The BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100

The future of motorcycling is here: The BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100. #NEXT100

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SilverPlasmaGuy says:


Great Value Bleach says:

is that a boxer engine? lol

manorlordy says:

very “Tron”

sujith reddy says:

next 100 and it still cant run on water?

Guerry Lewis says:

When will this cycle be available for purchase in the US?

Bruno Rgz says:

Who is she?

Sifis Scorpions says:

Super awesome! Reminds me the Robocop movie!

Nguyenvandat Nguyen says:

Xe này tự đứng được à

8bitgamer 13 says:


Lance McCaughan says:

what a laugh. the “not wearing a helmet” bit has nothing to do with the type of bike, it is up to the laws of the country. also electric or petrol, if you have an accident and your head is not protected you are still likely to die

Harrowıng - says:

Araba sürücüleri kurallara uymadıktan sonra 🙁

Killer Robot says:

will be expensive as hell

Daniel Grześkowiak says:

But… I have one question for BMW , what is the expected price of this vehicle?

Briere Jason says:

Voici un groupe Facebook qui rassemble passionnés et possesseur de la R Nine T …

rodrigo altuzarra says:


Aurum says:

За счёт чего мотоцикл будет отрабатывать неровности дороги? В чём смысл этого мотоцикла, если его не сможет купить человек высокого достатка?

cabrum03 says:

give me this beast….please!

andrew lopez says:

how are people watching this video not knowing the whole point of future transportation is to design the vehicle to not tip over, at all. of course if u get rammed by a 16 wheeler on a bike then God bless, but this is designed to combat the more simple and common accidents

Mark Lim says:

Not for me.. Its ugly.

Sven Lima says:

I’m impressed! This motorbike is so sophisticated that I wont get hurt when I’m struck by a truck …

Jasey Studios says:

Real talk now
Where does the license plate go?

Sundincubus says:

looks very futuristic but I’m not feeling it. It’s got that geeky look to it. Probably more suited for rich folks who don’t know what to do with their money. Buy it, let it sit in their mansion garage somewhere….and maybe every once in a blue moon, they’ll take a cruise around the block that’s it.

Nick Bai says:

When is it coming out?

guiller mander says:

i love this motorrad but im poor

Daniel Grześkowiak says:

Batman motorbike xD

Sailye says:

Is this Tron trailer ?

Harry Mix says:

Why not have her smoke a cigarette and text during the ride while you’re at it BMW?

__天使__ __ドミトリー__ says:

Дайте 2…=)

Run13 Buddhabrot says:

que merda, filhao.

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