Mercedes-Benz Active Body Control — Fully Active Suspension Technology

Introducing Active Body Control, a fully active suspension technology from Mercedes-Benz. This feature allows you to control vehicle body motions while eliminating body roll in diverse driving situations, allowing you to be more at ease when cornering, accelerating, and braking.

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Frenk Vortice says:

bose suspension better

C Liang says:

funny how they are comparing an SL to what obviously is a Vauxhall Insignia (or Buick Regal)

Jake says:

I have it on my Active Soarer 1992. Its better worked out as a true active, with hydropneumatic system with no springs. The use of skyhook means the sensors compensate for the dips drops yaw attitude via G sensors and gyroscopes. Added to this is 4 wheel steering. It works very well, incredibly smooth with excellent control (unlike a citroen) and outrageous handling. Sadly only 650 were ever made when Toyota in their infinite wisdom pulled the plug on it. Its reliable and using it in 2013.

jctevere says:

Learn your stuff before you troll. Mercedes introduced this technology in 1991 on a few prototype C112 models. Became standard in the CL series in 1999, and standard now on all SL and S class in 2003…

SirTermos says:

Even Lotus had a prototype in 1983…

a- Babunji says:

The best or nothing………

Buttons says:

or every other car on the road…

Nico Sänger says:

not really bose works completly different … learn your stuff, then troll around

Joseph Anthony says:

I have not experienced ABC until the purchase of my 2009 SL550 last year. It is absolutely incredible! I test it on windy roads and inclines, and it does not cease to amaze me how level and smooth the car rides. I take corners sharper than I ever have, and have confidence on every curve. I keep mine on “Sport” most of the time, and am happy with that. Highly recommended option and almost a necessity!

Gamer5795 says:

That new Fully Active Suspension Technology called Active Body Control is AWESOME!!
Can’t wait to buy one Mercedes-Benz to try the ABC out!!! ;D

Baba KurdishNOISE says:

Opel Insigina pls

Dimas adi says:

mercedes is really pay attention on detail of every car they made..
still curious where they got the idea from..

buggingout67 says:

how about acouple of air bags ? rover been doing it for a while now plus im sure it cost less.i know airbags are not better then this but very few cars have this installed .

DirtyE30 says:

Sweet! Now the 40k mile repair bill will be twice as expensive. At least I get a pimp C-class loaner car.

Barbequber says:

Different, maybe. Completely different? Eh… Just how different are they really? Bose, I believe, uses electromagnets instead of hydraulics, and I don’t know what type of sensors each of the systems use, but does it really matter? They are really quite similar systems.

stoopidvideo says:

Basically advanced Quadra trac Il for Mercedes sports car. Nice.

godvia says:

“That doesn’t come from compromise…it takes action”

Something Malcolm X would say.

aqwayne says:

Thought about this believe it or not, but just was not smart enough to visualize/invent such a suspension system. My initial thoughts were that this would add too much weight and air suspension already does a good job. This system would also require the car to be tuned for each driver, as each drivers habits differ. Cool idea Benz, let’s see how it works in life.

msx2013 says:

الله يرزقني بوحدتن مثلها

Ray Lucero says:

Cadillac had that on their cars well over a decade ago.

Володя says:


ujual c says:

i have a tata flag ship model indica……in which i have abc….its not aactive body controll its advanced body controll…..its cheaper than that od merc….only thing is that i have to adjust myself manually asper the responses of vehicle to the bumps and dents…. my eyes are the sensors……also this system has life time guaranteee and fail safe features installed….

bend over says:

But it cost over 1000$ to replace each shock

kneckebenkross says:

Hi Mercdes benz service it seems that my active body control isnt working, how mych doesnt cost to fix it?

jitegemee says:

hehe that’s what I thought but apparently not true. Bose suspension died -never took off.

easy4440 says:

more to fix xD

perolavsamuelsen says:

Great technology from Mercedes, but Citroen introduced something much better and much more sophisticated already in 1994! My -98 model Citroen Xantia Activa has the wellknown Citroen-comfort combined with true sportscar handling. The system has worked flawlessly for over 14 years now, and the general build-quality of the car is second to none. Check it out! Also check out the swedish “Elk test” or “Moose test” and look for number one 🙂

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