Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept crushes the stand at the 2012 LA Auto Show

( ) The brand new Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept SUV looks like it could eat rocks for breakfast but in fact the beast conceptually use a”hydro-tech converter” to convert water into hydrogen for very green fuel cell power. Perhaps a better way to look at this crazy earth roaming monster is as a concept that might in the year 2025 replace the current G wagon. The Ener-G-Force is packed with new technology or at least the ideas of new technology. Check out this exclusive TFLcar video to learn more about this monster MB concept.


Collin Cox says:

Just don’t understand the need to make concept cars so bulbous. I always immediately think of the rounded Tonka Trucks. The paint might be part of what makes this one look like plastic too I guess.

Hussam says:

dont mess with G wagens look !!! it is perfect the way it is 

GalderIncarnate says:

I want to put my dick in the exhaust.

alfred wilsbury says:

Oh my….the most boss looking SUV ever!!

عبدالعزيز منصور says:

like my ass

jhjuyb huyh says:


Сосо Мазашвили says:

Это концепт гелик через 50 лет, Слава Богу меня не будет в живых

Andreas Hoås Wennevold says:

cool ”G” headlights

Pelephan Pelephon says:

i like so much

Jose Gutierrez says:


OD Vlogs says:

I didn’t like the color i like white/black

joseluix0 says:

wtf is that?

naif3739 says:


Hammond Think says:

Like A Boss!

Carl Darl says:

Runs on water and gets 500 miles to a tank but will only be available to the police by 2025. When will the rest of us get to run our cars on water?

GIGA AL says:

I Want This Car

jugador80 says:

Me encanta !…    I loved it !

Kendal DK says:

Looks like a plastic oversized child’s toy car

OD Vlogs says:

The front lamps look like audi ,rear is ugly , but its great

CarEnthusias Ber says:

best car in the world for offroad and every road on the planet!.

Snakebloke says:

Not hideous but it’s way too “soft” for a Merc, it needs a more aggressive styling set

TheHedge says:

Reminds me of a Toyota land cruiser.

mahmod AL-Athamnneh says:

god damn it
water now will be over priced -_-

1Schnellbach says:

tolles Auto !!!

ahmadadliasri says:

Dear Santa……

Lazarus D says:

I hope soccer mum’s don’t start driving these.

Waziri Khamisi says:


VintageRKO says:

I would love to have this car to run over my neighbour’s stupid loud bassed car

Ahmed Mohd says:

no joke, ugliest I’ve EVER seen seen!!!!

GoodTimeTraveler says:

Excuse me [vomits]

Raj Thandi says:

It’s a freakin monster!

Evander Tino says:

this car would be terribly expensive if manufactured today, am guessing pushing it to 2025 is to make it sensibly affordable

Сергей Сергеев says:


zanyredonkulous says:

Looks to plastic

Hasan Sahin says:

tek kelimele mutşem ve Mercedes benz başka söze gerek yok

Сашка Бородач says:

Дожили. Из железного гелик превратился в пластмассовый кроссовер с дизайном Лада хирей и шниву новой. Пиздец. Кому нахер это говно сдастся гелик брали за дизайн.

Arjie Vinyls says:

I would buy one if it came out.

Hal Sumerakin says:

nothing will beat the classic g wagon. Concept looks too plastic and ugly.

Mr. Ontological says:

This car belongs in Terra Nova.

bboy Freestyler says:

Great car i love the tires and it look like the big infinity little bit great design

Brochamb24 says:

When did it break the stand?

ByDDD says:

absolutely hideous! looks like something out of a 90s kids cartoon. says:

Great car, shame about the ugly roof

zack worrell says:

Letter to MB. Dont fix it, it ain’t broke. looks like any other Japanese SUV

Cool Bear says:

Needs to have more defined edges and lines… It doesn’t look THAT nice at the moment… I would expect Mercedes to make edges stand out more…



zenith nardin says:

to bad they talk about shit SUV and they forgot about OFF ROAD .G class always was off road but americans what can I expect from them ?!! lol

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