Mercedes C-Class preview – Auto Express

Mercedes C-Class: everything you need to know

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Josh Charlie says:

Car looks great, love the multispoke AMG wheels.

Freethinking Влади́мир says:

The way the large nav screen is done is not inspiring at all to be honest. Should have been a bit more integrated. Now it’s an obvious ‘add-on’.

João Soares says:

This guy sounds exactly like Jenson Button, what the hell…

The Unknown says:

Bravo Mercedes Bravo, you’ve created a master piece lineup!!

Kenny Wayne says:

To everyone that keeps saying how they don’t like the dashboard, just know that the only reason the designers make that choice was to create a bigger screen that could not be created within the dash alone. I don’t know why you guys are complaining but I would rather have a bigger screen than the one in the 2013 model

Zach Payne says:

ugh i normally don’t care about the looks of cars much but i can’t help but say mercedes is goind down the route of Audi, all their cars are looking the same nowadays. The front looks like a mini E class and the rear is like a bigger CLA….

Jeremy Lai says:

What the hell is up with that ugly tablet looking thingy sticking out of the dashboard? 

Mark James says:

Still 2nd to Audi in my opinion.

phoenixstuttgart says:

most beautiful car under 100.000….

Andrew Truong says:

Why did they get rid of the gear shift knob and replace with that cheap ass shift handle thing?

Gurpreet Singh says:

love it but only stupid thing is that tablet looking display.

nimajneb02 says:

That ugly 2008 looking tablet stuck on the dashboard looks like the most pathetic afterthought I have ever seen. Ruins the whole interior.

jdub Dizzle says:

nice benz follow twitters :@jdubb813 and @youngriderz813

DaLeadBull says:

Wait, how tall is this guy? The car looks massive next to him. lol

james mills says:

I like the front but its that C class rear.  It hasn’t changed.  It needs long rear lights, and then it will be fine.  I’d rather spend my money on a CLA.  Its got much more character plus there’s that.1.6 diesel that’s been developed by.  Renault.  For me that would put a question mark regarding reliability.  I think they should have got the help from Volkswagen as they make 1.6 diesel engines.  

Supertomiman says:

mercedes seriously just frog-leaped the competition with this.

rndyh77 says:

The iPad is terrible. I get it that they are trying to incorporate a bigger screen and that it’s sort of like an iPad that you might think would appeal to a younger crowd, but with technology changing ALL the time, it still needs to be within the dash and let me plug in my own portable device with the USB.

Raul Choi says:

In my personal idea it is more beutiful than E-class.

rolla says:

Mercedes must be crazy… This car is truly amazing!

Im David says:

Def a nice car but that tablet is awful! Looks like a cheap iPad knock-off. Damn……

Khalifa Khoori says:

I don’t see anything wrong with the screen. If they integrated the screen into the dash the interior design would be ruined.

Mick Taylor says:

Is this the one that starts at 31K?

Jordan McCabe says:

Well done to Mercedes for the great new interior, but seriously that screen looks like its just been stuck on. BMW has integrated the floating screen very well, for example in the 3 series and 6 series… but Mercedes seems like this was an afterthought 

Herbert Hall says:

Excellent review .Congratulations!   The new C Class and new E Class are lovely cars. I am certainly a life long fan.

gamerforever says:


The Truth says:

Good for Mercedes to make the C-class better than its competitors in every category. Today Apple announced the C-class and the volvo will be the 1st to get its Apple car play and in a few months android will follow.

Pradana Yogatama says:

the interior o.O

chigasaki06 says:

Not feeling the design.  Why make a mini S class?  The short rear overhang looks good on the S class, but weird on the c class.  Overall, the car looks less sporty than its predecessor.  

luxuries4millionaire says:

Hello, I think that the new C-class 2014 interior is nicer than the E-class interior, don’t you think ? I wonder if they will upgrade the E-class 2014 ? Thank you.

g7sky says:

get rid off the tablet or an option to make it go away it ruins everything

Bilal Ahmed says:

interior is total fail. no class left in it just sport. it has to be more executive!!!!!

L.James Junior.D says:

NICE!#Thumbs up..big fan.

J Walker says:

Finally 4WD!!! Won’t skid now when setting off uphill ( and it won’t be able to kill u as easily)

Anonymous says:

does anyone know how you shift from drive to reverse etc.

DaSmooth says:

There were 2 things that made me dislike the design at first sight a few weeks ago while seeing the first photo’s and also a bit in this review, the rear lights and the tablet.
But I couldn’t be more wrong, I saw the car in real life yesterday and the rear is just perfect.
Te tablet doesn’t bother in the amazing interior at all (if it’s the COMMAND version!).
It’s the most beautiful car that I saw in 20 years in its class.
Just totally totally amazing.
A small S?
Maybe, but who cares (except for those who can’t lease or afford it and decided to hate it ;-))?

Tobersheer mokgatle says:

all mercs look the same especialy the headlights and its ugly from the back…i prefer the second latest model

athan dividedbyme says:

first of all i truly believe that this c class is the best of all c class generations till now..but i need your opinion on some other things..this car is so good looking in and out of course but inside i think they exaggerated and that’s the reason that makes me being afraid of it’s price..secondly im so fucking interested to see how will the new coupe version look because i think that the new s class coupe is gonna be a twin of this one.!finally the only negative i can see is the idiotic foreign screen and i hope that this is not standard equipment.

Zane Carmichael says:

Maaannn, And I was just about to get the 2014 C Edition. 
I don’t know if I should wait or what. 

juukame says:

Looks very nice, especially the interior, well, except for that tacked-on looking ipad clone.

TechPimp says:

Wow this is like an ad paid by the MB. That tablet screen should be in the dash not up like it’s added on cheap tablet. Also the front looks boring. Back and sides are better. Why can’t the big tablet screen be touch instead of that stupid non intuitive mouse control.

Ajlan Al Ajlan says:

This car.. or the Lexus gs350 ?

Ibrahim Alhashimi says:

Pleaseeeee reply

how many litrers is the engine and how many horsepowers? thanks

cabanaboy69 says:

The interior and exterior of this car are absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to purchase one. 

darisyangton says:

Not so sure about the back. Probably the ugliest c class just by looking at the back. Same goes for the s.

O says:

I have a 2008 C 220 CDI  Diesel great car cost €53,000 new and now it worth only €15,000 so I will hold on to it for another 10 Years and it will still be a good car do you know that a Mercedes Engine can do up to 1,000,000 miles. new cars are a waste of money, That tablet up on the dash is stupid….

Herbert Hall says:

This is a good review. Well done!  This car really looks good on metallic silver.

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