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It’s safe to say the Range Rover Evoque has been a huge sales success for Land Rover. It combines head-turning looks, a practical yet luxurious interior and that all important Land Rover off-road ability in a compact SUV package.

The Evoque has been given a mild facelift for 2016 with a few styling tweaks such as new lights and bumpers, as well as an updated infotainment system, but the big news is the addition of Jaguar Land Rover’s new 2.0-litre Ingenium diesel engines. Watch the video to find out if it’s any good!

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My beautiful and amazing mistress says:

Fak Victoria Beckham

Hassan Aboudi says:

This car is my dream life . I don’t dream nothing expect this car . I have been in love with this car when I was a child still dreaming of this car day and night . I love you bb . you r my girlfriend .

Mr J says:

mong mobile

Mohd Nizam says:

mi mi zara sara

Reviews says:

got mine! I love it.

Mouad Elazrak says:

Guys, what’s better, the new Tiguan or this?

Batman Superman says:

it looks shit.

asma mekki says:


Q3ToPBuZz says:

Apparently, if you go for the four door its more practical and easier to get in the back. Cheers for that.

Matthew Taylor says:

Bonnet vents have been on the cars since they came out, nothing new.

Per Wigren says:

It’s funny how she says “You can move quickly between the different screens” while showing that there’s a full second lag between pressing the touchscreen and something happens. Is the infotainment system always this sluggish?

CoolUserName2010 says:

This chic sounds like the narrator of Forza motorsports 6

Sterling Archer. says:


Cătălin David says:

On some forums people complain that car is not reliable at all. But looks very good.

koshtie says:

here”s another good example based on freelander  which in turn was based on a Mondeo, so for those with there noses in the air, all I can say is nice Mondeo!!!

Joe Trounce says:


gaurav sharma says:

Merc gls way better than this shit

Oscar Fitzgerald says:

This video was uploaded the day before my birthday I love Land Rovers

Dangerous RC productions says:

Bet she’s got a nice load area

Shagun Kalash says:

I love this car, waiting for the top end model to enter the indian market… it would an amazing vehicle to drive.

Abby L says:

Is the European model pretty close to the American model?

Charles Cooper says:

Only for fashion victims

Kia Sportage Is Ugly Korean Trash says:

Just watched this vid.

Great car – built in Britain, top marks all round. UNLIKE UGLY, KOREAN-BUILT, UGLY, STUPID-LOOKING, STUPID-FRONT-END, UGLY Kia Sportage – a car bought by clueless, gullible morons with no sense of looks.

beebee says:

ugly looks like a 70k kia soul

Daniel Desmond says:

Can u get it automatic

Robert Stevens says:

Anything styled by Beckham will be crap, and the Evoque is rubbish!

Ethan Moreau says:

I hope the starting price is $10,000

Subhan Khan says:


Someleze Funda says:

my parents have a range rover

rexhunterTV sf says:

between evoque and bmw x4 what would you recommend ?

Catalin Cristian says:

nothing about HP. I dont know why they use womans to present cars.

Santino Ramirez says:

Heya guy ! ! ! company I guess pretty interesting resulv starter !!

Reuben Ahmed says:

it look like ford

Ness Rosenbrad says:

They should’ve made the backseats recline for the taller folkes.

Joshua Jung says:

Heard that 2016 Evoque has lots lots of problem

renewer says:

She’s aged like fine wine.


Does North America get the diesel option?

raven scott says:

where is the sound?

arpit thakur says:

the voice is fine u nerds stop this shit

wodmay1 says:

I can not buy it,i am broke as fuck

Ajmit Singh says:

Its not 2016

gullraiz khan says:

please try pajero sport 2016

Slick says:

Evoque vs Cayenne vs F pace

55dbau says:

how many horsepower?


A pity about the sound which should have been fixed before loading what is otherwise an excellent and well balanced review. More from this lady please rather than from those whose glass is at best always half empty.

chad clark says:

can’t watch switching audio levels ruin it

Guediri Hamdi says:

it’s beautiful

shyla jade says:

love rovers

Sahionára Adriana Savariz says:

Stela Artoá…parece-me muto chique gostosa hummm…é outro nível hehehe
Range Rover 2016 Evoque (Envocar)…envocando o…………….(isso é para os maus) hehehe

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