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We take out our buddy Tyler’s RS7 for a review. Man is this car awesome!

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Umpire – Gravity (feat. Liz Kretschmer) [NCS Release]…


NYC Soundz says:

Love this car now.

Lineage2MediaCom says:

m4 all day , this looks outdated

Kyle Howard says:

how do you afford all these 6 figure cars

hyun aaron says:

The light car is not always good thing, much better important thing is the balanced-weight in front and back of the car. says:

sorry to disagree, but I think the car looks very generic.

bulok69 says:

RS7 is great for dads who still want to ride like a lad. Wife won’t know any better

BionicSammich says:

Too big and too automatic.

mujjuman says:

beautiful car

Sadaf Iqbal says:

why not test some japanese cars for god sake

Gliese 380 says:

sex on wheels but please say coupé. you also say toupé and not toup, right?

Audi Kelowna says:

you would love the valentines video I posted today! the new RS7 performance, with the titanium sport exhaust!

x D says:

Emm.. quality?

mikealanzo says:

This is badass, but my brand loyal heart belongs to CLS AMG 4Matic.

Kelly Hryniuk says:

RS7 vs CTS-V! That be an epic head to head

Yohan Butterbong says:

Hellcat Charger!

Ali yesilkaya says:

nice car

E Russo says:

Review a cls63 and compare the 2

John Stamper says:

Pay for Dahms hood you lowlife scum fucker!

Jonathan Sherer says:

All they need to do is throw a carbon fiber roof like the M’s do

Julian Boffa says:

Idk why everyone is saying this isn’t available in America. When I lived in Florida my neighbor had had a rs7. It was so beautiful. He had different rims and exhaust than the ones in this video tho. Not sure what the trim it whatevr was or if it was aftermarket parts. But they always had a rhd supra too or somebody they know cuz I only saw it a few times.

Ryan's Range Report says:

I”m sure it will get updated in 18-19. It did just come out in 2012 w/ the A6. Not really that dated. MMI is meh IMO. My Tundra has a better multimedia set up IMO. ( I sold it to buy an A6)

Ben Foreit says:

you are such a cunt

Nicholas Nolan says:

Tuff choice between this and c63

Jack LB says:

Lmaooo rob dahm rinsed ya ass boiii

Will Price says:

what was the song in the intro? i love it


I wish I could get pinned !

Travis Evans says:

You should buy a hood for the rx7 you broke

Catalin Tabirca says:

Tip: When talking about car’s weight, you mention it in pounds. When editing, add text to the video in some corner saying the weight of the car in kilograms, because not all your subscribers are familiar to that unit. Same goes for miles/galon, try converting it to litters/100 km. Cheers.

Alex Thomas says:

A lot of people say that they are more like 560/605 to the wheels hence the low 3’s 0-60

Wrange45 says:

Saw one of these cars in the same color in the Netherlands about 2 weeks ago. Needless to say it got my attention.

Zack says:

One of the best looking sedans? You mean THE best looking sedan. I don’t know any other sedan that looks as good as the RS7

Mario Reyes says:

i see you rockin that 80 dollar polo bruh

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