Preview: The all new BMW 5 Series. Driving Assistance Systems.

The all-new BMW 5 Series is coming soon. In this clip you can get a first glimpse of the latest Driving Assistance Systems the all-new BMW 5 Series can be equipped with. Among many other features, the car can be equipped with Steering and Lane Control Assistant as well as Crossroads Warning.
00:08 Steering and Lane Control Assistant present a milestone towards automated driving: The system takes the strain off the driver. It increases comfort and safety.
00:22 The Crossroads Warning can warn you in case of potential collisions with crossing traffic, can precondition your breaking system and can support you in case of an emergency breaking.


임영수 says:

드디어 새로운 5시리즈를 보게되는구나ㅎ

Walter Black says:

Oh no, more autopilot. The ultimate auto driving machine?


please bring that v10 back to the new M5

Kaisuke971 says:

Unveil the car already

Arman_dleg says:

Are these 5 series leaks from the ‘Chinese Media’ real? I hope not because even the F10 models look better than the ones in those pics…

Kyle Grochowiak says:

BMW cars is the best 🙂

Nick Sullivan says:

all new bmw g30

عبدالمجيد القحطاني says:

When will BMW learn that when people buy these type of cars, they look for comfort, beautiful interior, and smooth ride, all of these categories are better in the Mercedes, that’s why they sell much better. Nobody cares about these stupid features

Amir Eclass says:

Boeing i want to see the car.

Javi Jané says:

This is gonna be so usefull in Russia! lol

Baccarena 45 says:

Since Mercedes Benz replies to comments… can BMW reply to mine please?

Matt says:

I don’t like how the screen isn’t composed into the car but sticks out like in other bmw’s 🙁 That design decision was my favourite in the bmw 5 f10

Constant 30s says:

You fucked up BMW GO BACK! to the days of the e46 m3 fam

Cool Ruler says:

I’ve never seen side markers work on these cars

Leviathon says:

Dont fix the idiot driver, fix the car lol

gabriel pvpsaan says:

I just love BMW:))))<3 Hopping for my first car to be one of the 118d models that would be sick:))))))

TheCarRepost Instagram says:

Waiting for the day indicators are introduced to BMWs

Joel Arun says:

And you get it in pretty much every Mercedes and even some Toyota’s. Very groundbreaking BMW, very groundbreaking…

Austin says:

Sexy steering wheel

Fred R says:

My 2012 Merc has theses ahaha

LeMonsieurJamain says:

Hiding the outside but not the inside of the car ! Nothing change there at bmw !

schuurmachine 24 says:

does it mean that there will be a new m5 too?

DanielLovesBmw says:

BMW <3 <3 <3

Alex Raffai says:


Tuddec says:

Dear BMW,
I’ve seen on your BMW Deutschland channel that the new 5 Series is set to be released tomorrow on Thursday, October 13th. Will there be one for people to see at the Paris Motor Show?

Lars van Driel says:

O I just wanna see it

AndrewEarns says:

BMW interior look has now far behind from competitor, look familiar every Generation throughout 1,3,5,7,X Series.

Heidi Hoe says:

I hope one day BMW will make cars that leave me the F alone, like their older models. Look at all that additional shit, just waiting to break.

Samaksh Uppal says:

Bmw can make perfect driver’s cars!

Ken Laikk says:

stop , stay there and get crash ? (30sec)

Аслан Аббасов says:


Frosty Supernova says:

DAMN! You’re trying to hide it. But I still saw those wheels and fender. Looks good.

_Cretves_ Channel says:

hello BMW

2m8y4u says:

what’s the point of showing features of a car you don’t want to show, damn it. just show the car instead.

John Smith says:

So how similar is this to the Tesla autopilot feature?

Crazed Kid says:

Does it automatically make you ride 1 foot away from anyone ahead of you?

silox says:

Will it have 30 second warning like the new e-class or unlimited driving assistance?

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