New Audi A8 2018 review – the most high-tech car ever?

This is the all-new Audi A8. The fourth generation of Audi’s luxury limousine could be one of the most technologically advanced cars ever produced – so I put its gadgets to the test in this first drive review. Find out what it’s like to drive, what it’s like to be driven in, and how well the rear quarters double as a dining room…

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Hal Hansen says:

It looks like Genesis meets Toyota… at least on the outside.  Porsche had it right on the previous Panamera, BUTTONS so you can FIND by FEEL while driving.  Its like the volume knob – you never should have to look for it while driving.  I LOVE the counter-turning wheels.  I have an equal sized Lexus LS and its like a big boat turning in little streams.  I agree with your fellow reviewer Chris Harris, a luxury car shouldn’t have low profile tires that feel every crack in the road – its SUPPOSED to be smoooooth.

Pete Smith says:

The 2017 E-Class has auto-parking similar to this system. Completely autonomous after it finds a spot, and it can find it on either side of the vehicle, not just one side.

Mauro de Deus Neiva Brandao says:

Matt drag Race with s560, New A8, m760, New Panamera! Like! Like! Like!

Cristobal Chaves Domínguez says:

El video grabado en el Mc Donalds de Massalfassar jajaja que amo!

Andre Mota says:

Did I miss that shortlist or buy part?

Ilumineti W says:

Need luxery from Benz , Need technology from Audi , Need handling from BMW

Gitashree Gogoi Handique says:


Ali Bhatti says:


Jamaican Me Crazy says:

This is STRICTLY a lease only car. Id hate to replace anything at all on this out of warranty. But dayum id love to enjoy all of the features though. Its incredible. I Just wish the exterior was interesting

William Taylor says:

Ugly omg

atempo206 says:

Dynamic steering -> “Maybe slightly artificial steering.”.-No shit Sherlock guess what..It is!

Jazil Naeem says:

That’s the first time I’ve seen heard or seen this guy laugh

Daniel Peixoto Martins says:

Too many touch screens, specially in the back. I can’t help but feeling it is designed to work not to travel, it looks like an office or an airplane cabin and it almost seems as if you weren’t actually supposed to look out the windows and enjoy the views.
At least it is not as overcomplicated as the new S class. I would get this one, although I really like the interior colour used in the mercedes.
Than again, my choice at the price range, if I could afford it and if it was available in Europe would be the much simpler Century.

Nikola Štivić says:

Uff i vill buy all cars, and mercedes and bmw and that audi. yust cant pick best one

indigoTALK says:

the fucker in video is an idiot !
never try a good car…

Anita Singh says:

Luxurious ,powerful and masterpiece by audi

mike soler says:

Best tech out of the big 3 (S class and 7 series) but just doesn’t look as nice as the S class, I wouldn’t mind owning one though! oh and “I just ordered one” 😛

Ágoston Deutsch says:

Dont forget the foot massage in the back

FaZe Rattss says:

Mmm… I Have Question. The audi a8L is good for daily driver / Long driver / Roadtrip ???

dna598 says:

screw touch screens and voice control!

jorec vv says:

Nice car but 760li v12 is better and pretier.

Jordan Bell says:

While its very impressive, it’ll become a financial black hole after the warrantee expires

bdbd a says:

i think this is an ugly car if you compare it with BMW or MERCEDES and most of the “high tech” is ubsolutly useless

Hertfordshire Allotment Life says:

Another overpriced car with useless nick nacks by the disgraced German car maker VW . Honestly, anybody who can afford this ridiculously overpriced ugly car why should not pay the same money to get a beautiful RR or Bentley? Why they should pay so much to VW and get a car which looks exactly the same as the old tacky car that every Harry, Dick and Tom drives in British roads? By the way Non of these petrol head car journalists had ever mentioned the VW emission cheating scandal? Why?


what a shit car.

Tank The Pitbull says:

Depreciation is steep on this model of Audi, you shall loose about £17,000 in one year of ownership, would not recommend to anyone.

Hal Hansen says:

From NYC.  GREAT review!

omar SW says:

Fucking amazing car if I ever get a chance to buy a car of that category price it’s definitely going be the a8

Munees Maruthadukkam says:

Watch it.

rs san says:

The Germans bringing fake exhausts to a new low.

CRAIG Eagle says:

Knocks spots of the S Class

Taser Face says:

buy this car n give it to a driver … duh …

Chess Nuts says:

Is it designed by Mick Dick

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