Review: 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit

I review the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit. A very luxurious and refined SUV. This car is for sale at Harrison Auto Sales. More information about the car can be found here:
Song is ‘Final Fantasy’ by Contra
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CarFreak 85 says:
Harvey Dent says:

Omg, the beginning song is from ff7 !

Joshua The gamer says:

hes too young 

Lance says:

That face he makes when he steps on the gas makes me wanna buy this beauty. Lol

Dwight Langford says:

The Overland and Summit trims of this car do come with real wood. So that’s where that texture comes from!

Alex Chervenick says:

When you engage Sport mode, does the suspension or steering change at all?

Volnik says:

Whats so surprising that Jeep has really stepped their game up in the interior? The price point has also really stepped up and that summit costs as much as BMW X5, Audi Q7, and Merc ML, all of which have better designed interiors..

Billy McAuliffe says:

buy one of these, park it on a drive and run ,, if you have gate posts walk backwards watching the car like a hawk

patrick jackson says:

companies like jeep,kia, and hyundai i have t applaud for not going buttonless. i hate the way toyota is going and the american companies with all touch screen and no buttons for simple things like climate control and volume. jeep doesnt go technology over load.

rgruiz22 says:

Good review, only neg is that it actually gets 17/24mpg, which isn’t bad for a SUV with that power.

Enjoy your vids, keep them coming!

KonaKoo says:

They’re such nice SUVs but the interior is definitely showing its age. I don’t know what makes it look that way but it looks old for some reason. I could see that interior in a 2007 vehicle.

super chiki says:

my god i still cant dicide between this car and the ford explorer 2014, lil help please jeep or explorer? anybody

Wigald Senfter says:

LOL, go on ………the lands, the Subaru LOL,

pft, harrisonautos ……… Mercedes or Puch G, best of “AMG” ore an JGC, ok, an land RoverDefender ……

Suabaru was  genius in teh 80s and 90s, get off!

Wigald, You have Snow, youe have an JCG before 2005 or an Landrover!


Savann Williams says:

Just got one of these in black yesterday!!! Came from a 2005 Explorer. I love it. It’s sooo Luxurious! And I’m takin it on a trip from Wisconsin to New York in a few days!!!!

J High says:

How would you compare a fully loaded Dodge Durango Citadel AWD with this vehicle? They are corporate cousins.

Jarrod Mitchell says:

shit car

Herakles says:

Nice review!

Mohammed Alfaraj says:

It looks very very nice, it’s jeep I love SUVs
How much does it cost for fully loaded one ?

KmoneyTheCucumber says:

Do a jeep wrangler sport please if possible.

A$AP BiSHOP says:

Idk what to choose the explorer or this jeep. I really like how the explorer looks but I don’t care much for the third row seats

George says:

I am an angel came here to remove the devil from the video. 666 likes i just made it 667. Live with that!

The11Lime says:

is it fun to drive when you’re drunk?

Mark Russell says:

Is this up near Versailles?

adel kashiba says:


777PharmD777 says:

That is one thirsty vehicle….
Give me the award-winning Pentastar V6 instead.
I want my family hauler doing family hauler things.
Like hauling family.
That’s just me though…. 
Ask yourself, how big is your ego?
Do you need a V8 in a car like this?

Panagiotis F says:

does it squeak or rattle over rough patches

Vision wang says:

hi subaruwrxfan , will u do the infiniti qx70 qx50  Review when u have time?

Mark Russell says:

Versailles, Pennsylvania, USA

That escalated quickly…

Michael Perez says:

Very nice but might as well get the SRT model if you really want power. Since you going to get almost the same gas milage

Decide says:

And than there the german SUV’s making look the jeep like a poverty car..

Corey H says:

Use the air ride park mode.  Makes it really easy to get in and out of.

Hamza Ghazza says:

man great review and great car u did good joob thx 

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