NEW 2017 BMW 5 Series PREVIEW – Interior – Exterior – First Driving

The all-new 7th generation of the BMW 5 Series will also be built at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing in Lower Bavaria. Production of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan will ramp up before the end of the year, ready for market launch in early 2017. In preparation for the new model, there has been extensive refurbishment and construction in all technologies at the Dingolfing plant in recent months. Several hundred million euros have been invested in measures including a new body shop to the west of the plant and restructuring of drivetrain unit installation at the vehicle assembly facility.

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Mohammad Chehadde says:

The king is back

Supreme Etnel says:

I happy they’re putting the 7 series screen in the 5 now.

Mistayoyo says:

that paintjob is awesome! how much is it?

IamSNIP3R says:

christmas is coming

AAB3958 says:

boring interior!

Nick Dovie says:

if it drives well that will cover a multitude of sins

Sulaiman Alshaya says:

BMW can do better !!!
Total disappointment

maxjtj31 says:

What the fox BMW

Shayan Azizeddin says:


2m8y4u says:

I don’t wanna spoil the surpirse but it’ll look like the 7 series only smaller. yep, disappointing, I know

Aven Z says:

Noooo, stop it before it multiplies! the current one looks beautiful enough for another 3 years

Peace and Justice says:

Was this videotaped in Scotland,Highlands area?

CaptainDelight says:

The car will be no surprise, no wow-factor innovations. Just a simple grey business limousine for corporate leasing.

1990Thunderbolt says:

you’re not fooling anyone with that interior bmw! another 8 years of generation loss to the e class and few more years a6 redesign. smfh!!!!

Ser Hat says:

very nice car actually but the exhaust looks ugly

Jamaican Me Crazy says:

shrunk 7 series guys. nothing to see here.

911valentino says:

When is BMW gonna step their game up?

Audi, Mercedes, Lexus, and Porsche all have.

I was here first says:

I just got my new 7 I wish they would make the others different not same thing but smaller

Ilija Petrovic says:


Lorenzo Emili says:

she looks the same

Ian Temple says:

Not sure if the paint scheme / decals will catch on but its fashion I suppose. and those “saddle bags” covers hanging on the dash and door cards should be hardwearing and easy to take off and clean.

Brynner P says:

Bland, bloated & boring. The E-class is still king.

Razzo0okah BANANA!!! says:

I saw nothing but covers, thanks for nothing

Jonathan Cortes says:

It looks beautiful, but BMW got to step up their interior. Like it looks the same from the past 5 years. Audi and Mercedes Benz already have new interior and both look amazing and beautiful. I’m sorry that’s just my opinion.

comonad says:

so they are previewing camouflaged cars now? WTF?

Doar Eu says:

I wold get the E class without thinking twice…

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