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Mercedes S-Class saloon 2014 review:
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“The Mercedes S-Class is one of the most comfortable and technology-loaded cars you can buy.”

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Louis De Vos says:


Mark Murphy says:

I prefer the BMW 7 series. Modern merc design looks horrid.

Joseph Diaz says:

Even the 2009 bmw is nicer than this

Elise Schneider says:


Jeremiah Johnson says:

Not sure why anyone would ever buy a Bentley over this. The Bentley is no quieter or smoother or really any better. Your going to spend another 100plus g’s just for a name

Alex chemistry says:

I think the S-Class is better than the 7 Series, however 7 has more tech

Paul Tan says:

The seat that you were in is already the one that can recline up to 43.5 degrees because it has the “ottoman” leg rest. The one with the lower recline angle doesn’t have the leg rest. The “First Class Seat”‘s only upgrade from there would be the fixed centre tunnel which has the storage table etc.

malicalik 13 says:

Am I the only one who didn’t like tha cabin at all?

Nicholas Nolan says:

I was blown away by the power of the 2015 s500

Rayane Ouaguena says:

I prefer this car better than the others mercedes reviews, ,,.lol♡□■♡□■○●□■♤♡♢♧○●□■♤♡♢♧◇◆¤my first favourite car

CheetaInsaaf says:

Mercedes exterior overall shape is not good.

PANKI_7 says:

Is that C class

flanker23 says:

Good enough for being a Taxi, that’s where they are sold the most.

StefanD67 says:

I have had the last 3 generations of 7 Series. I currently have W222 S Class and in every way the S Class is just better. But where it falls short of the 7 is that it is an uninvolving drive. I have looked at the current 7 Series (not driven) and can’t help feeling the interior is full of tech, for the sake of show. Also the new 7 feels like a 5 when coming out of an S Class, its just smaller.

Ali Shah says:

my 7 series is just better

Wei Lim says:

Is that a Seiko Astron that I spy on his wrist? Well.. I am an owner of this category of cars, an XJ to be exact, and yes I do watch plenty of Youtube videos about these things. But I don’t see a need to judge or list these cars for all the world to agree with, I just buy whichever one appeals to me at that time. I don’t really need to defend one choice or another because the world is wonderful in its diversity. (and also I wouldn’t be able to find my car in a carpark if everyone agreed with me and bought an XJ too)

Alex chemistry says:

I agree with tarabit on V12 S65

عبدالمجيد القحطاني says:

The exterior is ugly without the AMG Sport Package

Dr Pein says:

i dont like the front exterior of s class,

M Mohsin Siddiqui says:

5:49 Why is there a KitKat on the floor?!!

tom henry says:

is this your s class

Vlad Micut says:

Does it have rear electric windows as standard? Or you have to pay extra?

tarabit says:

The Mercedes-Benz S Class is just pure first class motoring. If I had the money, I would buy a top of the range V12 AMG LWB any day over a Rolls Royce or Bentley equivalent and with the £175K I would save, I’d treat myself to a small motor boat too!

Clifton Spence says:

donate merchant everybody excuse distinguish exception flash topic report.

cameron-scott smith says:

there’s an s350 in england? all we get in america are s500’s s550’s and s600’s

Finley Ellis says:


Superblyme139 says:

ma is planning to sell an e class coupe for this new s model

mplewp says:

Rolls Royce>Bentley>7series>Jaguar>A8>Lexus>S Class >Maybach because they break with a passion month after month

baklawa1900 says:

This guy has hands faster then a squirrel

Anonymous says:

what was the music called that was played through the song?

vegass04 says:

Why does he always mention this left shift of steering wheel?? I’ve driven many Mercs and never ever saw it.. I

MikeFastSpeed says:

This car is diesel just to clear that out and also if it says blutec on the rear it means tge car is diesel. So it has a v6 engine

Yusuf Vlogs says:

S class is a Old Man car

Elise Schneider says:


Lucy Walsh says:

Wassup/ It looks interestiog. wrench mess up What’s your opinion about it, guys

Dhruv Dogra says:

I like the new s class but the old one looked hideous and ugly.The interior was nowhere close to the a8

ger Mooney says:

shut the fuck up about the steering wheel being off to one side. i have a spinal injury and i drive a 2010, E250 CDI sport and its the most comfortable car I’ve ever drove. you can’t even notice. especially when you have one hand at two and the other on the dial, elbow rested. it makes sense. The germans are perfectionists, so i think they have it like that for side impact airbag limb protection. “The best or nothing!”

Zachary Robinson says:

It’s Everything I Hoped!For! Hi how’s it goiqg? salt easy What’s happennng.. !!!

K_Q_ J_H says:

I can’t help but think that the designer for the new s class said that “the new steering wheel should look like a Kia picanto’s. “

swaagadohnn says:

tough but I prefer the Audi A8, this car is still great

hei says:

Haha, this is a popular Uber car in Norway. Drove it today, didn’t cost more than a normal cab, which is why it’s being banned..

Karthik Dhaya says:


Brad Arnison says:

This is the SE version in the video too, imagine top or mid spec!

ZS K says:

MY Volga Limo is way better than this overpriced bus

Miki Mecov says:

I think this Mercedes is for the richest,those who eat caviar for breakfast,for rest and middle class the best suspension in terms of comfort and price offers Citroen-Hydractive 3+, this suspension also makes you feel as you ride on the soft clouds…

Felix Chan says:

Now that’s offensive: watching Rebecca reviewing a car as small as her.

Mpopmuzik kizumpopM says:

The exterior of the car is nothing to write home about in my opinion…but the interior is just wow. It really is like being in a private jet

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