New Audi A8 revealed: luxury flagship offers new level of tech

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Audi A8 full news story:

Audi is claiming class-leading autonomous features and new levels of efficiency for its latest A8, which has been revealed ahead of its public debut at this autumn’s Frankfurt Motor Show. The car is due on sale in September with prices expected to start at around £70,000.

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Biko Thuon Miguna says:

Wtf did they copy Lincoln on the back end??

ewt415 says:

“Under the right conditions”, meaning it can only autopilot on Audi’s test track

neodym 007 says:

Just give me the RS3, the rest is simply overkill.

kuroo 8 says:

When it’s compared with Lexus LS,A8 is trash.

urahara K says:

Another boring fat A4…

powersliding says:

that grill makes me so horny if i was a shark with a ball face megamouth

Денис Баблинюк says:

I think, it’s amazing ☺️

Javier Tico says:

TBH, this car clearly shares a LOT of components with its VW family… the whole car looks like an Arteon on steroids, specially the interior…

Sukhamrit Oberoi says:

much more advanced than s and 7 series

stubones says:

All this reeeeeeee and meh from people who couldn’t even afford a set of tyres for a new A8. You’re clearly not the target market peasants 😉

Daan Gerssen says:

The design of this is just… What were they thinking. I didn’t particularly like the previous A8, but at least it’s matrix led lights made the front look menacing. The new rear is pretty cool in itself but unfitting for an executive saloon. Looks like something you would find on American Muscle. The interior, while tech has no sense of emotion in it. It’s just a bunch of straight lines, no elegance like the S-Class interior. The new A8 might beat the 7 series and Lexus LS, people who actually buy these kinds of cars will still go for the Mercedes.

Constantine Joseph says:

Looks like an oversized a4. Looks now a bit more demure than the old muscle looks.

No full electric models as well, looking ripe to be disrupted by the electrical vehicle revolution coming soon

Montenegro Montenegrin says:

It looks dull without character.On other hand s class look so rich.Tailights are intersting other than that nothing special or wow.After new A4 i expected so much more from Audi

cristian figueroa says:


H-R A-I says:

hahahaha What is that this is Elantra

Thinksky29777 FTw says:

So Audi’s merely caught up with Mercedes…

Bertie G says:

as much as I hate VAG for ruining my car with their emission fix, I really like the looks of this Audi

Josh Charlie says:

Impressive tech and with some nice touches such as the rear lights…but overall they really should have moved the design forward. This looks like a car from the last few years, not Audis flagship with a 7-8 year life ahead of it. Disappointing.

Miky Koon says:

its good but damn it has hardly moved an inch in design, common guys,all that tech flex a bit

Justin Campbell says:

I dont like the front of it because it looks like a new Passat

Biko Thuon Miguna says:

And again with his autonomous driving nonsense. How are you gonna know when you are exiting ideal confditions ?

Dezz9820 says:

Hello everyone and Welcome to the all new Volkswagen Passat A8

Stevieboy130664 says:

No looker – large Skoda saloon looks similar but better!

thelazyboy8ball says:

older was just better in exterior and interior

Emilioh888 says:

The front grille is wayy too big. It doesn’t have good proportions.. The rear is nice though

DRkangyo says:

Every generation, grills are getting bigger and bigger.

Al Denino says:

The back of it looks like a Hyundai Azera

The Baders says:

I hope audi reads this looks shit a longer a4

John Gallop says:

cool tech but ugly face

Andreas Breslawski says:

Stark design language.

aku1031 says:

this over s-class? no way..

Louis Lestner says:

This is great but still ugly

Hendra Di says:

Even Phantom and Mulsanne are no more tech at all from this car still looks much more luxurious. What does it mean? Technology is not the essence of luxury.

john914 says:

More like, “A new level of boring”.

Seb Design says:

I think the S class still reigns supreme, and regardless of how nice those touch screens look, on the road they’re not safe. That would totally put me off a car, like it puts me off the TESLA. Until the car can completely autonomously drive the car, then touch screen controls aren’t a good idea.

John Lu says:

the front seems a bit like q7

Василий Уткин says:

Design shit.

andrew evolution says:

Better than the Self-crashing Tesla… that’s quality product and makes corners… no discussion ECO-gay-boys!

Tomasz Zakrzewski says:


Umer Hafiz says:

s class is still the king, inside and out.

Frederik Thyme says:

Dump those diesels, it belongs to the past!

Nig BKD says:

looks sick, rear end is monster badass

Saad Khan says:

the front grille looks ugly as hell…

Caleb Walker says:

Love it.

Leo Wan says:

Front is boring, back is ugly. The only good thing is the 48volt system, probably not a game changer in this segment though

Muhammad Abdullah says:

The current A8 looks a better car than the all new one 🙂 A5 looks almost the same from the front:) Come on #Audi, why do you hate drivers ? Boring exterior & extremely alien like interior. Too much artificiality. Its a car at the end of the day, but you want bloody office like interior feel. The next A6? no, no, no 🙂 Bye bye Audi 🙂

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