New Audi R8 2016 review

The new Audi R8 is a big leap on from the original in terms of performance and tech but still earns its ‘everyday supercar’ tag.

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Evan Gonzalez says:

Just watched the R8 commercial before this video. Great commercial.

John Jerrehian says:

Beautiful car…

El Chapo says:

Fuckin ugly shit r.i.p to the previous R8 shape i will always love me 2012 V10 R8 🙁

Taskin Forkan says:

But..but….. No manual?!

Nathan Herbertson says:

Anyone complaining about the looks, just wait till you see it with your own two eyes. It is meaner looking but still beautiful.

Mike says:

This or the 2016 NSX?

dubbledubble says:


Mark Huno says:

Best car since the Lexus LFA.

q8yMontages says:

Quick question, since I didn’t see it in the video, does it have cup holders?

Rene Villarreal says:

That’s why I bought a 2007 S8 Sedan instead of a newer one. Cause of that amazing V10. Plus I like the body of the older models more. It only has
22,000 miles on it as well. Really is the greatest thing I’ve ever bought. I only drive it like once every 2 weeks though and on the nicest days. Gotta maintain that low mileage.

Alex says:

Looks like a melted version of the 1st generation r8.

junior hooligan says:

Be nice to see more off the car instead of this helmet in a helmet!!

Formula Games says:

Shall I buy a brand new Porsche 911 or this brand new R8

Celine says:

If they had built it with the new interior + old shape it would’ve been perfect.

Brad J says:

what is the point of wearing a helmet without doing it up….. YOU IDIOT!!!

Warin Maletswa says:

ok ok when is the 3rd generation audi r8 Coming
is it gonna be another 8 years wait or shorter

SgtShaken4 says:

Imagine if the B-roll was done by Dmitri from Hardware Canucks

ThePinoyMamba says:

it’s like having a super model mom and a very rich ugly dad…

ap2pat says:

Dont like the headlights. Still looks good but I think the older one had more charm. But damn 600HP with 8500 redling yessir!! Thats sick. This car with some intake and exhaust work would be the business! That v10 would just scream!

Mrjoshlukee says:

Still stuck between an R8 V10 or a Vauxhall Corsa 02 plate 1.2L?


Mario Montana says:

“The old one” isn’t more beautiful. The same thing happen with the 488 GTB. You should own a car like that to say it. However i will chose this R8 than a Huracan if have money because Lamborghini looks a fake brand to me… (Send from Milan, italy)

Hisako Reichmann says:

Why would you buy an Ugly and Unreliable Audi when you can get Nissan GTR for performance or a Lambo or Ferrari for the style?  Audi’s are the most over engineered pieces of shit on the market.

Artyom Timiryazevskaya says:

Peak horses at 6500rpm? Must have misspoken, last-gen’s V10 reaches peak at 8000, and there’s no way Audi would set up an engine to go 2000 revs past its summit.

Billionaire Barbaros says:

I’m my hole life a R8 fan but I think they fucked up the design of the 2016 version. The other version were in design much better. But the rest is perfect, just the design is fucked up. I hope they change the design in the next years…

Lord Chin says:

Why are they on a track? I want to know how the car feels and performs on the road.

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