My 2015 Audi S3 Prestige w/Advanced Tech. Pkg.

This is my main general overview of my Mythos Black Metallic 2015 Audi S3 Prestige with the Advanced Technology Package with the Magma Red interior. It’s powered by a 292hp 2.0L I4 turbo engine with 280lb/ft torque coupled to a 6spd S tronic dual-clutch automated manual transmission being routed to a Haldex-based predicted electronic quattro all wheel drive system. It has a 0-60 time of 4.7 seconds and is rated at 26mpg combined city/highway. It is an IIHS Top Safety Pick + rated vehicle.


l0ngh0rn11 says:

48 Grands is kinda expensive for this car. Did you take a look at A6 ? It’s a full size sedan around 55K. What about Acura ? Congrats on your new car!

J Whyte says:

Really neat to see a young guy stumping his own hard earned money to buy a car, and what an awesome car to buy! I love Audis

Mreljunior47 says:

Do you think the prestige model is worth it?
Any reason why you did not get the performance package?

Brandon Evans says:

Great video. Enjoy your S3!! Thanks for sharing!

chris ward says:

Dose it have a heated steering wheel?

mihai0377 says:

awesome car man, take care of it cuz is damn nice 🙂

jeremiah beck says:

You live in Vermont me too. I used to sell Audi and Vee Dub @ Kinney In Rutland cheers nice car!!!!

mikvas says:

It’s a golf with an Audi badge. Why pay the extra $ just for the badge? Not Audi status either.


Other than a revised engine exterior and interior touches on the S3, what separates an A3 premium plus/ prestige from an S3 premium plus/ prestige? Aside from the Audi Magnetic Ride not available on any A3, an A3 can be similarly equipped to an S3 at a few thousands dollars less.

criminafbi fbi says:

very nice car! I got a bmw 120d now thinking to change it for a audi a3 


Hi Eric! Congratulations on your new S3. Watching your videos made me go test drive an a 15′ A3 TDI. Loved it but it’s so much smaller than my 13′ Jetta TDI. Quick question. Are US model A3s equipped with headlight washers and have you had a chance to use them? I’m assuming that’s what the cutouts below the headlights are.

yonghwa choi says:

Most audis out there are leased I think.. how baller

Veh Scorpio says:

I really would rather have a manual, do you know if and when they’ll make the manual?

charles buck says:

You made a great choice. The ride on the Golf R feels cheap, just like the GTI. The S3 does indeed feel more special and once you experience both the price premium makes sense. Also, the Golf R fully loaded is not that much cheaper. Also consider that it’s a Golf. We’re not in highschool, the Audi makes sense. Enjoy the car!

Jay Sky says:

Very good looking car man currently I drive a 2014 Evo MR dual clutch SST its a blast to drive has 362Whp and 392tqe but this will b3 for sure my next ride..already watched ir videos as well as many others and there os no other car I want. im not a fan of hatchbacks so the GOLF R is not my cup of tea.. Team audi wins lol I’m about to kill the game as an artist wit this new ride #SkyLyfeEnt #FYE #Salute

Blue Persuasion says:

Theses are beautiful awsome cars if i do say so myself my dad and I have actually looking into buying one for me becuase he bought my mom a 2013 jaguar xf supercharged so i was begging him to get me a car since he bought my mom one hopfully i will not change my mind and keeps it set on this car! I think i might get a red one!

david dykeman says:

My car is loaded here in Canada. I guess we don’t get the power folding mirrors. I love the car anyway.

miguel sanchez says:

what happen with you old car, ? how much u paid a month

Jennifer Wright says:

Hey there. I’m waiting for my A3 Prestige with sport package to arrive at my local dealership. Can the Audi advanced key control the windows? I know that’s standard on most other make cars in this price range but I can’t seem to find a straight answer about the A3. Thanks in advance.

Markanaldo says:

well done mate i done the same got mines last year 2010 older shape love it, how u enjoying it

David Downing says:

Lol it’s pronounced pee buh dee, not pee body

antonio Gomez says:

congrats man enjoy it funny thing i’m from salem ma usually the nicest audi get cheap to audi burlington 

Jorden Foster says:

1 to 10 how would you rate the fusion?

Daniel13l says:

Very nice car. I love how this car has a young spirit but at the same time looks fancy. As opposed to the S4 and S5 that look like they’re made for older people in their 40s maybe, but doesn’t look as boyish as a Golf R or STI. 
I love all these cars I mentioned tho.


This guy is inspiring. I’m starting my first car video on the 27th of this month. I will have a different vehicle every month. Have to go out of town every month so I rent.

Hansli Peterli says:

No hate, but especially if u have to save up u dont buy new cars. Such a waste.

Andres AV says:

nice car bro, congrats.

Basti Müller says:

next time wash it before you show it 😉

Armando Malka says:

It”s a beautiful car..How much did it cost?

ki flex says:

very cool man well bought .enjoy 

ms3er says:

Nice car but would rather have a very low mile S4 that could be had for even less money.

Justin Davis says:

you dont have to answer this, but what do you do for a living? Thank you! 

ACCORDingtoTom says:

I love this car! Thanks for letting me take it for a spin 🙂

pilotho says:

I wish Americans would pronounce “aluminIum” properly.
Nice car nonetheless 🙂

aquateen77723 says:

Thanks for the thorough and in-depth walk around of your S3. It’s such a beautiful car. I’ve been looking at entry level luxury cars and I’m pretty sure I am getting the A3 2.0T. You can’t beat it for 33k. I wish I could afford the S3, but I’d be living in it. Lol. Congrats on your new car! You have definitely made an excellent choice! Cheers!

Phil Myday says:

your voice sounds like a 15 yrs old 😀

Sercan Dogan says:

24mpg? Man thats bad i was expecting at least 33mpg

Nadim Jessa says:

Great car. Mine is arriving in April. Im looking into getting a winter set and I heard you mention that you were getting a 17″ set. I was reading that the brakes on the S3 are too large to accommodate less than 18″. Could you confirm that the 17″ would fit? also what width of wheel and tire please?

kee23 says:

audi a3, someday….

vr6gls says:

Meh, as a current Audi A3 driver, I want to like the A3 sedan but I just can’t. It’s so generic looking. Audi should have left it in its original hatchback body style. Now, it’s just another 4-door sedan on the road.

I am going with the Golf R. Cheaper, better performance, more practicality and more exclusive. But if you just have to have the Audi badge then good for you.

mxdplt says:

The whole point of this car is to have the magnetic dampers :T. Nice car tho.

SansooIan says:

48k……. GAH I hate college -__-

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