The all-new BMW 7 Series. All you need to know.

Be one of the first to have a closer look at the all-new BMW 7 Series. Explore some never-seen-before features. More:
If you like to see more beautiful driving scenes, have a look at the official launch film:

The all-new BMW 7 Series. Driving Luxury.

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donald rege says:

No one does a better review than this guy. He takes a car of 10/10 to beyond the rating scale!

Viva Villain says:

The HUD and the table in the lounge is very reminiscent of early BMW promotional films reminding the customer of their airplane manufacturer heritage !!

Tom Sawyer says:

well presented!

whyGoogle says:

What’s the model displayed in the Video?

BMW 7 series is My dream car, not sure if I can ever afford for this but it’s My Ultimate goal. I’m an Engineer by Profession, I wanna see where My skills will lead Me from a Hyundai Sonata to BMW 7 series… 🙂

Siddikkhan Pathan says:

which variant is it?

Darth Imperious says:

02-08 E66 will always be my favorite bmw.. I have 144k on mine it runs beautifully. Most unique design in and out.

Alik Zolotoi says:

а что качество ролика такое хуевое?
и что этот пидар пиздит?
и ему совсем не идёт такая тачка!!!


he is saying correct i am having the car and its awesome before i was have over sport mazda 6 but that was chep an now i byed the 7 series

T. Johannes says:

Termine und Kennzahlen zur #BMW #Hauptversammlung 2017:

Mohammad Khan says:

one thing goes wrong or malfunction get ready to pay $10000

Mojtaba Kahvand says:

hi I’m sorry, one more question, Who knows the background track of friends Whose is this clip ? Please if anyone knows the song and composer who is or downloaded lin ???. Thanks

Iris Heart says:

what a breathtakingly beautiful machine.
Here’s hoping my E32 750il lives long enough to see the day of one of these resting next to her in the future. Maybe like 40 years in the future when I can finally, hopefully, afford one.

in the meantime, the E32 will have to work a little longer and I have to bleed myself dry to keep that V12 content.

mplewp says:

its time to face facts BMW ISNT building great cars anymore. Im still waiting on a better car than the 2000 e38 and this new fancy G platform isn’t it .

Sushmita Kulkarni says:

I am going to buy this lovely car in some months!!!!!!!!!

Yong Geun Song says:

should i get this car and pick up girls?

Valery Nikitin says:

This car doesn’t look respectable. it looks like cheap ipad. My next car will be something more serious than car for kids.

Greg Miel says:

What a load of useless unnessesary features

Just Games says:

The Mercedes Killer??

farouk djf says:

i want it baby

Umar AGHA says:

what is the exterior color showcased in the video? Sophisto Grey or Arctic Grey?

Abdulrahman Rammal says:

what the name of the reporter ???

LimitlessCXIVI says:

I love BMW, but they really need to do something different with their interior, they’ve had the same style since I think 10+ years ago.

Alia Mursyida says:


Amar Jadhav says:


Dark Knight101 says:

I’m going to by this car when I’m older maybe a better version of this 🙂 WELL DONE BMW

Mojtaba Kahvand says:

hiI’m sorry, one more question, Who knows the background track of friends Whose is this clip?Please if anyone knows the song and composer who is or downloaded link. Thanks

Deluke TV says:

i love this car but it’s too expensive 🙁

aruna lokare says:

BMW is the is beat

Just Games says:

You know you spent too much money when your car has a “luxury lounge” in the back.

inder singh says:


justme says:

In a word of smartphones and VR, excuse me that I am not impressed by the touch command tablet or gesture control for handling phone calls.

zahdi hassan says:

i love BMW car

Aditya Das says:

This car is just like a trophy…work hard to get it

Uv Grover says:

very good fecares

Redox says:

2:45 a Nexus 5!

Michael Turner-Smith says:

PSSST!!!! BMW, I work for you. Can I get like a 60% discount on a 7Series!? Joking (kinda).

Wizen Lamb3 says:

Fucking hell what a car!

Rohan G. Nair says:

Mercedes S Class > BMW 7 series

Mike Garofalo says:

Really you just drove 200 miles in your new BMW seven series but you’re just too lazy to park your car in the garage !! It’s time to sell the house what do I need to ask for when I can sit in the backseat of my car and do paperwork and use my tablet !!!! Ahh ahhh where is the masturbator assistant at ??? It’s pretty sad when you need to have your car parked itself in the garage because you’re too lazy not get your fat ass in that car and park it in the goddamn garage lazy bastard

Andreas Katze says:

Fuck Benz

Levi Ackerman says:

Soooooo…does somebody have 200k for me so I can afford the 760Li version with all kinds of shit?

Elixir Husky :Þ says:

This is my dream car. Obviously.

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