Self Driving Mercedes: Behind the Wheel!

Mercedes’ Autonomous car tech at CES 2017!

The Tesla playlist:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee


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عالم المعرفة says:

تغطيه عربيه لمؤتمر
CES 2017
على قناتى

infinatious says:

I like the old intro better

potlovingchef14 says:

i remember a car advert when I was 10yrs old im 25 and the guy sits in his back seat and noone driving the car and used to wish it became true so i can have a car lol

Mohsen Habibi says:

why dont they make contract with someone like google for mapping system? :/

Backstage 125 says:

Now thats what u call technology

Paul Michael says:

Considering the fact you almost got smacked in the rear by a truck going 90 mph at the end of the video because your car didn’t know to turn,
No, I wouldn’t trust it.

Parth Agarwal says:


Neil Ahuja says:

Autonomous Driving, so pretty much Cruise?

Tom Saunders says:

peeps, factor does anybody see one’s better than this cawe? &. .

papi kay says:

aee bruh, i love ur soundtrack…. keep it up

Anonymous Plutocrat says:

I Feel Like you A Tesla SuperFanBoy

virinprew says:

I can trust the AI because it is built by smart people. But I cannot trust the stupid drivers around me.

WeGain Community says:

the thing is, that big car companies like audi, Mercedes, vw you name it.. cannot bring a car on the street that doesn’t work.. they are ao afraid to lose their reputation that they seem paralyzed even they do have all of those concept cars and auper mega features for years now.. small companies do not have thia kind of pressure.. just wanted to mention this

Levi Elsbury says:

Has anyone ever told you, you look exactly like the rapper Q-Tip

gammelhund says:

Whitest sounding black guy. I’m confused 🙁

Gra Zio says:

i watched a full review of the E class and they did a full test to the self driving system and its not perfect i personally can’t trust it

Stefan Totev says:

This must be the ugliest Mercedes I’ve ever seen.
Who designed it – Austin Powers?

TubeTorials says:


vasyanpro4567345 says:


ProXima says:

Awesome! The future looks bright 🙂

StickyDaSlime says:

We need to start talking improvements on emergency handling. What’s the car gonna do in an accident or pending accident? Slipping from weather and all that. Let’s improve safety and pull back on the autopilot aspect of cars like this. Just my thoughts

derektomhk says:

Tesla’s Autopilot does use GPS data + machine learning using the cloud via always-on mobile Internet connection. It can improve day by day.

“The whole Tesla fleet operates as a network. When one car learns something, they all learn it. That is beyond what other car companies are doing,” said Musk.


Kevin Bowman says:

The intro music to this video is by far the best intro I have ever heard. It would be even more awesome if it were a song! As always though, keep up the great videos MKBHD!

Entract says:

Here, previously owned by *Nokia*, has been sold to Audi (Volkswagen Group) , Mercedes Benz & BMW, so it makes sense they use it here.

Joshua The Science god says:

I’ll feel more safe with it 5 years down the road, what if it malfunctions? so many people would use this car and some day it will mess up but the question is how bad will it mess up…

Clement Young says:

I don’t trust self driving, before watching this video. But After I watched it, there’s just something in my mind that tells me that self driving cars are safe

IvanPlayStation4LiFe says:

This car sicks compare to others

Gabe Villa says:

idk man. I played watchdogs 2 and boi o boi. I wouldn’t want someone to hack my car.

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