The fastest car in F1 history?

Mercedes director of engineering, Aldo Costa, explains some of the key attributes of F1’s all-new 2017 car.

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Kaustubh Patil says:

Fastest car in history? Fake News

Sami Swiss says:


Andreas Breslawski says:

Basically F1 got a new admin and already we see some serious, serious rule changes to increase downforce and mechanical grip! I’d be willing to watch a race or two to see how these new cars will look and corner. I pity the drivers though especially under high speed braking.

Subi_fan says:

Put in a turbo V12 in the car, fuck off with your shitty hair dryer V6…

Colorless Man says:


Kamikaze Seal says:

I hope this year in formula 1 will be more competition not just mercedes in qualifications and in races

They Live We Sleep says:

why manufactures don’t have free hands in design their ultimate race machine, why so many rules??

Rage 9one says:

Wasn’t the fastest car in F1 the 1985 Lotus 97T?

Daniel Fedele says:

Fake news

LiNingAir says:

WOW, 95mm increase! They exaggerate the graphics quite a bit 😛

mmtot says:

Cool…………………………bring back NA v10s and make circuits that don’t look like giant parking lots and you got back another viewer.

Joseph Gorringe says:

Bring back the V10, the V6 Turbos are disgusting.

Callum Harper says:

flow including satisfaction fgkknm stiff opposition soon relation perhaps humanity.


They should’ve done these years ago! About fucking time

barnetthejosh says:

no the fastest was 1986 1450bhp BMW M12. technology has actually gone backwards and dumbed down.

Wealthy Pepsi says:

how to be an f1 fan on internet in 2 simple steps.

1) be blind
2) complain

Ian M says:

Is this fake news too? Or can I trust this report on F1 to be factually accurate without an agenda? Die with what dignity you think you still have left while you still can, CNN.

Sparkle Dust says:

they’re gonna be working on a new engine for 2018 I’m calling it. because they worked on these new rules throughout 2016, and throughout 2017 there will be some minor changes to the body but I’m assuming new engine

twe enyss says:

Moto gp-Half the wheels,twice the excitement and they race in the rain,F1 dead and buried short of a complete rethink.

Johnnie Walker says:

3-4 seconds / lap ?
*seconds*, not *tenths* of a second ???
Very interesting, considering many track records date back to 2004 (on unmodified tracks).
About 10-15 years ago, in a totally different, non-turbo era.

RedboRF says:

Mercedes domination? Again?!

Kyle Paulo says:

Just bring back the fucking v10s. Had enough of this shit!

LGPanthers1 says:

Bring back the 10 cylinder and put it into the 2017 cars.

That’ll give the F2004 a run for its money.

Lock JR says:

Wow, CNN did something interesting.

Pokemon ash pikachu Rider Nagano says:


Stjepan Bastic says:

No… is not the fastest and it never will be. propaganda.


” They should put guns on them” – Jeremy Clarkson

Naz Idoura says:

NASCAR fans…since the points change, this is what we should watch

Giovanni Gatti says:

i think that this is pure shit , really i can t undestand how some ppl ruined this incredible sport .there are too many rules , i miss the old f1 , where it was full of new ideas and full differenta cars … nowaday they look all the same …
the worst fact is that if somebody has a new idea biggers cars brand would change the rules to eliminate the new invention. so smaller brands have no chance to win something

The Venom Hoon says:

I hope they get rid of that God awful antenna on the nose

Q3ToPBuZz says:

It’s still gonna be a boring 2 hour advertising procession.

Casey Colgan says:

That 20 kg of extra weight is bullshit. They shoulda made it 20kg lighter. I’m sure they have the material know how to do that no problem. They already have issue enough with ballast weights being dangerous if they go flying off the car

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