The first all-electric Audi – REVIEW Audi e-tron Interior & driving impression – Autogefühl

In today’s Autogefühl’s episode, we present you the extensive preview of the all-new Audi e-tron, the first ever all-electric Audi. This will be the final interior and also we can give you a first impression of the driving experience. Interesting: Check technology highlights like the Virtual Mirrors. The Exterior paint is still camo-style.

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DONG Bradley says:

Thomas, you are so fast!!!

Thabo Dlamini says:

Great review, Thomas you didnt give us a full review of Honda CRV.

sebxx says:

Why say it’s Audi first EV? (Is it from their press release)
They had R8 etron for a bit (100 cars between 2015 and 2016), are they ashamed?

Verkäufer der Moderne says:

This car is a great response from germany against tesla or something else. They just wait a bit more time.. and introduce a car which is futuristic with high quality elements inside also great shape for electric car

DP ie says:

Long overdue and the insistence by Audi and all other German car manufacturers to continue building lots of diesel cars is appalling. Its ironic that this car is launched almost at the same time as the Audi CEO is in police custody for willfully cheating the emission declarations. And its not clear by when this e-car will be available since Audi has no control of battery manufacturing(yet?) and can not guarantee cheap and abundant battery cells- by far the most important factor when building electric cars.

Cusco 4X says:

You talk too much…10 minutes film had been enough…

metring073 says:

Dash with a lot less piano gloss finish has definitely improved. Side cameras I think will eventually replace the mirrors which is a good thing ( for better aerodynamics and also they can put graphic info warnings for other motorists, pedestrians, cyclists within the screen, also can be used as a dash-cam ).
First time as a passenger review Thomas. Top stuff there.

Dionysis Skrivanos says:

LoL ” the french will have a little problem with that check it out what it means…”. The issue is will they want their car to be called “étron” (=”sh*t”) or will they accept it IF the car is rly good.

darexdarex says:

Is this more or less also the upcoming Q3, minus the electric drivetrain?

sebxx says:

They did not even drive you on a highway/Autobahn??! No way to judge noise insulation in City traffic.

markmd9 says:

Fake front grill looks as ugly as fake exhaust pipe do!

sebxx says:

13:50 “frunk” : Tesla community has been using this term for +6 years.
This car trunk has such a high loading height 🙁

derHERRderVIERringe says:

Well @Elon Musk that’s how to build a car 🙂

Volumex says:

Very nice car but…. 400 km with 95 kwh is not a good data. I think as I saw in Inside evs, the range is under WLTP. The i-Pace reach 480 km and Model X P100 even more, because achieve 480 km in more restrictive EPA standard.
So bad news in terms of eficiency. You carry hundreds of kg in expensive batteries for waste them moving a non efficient car.

Anagnostis anagnostou says:


Alejandro says:

This is the Audi Q8

T. G. says:

@autogefühl I think the mirrors use a touch screen and you can adjust the view and the zoom?! Have seen that in another video…

WhiteShmoo says:

Congratulations Thomas. Very nice review. Audi is introducing some innovations.

E.T. says:

Looks like a winner! But, I would prefer some real buttons for the A/C etc. However, that is a minor issue. All in all this will probably be the world’s best (electric) car, when it is released!

Chiro Videos TV says:

Very interesting and detailed review. I’m not sure about those door “mirror” screens. As a passenger they may make me feel nauseous at worst, distracted at best.

Rune Meijer says:


Stevie C says:

Glad to see the interior. Would have been more interesting / helpful if it was a more technical review. ie show the cars displays and information on battery usage, information when charging etc etc maybe next time….

Marc Favero says:

Ferez-vous un jour un reportage sur Ionity et Audi/Porsche/etc… ?
Will u do a video about IONITY and all the futur investors like Audi-Porsche etc … ?
I like your tests Thomas !! Thx !

Jesper P says:

Can you see the % of the battery ?

s4madman says:

As usual, a superb review by Thomas.

Tom says:

If it has 500+ EPA range, then fine. If less, then not good. Very very smart solution to the “camera-mirrors” with display inside. That solves the legal problem I guess.

She And Me says:

Good job on the video. Have been communicating to my local Audi dealer on this vehicle and when available. Answers to all my questions were “IDK”. The only comment was “it’ll kill Tesla”. Perhaps, just ordered a Tesla ‘cause I want a car in 8 weeks and will trade in my Audi SUV for it.

DONG Bradley says:

I like this car, but it is beyond me…..

Ajay reddy says:

i agree with u thomas about the virtual mirrors

gene978 says:

When Thomas is on YOUTUBE I get Happy inside because I know it’s going to be a GREAT REVIEW!

Akshay Kumar says:

How often u expect Thomas as a passenger in reviews. Great review by the way. Thomas playing with those side cameras was funny like Thomas Müller.

Vjacheslav Trushkin says:

Do they offer alternative for writing letters in satnav? Current solution will be a problem for left handed people like me. I suspect it will also be a problem for right handed people in UK version of car.

Denis Medvedev says:

Скиньтесь по штуке евро мне на такую. Буду оооочень признателен!

pangrac1 says:

And Audi boss is in the jail because of Dieselgate…

RJ 8U says:

By checking this car and Jaguar I-Pace review I wanted to say that Tesla is so much ahead of this car manufacturers. It’s led screen bonaza with this Audi. How are going to say focus with all of those screen to control? Bad design if you ask me.

Ahmed El Dahshan says:

you got a new camera man right..?

I M says:

Lol, meaning is “caca” 🙂

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