Tesla Model 3 premiere REVEAL with Elon Musk Exterior/Facts/Preview all-new neu #teslamodel3

Also see our Model S review: https://youtu.be/eKG3ggbsmw4

Join us for the first exterior shots and the extensive premiere/reveal information of the all-new Tesla Model 3.

Most important facts:
– mid-size sedan
– 5 seats
– acceleration 0-60 mph / 0-100 km/h less than 6.0 secs
– faster versions come later
– electric AWD
– over 215 miles / over 350 km range
– higher range possible later
– front and rear trunk
– autopilot as standard feature!
– price approx. 35.000 USD
– deliveries will begin in late 2017

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Gábor Dobronyi says:

Elon Musk is a terrible speaker. I like to see that everything he says comes back in the comments, but think for yourselves.
Tesla cars are great vehicles, but every new car production requires large resources, and comes with great pollution! So the pollution free sustainable transportation is bullshit. Try to retrofit old cars with modern, more efficient, standardised engines, and we will be closer to “sustainability” or “environmentally conscious transportation”.

RISO1984 says:

thanks to “woooooo” or “yeaaaaah” every 15 seconds its really pain in the “you know where” to watch… really terrible presentation.

SCORPIO7 says:

car in grey color is so cute

Antoine Pageau says:

The Chevy Bolt just got destroyed. Who the heck would buy a Bolt when you can get a Tesla 3 for the same money.

Dan Sanger says:

Conservatives say they hate Tesla because it gets government subsidies. The real reason they hate Tesla is in this video when Musk talks about climate change and human history going back millions of years. Conservatives hate when scientific reality intrudes on their fantasy world.

Tadeu Ferreira says:

looks like a porsche from the front, overall it looks f***ing awesome

Ricardo Kim says:

It’s amazing to see that Telsa has kind of become Apple of the auto industry, loved and admired by so many people from all over the world.

Carlos Rondero says:

I wonder if the big screen in the middle is remove able

joe128pack says:

The best refrigerator on wheels that money can buy.

Sudhendu Kumar Surya says:

I had seen your review of other Tesla that was Model S and am sure Thomas, you’d be highly eager to drive this one as well 🙂 . And same is the awaiting here as well for the review 🙂

Alan Lamb says:

Dropped a deposit on one already. This car will be a game changer not only for Tesla but for the automotive industry! Add to this that Tesla just hired some of the best minds from APPLE. They will do their magic on the computing power of Tesla’s.
Not since Steve Jobs has a leader of a company demanded “and got” so much from his staff. They impart his vision fluidly and at such a fast pace. Other car companies have not been able to respond as fast as Tesla and are falling behind quickly.

soloseraphim Heartsong says:

Mr. Musk, take you pick. Anyone of these fans would give you a blow job…to completion.

Jason Smith says:

where are the front grills? – i know there’s no radiator, but, you gotta design these things like the human face; use it for air cabin intake…but, not a smooth, blank surface…ugly.

letsif says:

Turn the roof of the gigafactory into a green farm.

OldVillain says:

What is it with this TEZ-LA thing?
Surely, it’s pronounced Tes-la?
Otherwise it would be spelt Tezla.

TheHennes36 says:

115.000 pre-orders already. This is truly the breakthrough of electric cars on the mass market we’ve been waiting for!

Emily Mavis says:

those fucking 15 people cheering omg so cringe worthy.
cars great tho….

Komor Uddin says:

Finally Tesla has my attention, serious consideration will be given to have one as my daily driver to sit alongside something for the weekend. Any idea on what pricing in the UK will be Thomas?

Ronald Fish says:

I have a reservation so happy model three

Everett Cox says:

I drove a P90D last month and could barely get in the thing. Here’s hoping this new design will offer more headroom for ingress-egress. The only design flaw I see in the 3 is the front end; it’s bland and boring, plus the upright stance has to slow the car down.

Other than that it looks great.

SamAnTha says:

sorry but front looks like porsche lineup and back looks like acura zdx, sorry

kaya says:

tesla rules all

Liquid Chrome says:

I’m not a big fan of Tesla, but i respect the brand. And it sure looks more beautiful than shitty Prius.

Olaf Müller says:

April fools? 😀

ZubiForce says:

Hey, Nissan Leaf review would be possible?

Neil Lizotte says:

Next Electric 18 wheel 100,000 lb Semi Trucks with fast 5 minute charging EESD’s while driving with an on-board generator. Graphene EESD’s could give electric vehicles of all sizes freedom from range anxiety, as a 5 minute charge is game changing. A lot of progress has been made and it looks very promising for a very cheap and safe Megafarad EESD that is 100% non toxic to the environment. I have been watching a man by the name of Robert Murray Smith on YouTube who is working on a hybrid 1 megafarad graphene EESD, which should be completed very soon, a few weeks. There are several companies with graphene EESD research and Edison Power and Sunvault, Grapheno and Stordot are near mass production. We already have Electric 18 wheel 100,000 lb Semi Trucks but they only have 60 mile range, fast charging EESD’s will be game changers. I would love any Tesla over any other vehicle, but graphene EESD’s are100% green and non toxic, dispose of them in your garden with no issues.

TVFreeBee says:

American shit!

Kenz300 x says:

Electric cars, bikes and mass transit are the future…..fossil fuel ICE cars are the past…………..
Think teen agers vs your grand father…………………. cell phones vs land lines…….

Georgeqaws says:

Tesla could of really cut out the stupid pop out door handles on this model… They will make a lot of money fixing them when they all break.

lyckokaka says:

I really like the design so far but there are two main things that bother me. One is the lack of an instrument panel in front of the driver. In the test ride videos I’ve seen so far they seem to say they will forego the normal instruments and have everything on the main screen. Probably to cut cost. I really really don’t like that and hope they will change it.

The other thing that bothers me about the design is the trunk. I really hoped it would have the type of trunk the model S has that opens the rear window too. I guess the traditional trunk is something they had to do to be able to go with the glass ceiling, but the trunk opening is tiny in this car. To me it looks even smaller than on traditional sedans.

Also, the steering wheel is very ugly and has no control buttons but it’s obviously placeholder and will be changed.

I do wonder what the maximum range for this car will be when outfitted with the biggest battery and what it will cost then. Range is a much more important factor than acceleration if you ask me, so I’m mostly “meh” when they brag about their 0-60 times. Never sacrifice range for performance as long as it performs more or less like a normal engine car.

Jimmy Santos says:


Mr Sloth says:

The steering wheel and screen looks a bit disappointing to me, otherwise nice car.

DrDuu says:

It is really unbelivable that the German e-car builder look so bad. But it is a logically consequence of the Outsourcing of Know-how and reducing of the own Engineers. I expect a complete Modification of the existing car builder world and Germany will not get 12 Points in future. Tesla goes the first step for e-car mass production, Apple car will follow…etc….

Onkel Fetzer says:

A car for Tesla Fanboys. Drawbacks are completely unimportant.

HELLienadO says:

I want one so bad…
Seriously, my next car won’t have an internal combustion engine, I’ll wait for electric cars to become more mainstream. If That doesn’t happen, then I’ll ride my bug “until its wheels fall off” and walk or ride a bicycle from then on.

Autogefühl says:

Also see our Model S review: https://youtu.be/eKG3ggbsmw4

SCORPIO7 says:

the killer of ford and chevrolet

94306v8 says:

No gasoline smell = BORING!

Darko Posavec says:

I really hope this car will be as good and as cheap as they say it will be and it succeed on the market. Personally I will never buy it or any other Tesla model. I hate the way their interiors look like, those huge screens really look cheap and tasteless to me, but even bigger reason is that Tesla fans are so annoying they make Apple or BMW fans look like a pleasant bunch of people you can share your opinions with. 🙂
I hope this car makes it because then all other car companies will have to make their own competitors to model 3 and I’ll have something nicer then this to choose from.
One thing that bothers me a little is that Tesla is taking preorder money two years before the car will hit the roads, wich is quite a long period, and that on the day they are presenting new, cheaper model, they raise the price of already overpriced Model S. I hope Tesla didn’t bite more than they can chew. They invested huge amount of money in short period of time and it looks to me they are in need of fast cash.

Anthony Re says:

his stuttering makes me sick

James Bond says:

What a boring car. A Copy-cut Toyota Prius with different handles….

Cardhu56 says:

There are multiple problems with all-electric cars:

– Range and capacity;
– Battery duration in cold weather;
– Increased pollution from fossil fuel electrical sources.

Range and capacity:
A family like ours that takes an annual 1220-mile trip with four kids to visit parents and in-laws needs a family vehicle that can carry at least 6 people with luggage at least 600 miles in a 10-12 hour period. No all-electric car can do that. Most families cannot afford two vehicles to do what only one needs to be able to do.

Battery duration in cold weather:
Battery capacity drops 25-57% when temperatures fall below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. As a direct result, many all-electric car owners actually park their cars in a garage for the entire winter and drive gasoline vehicles instead.



Increased pollution from fossil fuel electrical sources:

It all depends on what is supplying the electricity to charge an all-electric car’s batteries.

All-electric cars charged by clean electrical sources of hydroelectric, solar, wind, wave, geothermal, and nuclear power help the environment by removing the greenhouse gases produced by combustion engines.

Shifting energy demand from fuel pumps to coal and oil electric generators, on the other hand, actually produces more of the particulates, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and ozone that already kill 3.7 million people globally every year.

Most of the world’s electrical sources are provided by fossil fuels, not clean or renewable sources. So most of these all-electric cars will actually kill more people than the combustion engine cars they’re replacing would. Drivers of these cars can feel “cool” and “good” about “helping the environment” while actually helping the fossil fuel industry in ecological murder for profit.

Coffee Lover 11 says:

Elon Mosk should prepared his presentation better, so much nervousness going on “itsss itsss ummm ummm anddd anndd wooooh”. Annoying and unprofessional, even Thomas who is from Germany don’t do this lol.

driveEV says:

Love the Porsche Panamera nose. Notice the display cars are actually subtlety different, the door handles are the grey one are from the Model S……..

Powered by Honda says:

this car is gonna be a huge sales success. Good job Tesla but the interior looks ghetto and I hate that there are no traditional gauges.

cintula82 says:

Surely it is impressive. The horizontal main display is weird. Is it the only display? I can not see another display on any other photos or videos behind the wheel. Or it is missing only because these are prototypes?

Gherman Godzin says:

~yea, yea.

CovjekXX says:

wow… amazing… future is here..

Monterey California says:

Old man Tesla, would be proud…

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