New Audi A6 2019 review – see why it’s better than a BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class!

This is the all-new Audi A6. This new executive saloon comes stocked full of brand-new tech and sophisticated style, but has it got what it takes to compete with the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class? Watch my latest review to find out!

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claire M says:

Did you have to bend down like that to fit in the shot?

JAD says:

Audi really fucked their look game , with this new gen ..Them bitches look so blunt and cold , they still put the engine in front of the fuckin headlights , use the same useless Torsen mech diff and they cost like retarded brand new ????? Aight , good luck !

Sarthak Panigrahi says:

Look, it’s good not even best though. With those stupid fake exhausts it’s just destroyed the whole look. And so is Mercedes. But BMW is the king.

Devansh Khatri says:


tito yolo says:

Did they ship their own CEO to jail using this car, its pure gimmicky luxury

Goerge Ibrahim says:

I’ll buy one

after 10 years collecting money

Jenson Thomas says:

Personally tension buddy moment commercial Jew clean food.

Harsimran Bhatti says:

Check engine light was on ~ 8:30


Check Engine light!

BMWdayWhatyouwant says:

Uhh, doesn’t give me the same feel of driving pleasure as the BMW 5 series!

Daniel Jordan says:

Audi is taking over…..

K Clark says:

I’m sorry, but did he address if or why it’s better than the 5 and the E? Or was that a clickbait title?

Antonio Holmes says:

Not liking the rear. It kinda looks like the rear of a Camry. They shoulda just made the rear look exactly like the A8, basically a midsize A8 clone.

NW Oista says:

wtf is up with the exhaust, closed? really ? what a joke

Rabbit Plane says:

Will it last 6 years without oil leak and burning engine oil?

Kyan’s Ameh says:

My dads seat Alhambra 2015 has the same parking pilot

Good vs Evil says:

The interior is just horrible, it lacks grace.

mershal chacko says:

still thinking why so negative comments. although iam a merc fan i really liked this audi..damn good !

Abderazek Remichi says:

How dare you ? Saying that

john vront says:

audi just the best cars with power,beauty, speed and luxury you not need something more

igobyte says:

Love the German accent. Hahahaa

valivr says:

Lets see a comparison test, E Class, BMW 5, Audi A6, like for the upper class test 🙂 It is about the time to have it 🙂

Henry Ochieng says:

Are all these old tech just coming to Audi A6? Theyve been there in the E Class the last 15 years.

Martin Marinov says:

Better than 5-series and E-class for me, maybe when the S6 comes out it would be the best option unless they make RS6 sedan, but that fake exausts, ughrhhhh, they are a deal breaker, if i was to buy a6 or S6, i would buy the S6 for the V8 and exausts.

John Sluder says:

My grille is bigger than your grille. Hmmm. Well let’s find out. An erection! Why you naughty boy. Lol

alphiejh1 says:

so u telling me they can do all that to work with the car ,but they cant invent an inverter to recharge an electric car while its running , i dont believe that shit ,

Nikola Mitric says:

That rear line was stolen from BMW 7 series, I saw one and I was like oh look there is 7 series, but after few seconds I realized it is new A6…

R J says:

It’s good to see lance Armstrong has continued his career after getting off the bicycle seat.

Edward Polaco says:

I’ll take a Lexus instead

Loostyc says:

Wow, the 360°camera is soo good!

Noperion says:

I will never ever get a car with a rattling dash

Khaled Hossam says:

3:10 Kilometers per hour, not miles.

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