The 700 HP RennTech CLS63 AMG – /TUNED

Hartmut Feyhl left AMG after 15 years to start his own tuning company, RennTech, which is now one of the most respected AMG tuners in the world. His products range from simple software upgrades to full racing builds based on AMG street cars. We take his new, 700 horsepower CLS63 for a spin and establish a new benchmark for luxury sedans: must be able to do burnouts while moving at highway speeds.

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Mr E320 says:

So I own a 2003 e320. I would love to see a performance version of my car because Im interested in modifying it

cdangelo86 says:

Hahahahah love matts giggle dyno

Tony tran says:

Dodge is Mercedes idiots =

FirearmTutorials .com says:

Kick Ass!

jay says:

I felt the same way

ealiev60 says:

and $60000 Hellcat passes by this $120 000 car…. just saying….

Mike G says:

U don’t want merc to go back and make manual again it will be a problem it will destroy any car

K. B says:

what is the point of having 700 HP when you only have 600 at the wheels?

Jah Cousteauu says:

+Rock, i agree that it is not worth it.I’m thinking of either going with tthe e350 coupe because it comes with an awd. In 2012 and then doing an engine swap with an e63 amg engine to get the V8 power plant as a starting point and base to modify or……… just switch to an Infiniti ,G37s with the awd in the coupe of course and add some Bigg Twin Turbos going for an output of at least 520 hp to the ground. Im just not sure if I’m going to modify both coupes yet. I test drove the G37s this past week and didn’t love it but im use to driving the e550 …. so the V6 G37s wasn’t good enough for me…but with the 300+ hp increase. Plus torque and an air suspension upgrade -complete with rims, tires, and brakes…. it should be awesome.

RussianSupaPowa says:

Anybody know the song name?

Punisher says:

Nice Car, not $120k nice..

Nick Dodenc says:

That’s serious power, a car that heavy spinning tires at 40mph it really is something special imagine what the finish product would be?

Surprising BMW always was more sporty then Mercedes Benz although they have clearly peeled off with that crown wtg Benz

G00DZ1 says:

561 I live here n didn’t knoe. Sick as fyuk

jay says:

lol all those bmws parked there in a amg kingdom how dare they lol

CTSPerformance Cayoglu says:

What a beautiful beautiful car…

Jah Cousteauu says:

+Itzreptar, i have the 2010 e550 -but imma trade it in for a 2012 with less miles””’ i love the body style of the e coupe.

Joaquin Rivera says:

Love this fucking car. My first was The CLK. But now. Really diggin the CLS !

E Russo says:

That’s one of the best sounding cars I’ve ever heard

CHIPZ711500 says:

4:12 THAT SOUND…..excuse me i must go change

Steve Back says:

Awesome car. The only down side will be that this car will be the death of those who under estimate the power of this car. When the driver wrecks the body will be unidentifiable without a doubt. All buyers please respect your life and the lives of other drivers!

Christian Rasmus says:

750 hp hybrid gp bike!

Sandy Peralta says:

now that is sick power love it..

Davy Franken says:


Theophilius Thomas says:

I have 2013 CLS550 !!  I like the fast!!  lol

JareBearickson says:

He should return to Renntech and check out there newer e63 car

Johnny Holliday says:

Started with AMG at 17 and left after 15 years. This dude is 32? No freakin way. 

Canaan Banana says:

lol new mercedes are not reliable at all.

Nick says:

Try Brabus 900.

h foxx says:


Victor Lucaciu says:

+/DRIVE can you please tell me the name of the song playing in the background from 0:53 onwards? searched the comments no one seem to have the answer 😀

Alfred Ovsepyan says:

Amg nigga fuck bmw

ironbull2003 says:

Renntech is overpriced shit!

Rustam Biisenbayev says:

you should do this to a 2014+ model which is AWD !

LRG SR says:

I worked for Mercedes for years and yes that is one badass car!

Lus Amarii says:

Who knows how to set the lights to be switched on in the headlights and daylight ?
I do not want daylight and beam.
I want to be on daylight at the bottom and those LEDs in the headlights.
Thank you.

cloud chaser says:


OPHeckler says:

Oh god you can hear his saxonian dialect even in english

Zach T says:

Who the hell wants a car that gets to 10mph in 10 seconds because the tires spin for days. That is way too much power it’s insanely impractical. Gonna swap those tires every 2k miles if you use all of the horses. Stupid.

Kayne's World says:

I love the sound of AMG’s even stock they sound like they just want to go.

Jah Cousteauu says:

i want RennTECH to tune my E550, they don’t make a AMG in the e-class, and i wanted one in my coupe…. i need 550hp “To the GROUND”…YESSSS!!!

MrAmazingCow says:

That SLS on the lift behind him tho

franklin j moultrie sr says:

Giggle don’t Lie!! Outstanding RennTech

Power Gaming says:

buying this car next summer

ntazana yamba says:

amg is the best thing that has ever happened to man kind.

carlos ortiz says:

Is it me o it sounds like a harley?

H0pp3nst3dt says:

“schdried liegel drag redials” ahh zhe german accent :DD

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