On the road: 2016 Mercedes Maybach S600

The Maybach name is back, denoting an ultra-high-end S Class model. Brian Cooley drives it and checks the tech.

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MediaWatchDawg says:

Too bad that “double-M” Maybach badge looks like the logo for a two-star Bangkok hotel.

RichGarcia Tv says:

lol this guy is hilarious

Khaled Hossam says:

This thing in the US ($) costs less than an M6 in my country…
(Due to import taxes, tariffs and customs)

Nicolas Jakob says:

He’s comparing it to a Lexus haha. Nope. Just Nope.

Nikhil Nagawanshi says:

in 2017 I m gonna buy this car. its so beautiful. I hope my gf likes it. I am in love with this awesome car. Mercedes Benz has always been my 1st priority…

The Player Formerly Known as Mousecop says:

that car is better than my room

Dattatray Bhosale says:

गुड कार

Бауржан Мухамеджанов says:

Постриги ногти ведущий…..(((

nexxneo says:

VIP 1 or VVIP Sec.

MrNew122 says:

At 200k that’s still beats a fully loaded Rolls Royce.

Jumajas Jas says:

that pretty high

Kameron Cole says:

wish they kept the maybach hood ornament

Daddl D says:

I work hard. But I can’t afford this car? What do I wrong?

Tulsatom Bob says:

2:12 The “S”nob-Class” comes with the rechargeable air freshener for only $989.00 a piece or 2 for $1,750.

Abdelmalik Ino says:

hallo ich habe mich sehr gefreut Problem vielleicht beim Maybach 600 das man eprist werde von meinem Freund zivel Ämtern oder allgemeine Befolgung von meinem startseite

Wiesbaden 6500

Clax says:

Most of these features are on the Volvo XC90 excellence, but 200k more.

Daniel Xu says:

“I bet your Honda can’t do that”, as a Honda owner, that hurts.

largon 03 says:

For a second I thought the speakers were made by Budweiser..

Omar Quintero says:

Love mine…. Yolo!

joey Galileo Hotto says:

Seems like the car a Typical Newport Beach Resident would Drive.

Underwood95 says:

“I bet you Hyundai doesn’t have that”

Dorothy Moma says:

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Susie Kewtness says:

And how much is this I think 180$ US dolers

Idtelos says:

Rather get a used Maybach 62S….if I could afford it! Woooh!

mario v says:

Why is he yelling at me?!?!?

Mr says:

it doesn’t show if you can drive into the sea I don’t want one now

Malik Martin says:

At 203 Thousand Dollars you would think it would come equipped with a Composting Toilet and a bag or two of sawdust. Maybach always short changing folks.

Pronto Avanti says:

Pronto avanti limousines
maybach 2016 for wedding

Chinmay Gupta says:

*Wait, **2:21** did it just say parental controls?* _REALLY MERCEDES_

Emad Ahmed says:

Maybach 62S was more luxurious and a true limousine. This is a car that just shouldn’t exist, it’s barely any different from the S Class and doesn’t quite match the Maybach. What they should’ve done is called the Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman as just Mercedes Maybach S600, because that’s worthy of having “Maybach” in its name. And this should just be the S Class long wheel base.

Victor Tubandt says:

should not have any touchable plastic

ReversalTech // Tech Reviews & More says:

My dad has this

largon 03 says:

“I bet your Hyundai doesn’t have that” hahahahaha that’s messed up..

Aidan Scheiwe says:

Those wheels are gross. But that interior though.

Tyler Beeson says:

I love how people are complaining about the price, yet it’s main competitors (Rolls Royce Ghost EWB, Phantom/EWB, and Mulsanne) are hundreds of thousands more. In the phantoms case, double the price. Yet the Benz has the most tech, and (imo) the best interior. Just wished they distinguished it a bit more from the regular S. Because if it was my money, i’d probably just buy a “normal” S600 and load it up with all the options and have a better driving, cheaper version of the same car.

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