Tesla Model X first drive

We had an early chance to drive the Model X, Tesla’s first new car in years. Come take a ride with us.

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WillyWonkaConfidential says:

Here I am, dreaming of saving money for a new headset instead of my broken one…

NONAME 23 says:

what if you park in a tight spot?

sashtha manik says:

Thorana & sema !!

Dennis van d hoven says:

I’m digging it, but in my opinion it should get a body like the X6 or a GLE Coupe, it looks so cut off! I am just giving my opinion, i love the car tough.

Bibbi Von Horse says:

It looks like “Breaking Bads” car. Its awful!!

Lukas Hermans says:

Oh My God assemble This is nice#result% pastor =3

Francis Suemith says:

Love it

Pholela Mapeyi says:

i’d rather get a benz….

lFeaskiel says:

How does a passenger get out of the rear seat when there is a downpour?

Kash Daji says:

“body of an SUV”…..no, try again. Looks like a minivan.

Revolution Gaming says:

Why is the tesla x model so heavy

Owen Willicome says:

When i have a family, I want that.

mike daytona says:

OMG its a modern pontiac aztec, just needs 2 vents on the nose and tent in the back

John Simcox says:

If you need $1000 off your new Tesla order, please use this CODE and you will get $1000 off instantly!
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TacoPiggie says:

Does the girl come with the car?

Hanan Qtr says:

how much does it cost?

Врач ред says:

Black is ok. But in white it looks like a fucking toy. Or a Kia.

Cody Robinson says:

Its even go a wing 😉

Kaleb Bruwer says:

**pebble hits windshield at 120km/h**

Samir Khan says:

very cool

Ryan Mack says:

When presenters have slurs……

Also, I wonder what those falcon doors are like in a crash. I don’t think the kids will be exiting from the sides, dear.

Jhorman Etxeverry says:

Ok, I’m gonna sell my kidney, the money is not a problem to me yet

Jeffrey Smokes says:

100K for a TESLA???? A TESLA….. My X6 looks way better and for that money I’d rather get a Panamera… A known car brand not fuckin tesla… That’s like Hyundai with that 70K Genesis lmao fuckin clowns

Guacamole4sho says:

one day….!!!

konkakonkadudu says:

I’m scared of those falcon doors. Narrow parking spots and low clearance parking garages would make it a challenge.

إبراهيم العامودى says:


SCI - Cyber Intelligence says:

I wanta a review of how practicle the door open-close is.
And btw, get some new glasses, it doesnt fit you.

Fidel says:

Ideally as Tesla mass produces more vehicles,more affordable builds are
on the drawing board.

Underyourbedeyes says:

cant wait til that door smacks into my car

Ahmed JustHumen says:


Rondre Maberry says:

I want one or two…

Altijd_ Aron says:

Waarom die dikke man??

Thiemo Janssen says:

Wing Doors are sooo usefull in wether like #Rain

Sadochrist says:

I’ve watched a few videos of the model X but I’ve never seen ludicrous mode shown in such a good way, most other videos just show the peoples reaction to it, in this you can see just how fast it goes thanks to your camera angle inside the car. Nice.

memyselfandi says:

ugliest car I ever saw , doors are gonna cause so many problems will be recalled you’ll see

AvgSubscriber says:

The back of the car reminds me of a pryus.

Athenna G. says:

Love it , waiting for it to come out then i can buy one

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