New Mercedes E-Class 2016 camo preview with parking assist technology E-Klasse – Autogefühl

See the full preview new E-Class:

This is a small preview of the technology being used in the new Mercedes E-Class 2016, the parking assist we have already seen here in the all-new BMW 7-Series:

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sameer jura says:

They coped bmw 7 serious lol

g00dfeeling says:

BMW, the future of the automobile!

MrLittleSambo says:

Wird eine große C Klasse :/

Вадим Дзень says:

Новый Е класс, копирует технологии BMW 7 серии. Айяйяй

DDT0030 says:

can it do my laundry?
can it come to me if a whistle like zorrow hourse
can it clean itself up

you got a long way to go Benz

Peter Jovanovic says:

Ideal feature for hackers and thiefs. If your MB gets stolen don’t say I didn’t warn you. 🙂

Kobbetop says:

what a silly app but I guess I’m old school and I don’t mind parking my car all by myself!

Smart TV says:

Its a feature which will use it once you bought the car and you’ll forget it hahaha

Vagabundo says:

Everything is great… but why every single of last Mercedes car looks the same? I mean look athe the C-class, E-class and S class are the same, only smaller or bigger. SUVs? The same – GL, GLE… I dont even remember all this models now. I think that Mercedes is going in the wrong direction, its less prestige I think. Even if I personally dream about S63 Coupe.

Glaur Sian says:

hope is not a C class copy design…it’s getting pretty boring, but on wikipedia says that it will be THE MOST ADVANCED MERCEDES EVER CREATED.

Ge P says:

Wouldn’t it be easier to control the system with the car key? I mean, fishing the phone out of the pocket, unlocking the screen, searching and opening the app, connecting with the car …

Eusunt Dac says:

Nice but not for me. I like having the skill to park, drive, etc. You know the saying: if You don’t use it, You lose it. To each their own. : )

NebPWN says:

nice color

Kai Jin says:

I still think that the current generation is fairly new. Why are they changing it again?

Danne6und8zig says:

Den Mercedes Fahrer möchte ich sehen, der kein Geld für eine große Garage hat. 😉

phillip says:

C, E, and S will look exactly alike… Not good Mercedes not good!

aba5391 says:

So it is for driver who is lazy to get the car out of the parking lot. Now a days I see lot of autonomous driving features. If you are a lazy ass why buy the car, take a txt or a bus.

MrRF73 says:

You have to draw circles on your screen to ‘check surroundings’? 😀
For the rest: Nice to have this option as I scratch my car (or other’s) with my jeans too often getting in and out of it in my work’s tight parking spaces and big SUV neighbours. Then again, I am sure the price of this option will not justify the purchase.

Buenen says:

Hacker’s dream!

kevin n says:

If you can’t park your car, you shouldn’t have a license.  Dear automakers, how about putting more resources into replacing the internal combustion engine.

derbigpr500 says:

Damn, new E class will be a great car,  Mercedes is on a roll…first the S class, then the C class…you just know E class will rock.

Fetii27 BABATTRO says:

Wait a minute, this is the c-class no this is the s-class. They all look the same now.

bluegrassbabe1 says:

BMW is bringing it to market first.

sfneurosurgeon says:

It looks like it takes more time to get out, open the app, and draw circles on the phone than it does to just park the damn thing. Go figure???

Abu bakr Dakrory says:

Does anyone know the price of this car.

Li Q Chen says:

What’s the point of camouflage the exterior? It’s a c class – enlarged.

Caturday says:

there is no need to cover the design… we all know what it will look like… we have big s, small s and now middle s

Patrick Ickxs says:

Hilfe, das war hoffentlich irgendeine hässliche Langversion der neuen E-Klasse!

legionofwarriors says:

even with all that tape it looks like it’s going to be one gorgeous looking Merc , very promising , dominant and already a beauty!

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