New Audi A8 2018 – does it make a Mercedes S-Class seem old tech? | Top10s

Join me for a walk round of the the new Audi A8 and A8 L. In this video I will tell you all you need to know about the new car, show you its amazing technology, see how luxurious it is and let you know all the cool things it can do. One of these is the fact it can genuinely drive itself without you ever having to touch the steering wheel – thanks to the latest autonomous driving technology. Find out more about this and the other cool features in this video. Oh and yes – it does make a Mercedes S-Class seem a little bit old fashioned…

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W-_-T says:

I’m all for tech but a motor for an air vent? German over-engineering

Gary 88 says:

Classic total recall reference *Thumbs Up!*

XposeTheOfficial says:

never touch the car! fingerprints all over 🙁

Prashant Srivastava says:

So, according to you
Which car is perfect in all manner i.g. sports,luxury,convertible

And why dont you make your next video on that cat

Logan11thMEU says:

Bloomin lovelly

Maxine Waters says:

all that shit will be broke in 3 years audi and reliability dont mix

snapdragon69 says:

If the hazards pack up on a 10 year old car, you get a used switch off ebay for £15.  In 10 years this will be terrible when the £2000 touch screen packs up and nothing works. What do you mean by nothing? NOTHING!

Rafael Carpy says:

I really really don’t know why but this car reminds me of the Porsche Panamera, I don’ know why (please don’t hate me, this car is indeed lovely, I’m just saying it reminds me of the Panamera, I’m not saying this car is bad or anything)
Have a nice day 😀

Rabia Yucel says:

That interior looks so cheap to me looks like kia something like that if you ask me do you have soms class just teke te s class in my eye this car looks fucking cheap what else just a expinsive model of a volkswagen!!!!!!!!!

MadProductionsink says:

This can’t compete with the S class because the S class is…. well its CLASS 🙂

Rabia Yucel says:

2017 S class is the boss luxury like this car but looks like bigger passat to me interior iam man not a child!! Sorry A8 not for my

Vaibhav Gangurde says:

TRULY ……. Better than S Class, BEST class Audi

Rick Hustwick says:

Dear Santa …

Alex Jr says:

That’s it , audi is back in the game

Carson says:

Finger print magnet

Abhishek Singh says:

Is there any luxury convertible review by Watson??

renewer says:


이건영 says:

ooooo means audi o

l.Viper says:

The exterior design is fucking the best.

Dylan Wodrich says:

I’m just not a fan of Audi’s new design language. I absolutely adore everything they made before this, but they are just downhill in my opinion. Perhaps because Genesis snagged Peter Schreyer.. The interiors still look stunning though.

randomdude says:

blooming lovely

Oregon696969 says:

Design is dead on arrival.

Hockey Nutt says:

They got rid of the dial wheel for the screen? Terrible. These all touch with two screens mean you have 2 screens covered in fingerprints and grime that will look terrible when the sun comes in the car.

Journey Hd says:

I guess I met the comment numbers….

Hockey Nutt says:

Got rid of the wheel which was fantastic. Wow, brutal. Now you have to reach for every function like every other car and your screens will be a disgusting fingerprint mess with those high gloss screens

Shiva Praveen says:

this a8 looks better than old one in style

Daniel Mecham says:

Nice boot, Boring side view. Front grill is ok,  hood boring. Interior is a smudgy mess but I do like the Nav behind the steering wheel. Bet it drives like a boat and steers like one too.

GatoDestruidor says:

Looks like a video game, didn’t like it.

Kashaf Rehan says:

Full be@utiful

Kyle and Erik says:

Don’t really like it looks like a Volkswagen Jetta or Passat much rather would take an s class or 7 series I do like the A7 though

cmonn makeittwerk says:

Honestly, Audi raped the BMW and Mercedes so hard.. still i have respect to Mercedes King, but Audi is the most dominant car out there, by far !

•_ says:

I never like audi as much as bmw or mercedes but I’ve done a 180 turn on my opinion. It is contemporary and makes the car more under the radar then it’s german counterparts (vw is still too bland for me) but a car like this is irrefutable when it comes to creature comforts, and is more reliable in my mind than a mercedes or bmw. Get the diesel package and your saving money, riding in style, getting the girl and getting a promotion at work. This is a mature gentleman’s car, refined, cunning and suitible for a true road going car. This is the one to have for the respectable family man.

Jack says:

I watched a 2015 S8 review by motoman, that car to me looks way cooler inside and out

rosharky says:

3:20 how does one know if he hit the right button? Ok, it will click, it will vibrate, but how one would know if he clicked the AC off or some other nearby button? With physical buttons on the other hand…

Senad Selimovic says:


Abhishek Singh says:

Is there any luxury convertible review by Watson??

Saad Malik says:

I never liked audi but this a8 beats bmw anyway and im a benz fan!

John Gaudet says:

2016-17 Audi much nicer.

Helio Duarte says:

Am I the only one wondering if the screens in the back will turn into flying projectiles in the event of a crash? Interior design is amazing but many of the cars in this class now have very similar tech features. How will Audi and the like improve the appearance of the screens to eliminate remnants of fingerprints?

Legolas says:

S class is Luxury

ismail kilic says:

It is not looking very muscular new A8

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