Tesla Model 3 – The BMW 3 Killer is Coming!

UPDATED VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adeMgjt3H8s

Rettinger’s Riffs: Tesla Model III – The BMW 3 Killer is Coming!

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Jon R is back to discuss various topics in and out of the tech world. On this week’s episode, Jon riffs on Tesla’s newest electric vehicle, the Model III. The EV market is starting to heat up and Tesla is ready to add even more fuel to that fire. Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and co-founder, is expecting the Model III to be available for purchase in 2017 at an astonishingly low starting price of about $35,000. There are a lot of other EV options at this price point, but if the Model III is anything like the Model S, it’ll be the one to beat. If you were in the market for an alternative fuel vehicle, would you consider getting a Tesla Model III? All this and more in this episode of Rettinger’s Riffs! MORE: http://bit.ly/1oJIp8B

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David Kays says:

335D has almost the same performance of the Tesla S at a fraction of the price. bought my 335 D for $15500. used Tesla S with a $25000 to $45000 battery pack replacement cost in your future costs you $50000 to $90000 for S60 to S80 .
Tesla overpriced period. US Military/ US Government who you ALWAYS vote for is the largest producer of greenhouse gases by percentage of production.

Full Charge Motorsport says:

Electric cars rock!!! You won’t know until you try one. An electric race car puts awesome performance within reach of the average guy. Check my channel full charge motorsport

Brownie says:

LOL, the BMW 3 series has always been the benchmark. Neither have the 2 other German brand’s come near the 3 series.

RedLight GreenArrow says:

The BMW still looks a lot better than this. That nose in front!!!

mlhaske says:

TESLA? Can;t afford the Model S — but the Model III ??? Sign.Me.Up! 🙂 I’ll buy one for sure! #CountingTheDays

Roger Lee says:

and stock price is shit. they missed the earning by a mile.

ShowCare Montréal Qc says:

I actually like it. It took a completely new mind set to finally get to beat the 3 series. I think the 3 series did good. It owned the market from 1980’s all the way upto 2016. I like the fact that its going to take an electric car to finally beat that 3 series, and the 3 series shouldn’t be ashamed of it self. 3 Series, Be a good loser okay?? pls 🙂

Sonny Ali says:

BMW 3 Killer? That’s laughable. I’d take a Bimmer over the cheap plastic interior of Tesla any day. I like what Tesla is doing but the interiors need some work.

David Croft says:

Slow down, please….

positron says:

by crazy you mean innovative world changing game changing genius? #ffs

RikkyCZ says:

less guy, more car

Daniel Huynh says:

Why so greedy? U already got heaps of money from YouTube. Stop doing commercials in the middle of the videos. You just look ridiculous doing that.

McDoodle44 says:

You call this car a BMW 3 killer before knowing sh*t about it. only talking like in an advertisement aboit the (probable) good sides while at the same time ignoring possible downsides. Tesla created this hype like once apple did and cheap tech channels like this one are becoming it’s ad-wh*res for free…

tibchy144 says:

once german car manufacturers go mainstream with electric drive, tesla will meet the fate of hummer, teslas are not that good looking and have reliability issues, they are basically an electric ford mondeo.. it is true that they are building charging stations en masse in europe but they are mostly empty so i expect they will be selling them once people start buying electric cars from other brands.. musk is not a genius, he was at the right place at the right time to receive money and patents during george bush administration’s bailout of u.s. automotive industry

Douglas Thompson says:

Sign me up!

Chinmay Gupta says:

it’s already there

Speaker Toni says:

A bmw 3 killer looks different!

Guillermo Cubero says:

Model S,3,X

Mason Hil says:

love it love it love it love itlove it love itlove it love it
only 35,000 ?
now more gas for me, heck ya!

black pepper says:

You know all those same limitation exist for gasoline vehicles as well. The resistance to change is so dis-heartening you always have naysayers, thank goodness people like this get ignored once a century! and we take a baby step forward. I bet the Wright brothers got tons of laughs moving their heavier than air plane down to kitty hawk. I can see it now “hahaha yall not gonna ever get that thang to fly, if god wanted people to fly he would have given us all wings hahaha” PAUSE…”You going to kill yourselves be for you get that stupid contraption to work”. Then moments later they witness one of the most incredible moments in human history. Like I said that goodness once a century naysayers get ignored how that for comments!

bgmpt says:

This person would benefit from some elocution and voice lessons. The lisp and other speech impediments, the annoyingly variable tempo of talking, the up-and-down volume and pitch, and other childish speech patterns are irritating in an adult.

photobobo says:

What are you, 14?

Riad Ahmed says:

Model s and 3 should be remain same body work we don’t want 3 series tiny cars and reduce luxury and downgrade tesla yet and. Later tesla can produce 3 series as well

Taum Del campo says:


Eric Green says:

Ain’t gonna happen, other than hearsay – care to back that up with some scientific arguments?

Connor Rooks says:

hey it happened!

TRexHeliPilot says:

Thanks for wasting almost 8 minutes of my life with your dribble!

Shinubi Wang says:

The “3” is written with three horizontal bars – 3 in Chinese.

Marco Debart says:

Bmw killer ?? hahaha year right. From 0-60 ..

Roger Lee says:

tesla is bmw benz porsche ferrari lambo killer

Arven Tahtyan says:

yeah maybe in 2019…

Mike White says:

Get a shave and learn some diction :/

Alex marshall says:

Its not an m3 killer because its electric any car guy will understand stupid fuckking electric

Bama Ed says:

What about the electric bill if I want to charge my car everyday for 30 days?

CHL VV says:

Have you any video with EMF milliGauss values inside any Tesla car at the acceleration moment?

TCOCharlesDexterWard says:

dollarshaveclub, haha fucking assholes

Chinmay Gupta says:

it’s already there

postmortemarg says:

*If everyone drove one*, we wouldn’t have to be allies with scum like Saudi Arabia. The Saudis funded and facilitated 9/11, are funding ISIS and share the same mentality.
*If everyone drove one*, we would revamp America as a manufacturing nation thus creating lots of jobs. Our economy and energy needs wouldn’t have to depend on the fossil fuel industry.
We can also revive and make the American automobile industry #1 because in essence we have a technological head start over… say BMW, thanks to Tesla. LOL.
*We should urge our government to fund Tesla and offer discounts on buying the Model 3.*

Robert Stewart says:

Mileage range for electric or gas, depends on driver’s speed, weight you are carrying, weather, tires. The only vehicles I have owned that come close to walking their talk is Toyota. I am looking forward to getting my model 3.

Steven MacQuarrie says:

It’s good to see this car coming to production. However, it’s an upper middle class and higher product. Perhaps 15% of the population in developed countries can afford it. The plus side is that within 5-8 years, the used Model 3’s will become affordable to many. Instead of gas guzzling SUVs (ugh), more efficient vehicles will be available to the average person.

Fx Studios GamingTM says:

he reminds me of Michael in GTA

ankit tiwari says:

if tesla make this in india and install super charger everywhere it will become a massive hit in india

Dhanraj Pondicherry says:

No image of Model 3

fish fingers says:

Elon musk made a mistake bringing out that big SUV, that set the company back big time and gave the competition time to catch up. I’m a big fan tho, hope the 3 can be a big success for the investors

There is no death. says:


ThePandaBeat says:


10 seconds in the video and I already want to punch this guy in the face.

Les Ale says:

The model S was launched more than a year and a half ago! it’s been on the market now for over 3 years at least. As a matter of fact model S owners are even trading up to different iterations of the model S. Please get your facts right.

Tryfon Farmakakis says:

Oh man, seriously you need some orthophonics courses…

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