Mercedes C63 AMG S vs BMW M4 vs Porsche 911 C4 GTS – Launch control drag race

We put hi-tech launch control systems to the test in a range of performance cars to see how effective they are in a standing start. We’ve got the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS, BMW M4 and Mercedes-AMG C 63, but in the interest of fairness, we’ve included a VW Polo BlueMotion, too!

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Bauss Nguyen says:

Or have the launch control ready and see which one launches the hardest.. Fucking crackers

Christian Wirtz says:

Not fear! C63 AMG S has 510hp the Normal C63 has 460hp!!

Self entitled Car-guy says:

welcome to a generation where a family sedan(Rwd) is only 50milliseconds slower than a sports car with dedicated awd on a 1/4th mile.

Ace Ventora says:

Mercedes amg c63s !! wtf ?!?!?!  it could run with sound !

Роберт Хачатурян says:

хуже не придумаешь!

Monty says:

lol @ 14 second quater mile in an M4

learn how to fucking drive

Johnboy says:

Only the Brits race this way, smh.

iAmVeryHairy says:

wow im am actually impressed at how retarded someone had to be to actually waste time and resources on suck a retarded race, out in the real world, if your going to race someone u would race on Go or a green light, so obviously u set up the launch control BEFORE that so u can just launch at the start SMFH, i wouldnt have minded this absolutely ridiculous race if u did a proper race after so we could actually see which car was faster, but NO u chose to end this train wreck of a vid with goofy the clown saying its a bad comparison… no shit sherlock

Timothy Timothy says:

They don’t know how lunch m4

葉逍遙 says:

which stupid guy came up with this kind of drag race idea??? it`s not creative at all.just annoying,shit!

gu zhan says:

rev too high for BMW launcher control. 2500 rpm is good . 3000 result in buring hell out of the rear tire

RS2002 says:

AutoExpress this was a wasted opportunity – you had the cars, if you left the Top-Gear humour in the toilet where it belongs and just got the cars lined-up with their LC ready and launched on a flag, many would have enjoyed the video.

Cut de Pie Fails says:

What a fucking waste of time, resources, air and petrol. Is this the Panda Network?

OBKwamz says:

this is arguably the dumbest thing I’ve seen in 2016

Chris Raczynski says:

dumbest video I’ve seen all month

ravenstylea2 says:

Why would you put a c4? Use a c2

yigit Turgay says:

completely pointless

t1m says:

haha fail

bagrat ante lava says:

Че за ублюдское сравнение

Dejan Simic says:

Vw polo in this video ???

Michael Harris says:

Auto Express, not a fair race guys. Yo have a awd 911 here. Get the C2 rwd model.

alesta53 says:

As you said, it was silly test.

Loco lyrics says:

if it was a real race C63 would take all of them last

westy44cal says:

Silly? You mean stupid as fuck. Waste of time

Steven Macdonald says:

pointless video.i’m sure everyone wanted to see a normal drag race….

Shisha Juice says:

absolute crap

Enes D. says:

1. Porsche 911
2. Mercedes C63
3. BMW M4
4. VW Polo

Gabatron says:

Stop making fucking garbage videos.

koruki says:

except the M4 and C63S could beat the polo without launch control lol

Armo Nazar says:

what a silly review… waste of time

Alex Crown says:

Most retarded thing I’ve seen all night congrats

LacosteBoy1986 says:


SlayerXp92 says:

nice comparison… coupe vs sedan :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Low ateyizler :ASD:AS says:

mercedes v8 bmw sıralı altı a.q nasıl kazanıcakkı artı 2.9 litre motor var c63 6.3 litre amına koyim bmw yine iyi gidiyor dostum

rolla says:

what a waste of time

Dirty Donki says:

I’m trading mine in for a Polo. 🙂

Daniël says:

Totally agree. Why don’t they make a special button that instantly activates when you want to (when a competitor arrives at the traffic light)? Sure you still have to revs first, but that is for most normal cars too…

Antonio Torres says:

Dam this is stupid lol

Marco Sartor says:

stupid stupid stupid!!!!!

Rowland Nkweyagae says:

wat the hell ths guys doin. cnt u guys do a normal drag race. shit so boring n waste of time

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