Digital Reel says:

Simple: buy a Defender – it’s so much cooler

so ramadan says:

ilike this

Easton Hirsh says:

I love videos like this, but i dont like it when people compare and say one vehicle is better than the other, it causes alot of unhappiness in the community, both of these vehicles are amazing offroaders, if Land rovers werent really expensive in america, i wouldnt mind having one over my jeep

geofen8036 says:

Yup, Discos are cool and expensive. A Defender is crazy expensive. Ill take my over priced prone to rusting just because Jeep. And if I break it? That’s ok too, because parts are everywhere and any shop with basic tools can fix it.

Gabriel Orozco says:

I took out the subwoofer and cd player in my range rover i saw no true value too it. It was heavy and big. Lol

Graham Thomas says:

what is the differance is wheelbase. i have a 110 utility with tcs. but i have a 90 200tdi and its considerably better at the climbs you used. as a 4 seater version i wondered how it would compare. and lastly. im sure the defender has hilldecent that slows it down with engine breaking i think its 5mph and 3mph if you turn the steering. im not postitive this works though and i also think hill decent is to fast in tight places. i wonder how then moneyaside a discovery 4 would compare

Trent Reiss says:

I don’t like how you didn’t use all of the jeeps features when comparing them. To do a fair comparison I think you should use both vehicles to their best abilities. For instance at 26:30 you didn’t use some of the jeeps climbing features to keep it “fair” to the rover but that’s part of what makes the jeep a better overall vehicle. That’s just my 2 cents

Epiphany_1 says:

Mr. White, 1st things 1st.., A Fantastic comparison (IMO), I was most impressed with your efforts to be “unbiased”. Additionally, the “Off Road~ Ascent & Descent testing” was the BEST comparison I’ve seen this far!

romeoneverdies says:

i think that was a great review of both vehicle capabilities and what to expect from each. on a side note price is a very big issue here for land-rovers so i can totally understand why “brits” love land rovers its also more adapted to the type of leisure Europeans do i think. North americans love their jeeps in a similar fashion ( almost a religion too) i think its more about not having to go far or the rate of resuply . you don’t really need to go far to get supplies and or help where jeeps go usually ( i think) its mostly a day in the mud /forest/trail etc … maybe a weekend at most . with the info you provided i would agree with your conclusion

dimitris pappas says:

One of the best comparisons i have seen between these two vehicles, excellent work. There is however something i would like to ask you. What are the articulation figures of the Defender 90-110 puma and what are those of a 1989 coil sprung Defender. Has the Defenders articulation been altered over the years.Thank you for your time.


4X4ever Jeep

VRJensen1 says:

I love Land Rovers and I love Jeeps. I think he did a great job except one thing. In the spirit of “Comparing the two vehicles” the dif-locks should have been used on the jeep for the hill climb and descents. Evening the playing field was not the goal. Comparing their advantages and disadvantages was the goal. Overall, I think they did a great job and I’m very glad to have this comparison. Thank you!

Bill Soucess says:

I wonder why you say they sway are the swaybars missing on all the ones you’ve driven ?

DonziGT230 says:

The LR costs a lot more than the Jeep and simply can’t compete off-road. The Jeep looses on cargo space, adding roof storage is a simple fix. If one wants maximum interior storage space just don’t choose that sound system option and the speakers won’t be in the way. As for the Jeep having vague steering, the way you describe it you’re either comparing it to a sports car or that Jeep has a problem. I’ve driven them stock and lifted with 35″ and 37″ tires, even lifted ones drive pretty well but stock ones drive as nicely as any other SUV or truck.

Shawn850 says:

in the area of fuel consumption, would you reconsider if the Rubicon were to be a diesel? I’m assuming that the one in this test was a petrol powered one.

Hammer Prepper says:

well done, well thought out. I love most of your review’s (I’m a Pajero lover) hahaha one thing i though you might add in later head to head is cost of the vehicle in stock form. IDK the price of these vehicles, but it might be a good add on. again well done and I look forward to a huge binge of your videos

Pizznad says:

I have never driven the 2 door Rubicon, but the 4 door Rubicon is a completely different feeling vehicle on the road than my 2 door Sport. My Wrangler Sport feels like it’s riding on rails on curvy roads. No vague feeling whatsoever. It feels, well, sporty. 🙂  Of course it doesn’t do nearly as well off road either.

The President of The Internet says:

Both iconic legends good thorough review

Alex´s stuff says:

I love both, problem?

Kimberlyng2b says:

Great job guys. Very non bias . Thanks

Hugemonkeyman says:

The jeep is clearly better

Ed Tsymerman says:

It was clear, that they saw Jeep had clear advangage with its off-road ability and that is the reason they decide not to ingage Jeep’s locking diffs so they can artififcially keep LR in the running.

jim dandy says:

Great and HONEST review, yes the Rubicon is no slouch and hangs with or surpasses the finest–

Pinchgrinch says:

Really great video!

travisnarc says:

Outstanding Review!!!!

Wickedpowerupguy says:

Defender = Lif3

Dominic von Stösser says:

As to the matter of compression braking: this, I think, is one of the definite disadvantages of turbodiesels and petrol engines as compared to, say, the somewhat maligned normally aspirated straight sixes found in older diesel Land Cruisers; no matter how steep, no matter how rough – I go touring in Namibia – I’ve never had the feeling that 1-Low is too fast just hanging on the engine in my HZJ79 pickup; the 22.7:1 compression ratio and six cylinders gives ample “compression reserves” (if that’s what we could call it) compared to the freer-revving turbodiesels and petrol engines.

CaviDS says:

out of curiosity, did that jeep have the electronic sway bar disconnect? Did you use it?

slowcoy says:

This is the comparison between 2 big religions

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