The Goodyear Eagle-360 concept tire

The Goodyear Eagle-360 is our vision for a tire for the long-term future that looks radically different from tires today…it’s a sphere! The unique shape means ultimate manoeuvrability, safety and connectivity for autonomous vehicles.


Walter Marlin says:

Put these ‘Maglev Sphere Tires?’ on a single rail train. Like the French Aerotrain. Maybe a jet engine to propel foreword.

sanjay kisor says:


raven lunatic says:

my question is how do they get power to the wheel?

Venom Animation says:

good job!! i voted this tire

Geometry Dash Lemonade says:

Pros: watch the videoCons: What if the tires have not enough traction to connect with the road neh? It makes steering harder, because the cab just looks straight.

Not criticizing here. Show your talents to the world Goodyear!



sreeram padmanabhan says:

Could someone tell me how they are planning to change those tires? And considering that there will be equal wear on each tire, is it practical to change it like a regular tire? And considering there might be a metal sphere inside, will it be subjected to deformation due to regular stress ?

Tony Nameless says:


taro momo says:

I also made the same scale down design model 27 years ago.
I agree! It is!
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Wang Weiquan says:

If the Eagle 360 Tire go flat replacement of the new tire will be extreme difficult, I still prefer using normal wheel.

Chinna Vudimudi says:

no need to be sphere
modification in traditional tire can do this

Gene Belcher says:

This technology would be used in 2030

Sombra says:

Remember me the cars of the movie “I Robot”

Kavya says:

It’s a good idea, but it won’t work in the real world because other cars and tires would have to conform to this format and they probably won’t do that because of royalty fees etc… the world wants a unified system for automobiles and roads, but it just doesn’t work because each company wants (and has the right) to do things their own way to keep their companies afloat and profit… unless goodyear makes this an open source technology and royalty free where all companies can use the format, but use their own computer system/materials etc..

Keda Wood Dye says:

If attached by magnets, why not utilize the magnets as a propulsion system as well by using the magnets to propel the tires? Series of magnets – Look me up when you get this idea proto-typed or available. I will take one of the first 100, and any royalty or compensation would be great : ) Just trying to help mankind, and I LOVE making things better for us all ; )

Ckyntosh says:

the car here 2:55 is like “fuck this shit i’m out ,I’m not even in this comercial ,fuck this shit I’m out” hahaha

Mateus CRF230 says:

amazing! how you drift this? hahaha

shitpost central says:

But can it drift

Asuki S. says:

I cant wait to burnout these things.

Dhiraj Yogi says:

i have an idea just like yours. may be i could help you people.


Most of us will be dead when it’s on the market … if it goes on the market!

Sonríe Sé Feliz says:

No lo sé Rick, parece falso.

Guillaume Fracchia says:

This concept is stupid and probably was thought of by some high person. It doesent provide ANY benefits over standard tires. A sphere would have less grip, response of tire, and magnetic levitation is so far on the future, by that point people wouldn’t have flying cars.

devinhallsworth says:

Dominion tank police anyone?

Michael Vinson says:

This will never be practical for many many many reasons:
– The energy required to generate a magnetic field strong enough to levitate the vehicle would be cost prohibitive.
– Using a magnetic field to apply enough torque to a rotating wheel to allow turning and braking would be so weak it would be impractical under normal driving conditions.
– Even tire wear would be a real issue. What are these magic wear sensors they are talking about again?
– Hitting a bump or pothole would destroy a wheel or the entire vehicle. A tire making contact with the inside of the wheel well would probably result in catastrophic failure of the whole assembly.
– The vehicle would require perfectly smooth roads to travel on or would have travel at low speed across rough surfaces.
– Debris would be magnetized to the inside of the wheel well while driving down the road.
– Eliminating water being spun off the tire inside the wheel well would be a major problem.

I could keep going but I think this is enough to kill the idea. It looks cool and they could probably even make a working prototype but that does not mean it would be practical for everyone to use.

Azazel 장난 says:

Sorry , But you an arsholes with this idea

cosmo price says:

stole my hoverboard idea

mike mcgln says:


NA Oleson says:

They should make a trike and use it as a front tire, for testing..

ShPh says:

So umm, how is this vehicle propelled (and/or slowed down), exactly?

Milk Man says:

it doesn’t work. looks cool on paper, doesn’t work in reality.

G74 says:

If the cars are parked so close together how do you get out?

osochocolatoso says:

Awesome! but the important stuff is… does it blend??? o.O

maya savedra says:


JBear says:

i’m pretty sure what you’ve invented there is call the football

Chinna Vudimudi says:

this need not to be a spherical
its running over is line only
whats about wear ,use less side portion of tire

raven lunatic says:

so funny was just talking to my wife about how spherical tires would be a much better concept and went online to see if anyone else thought of this,i guess my dream patent is over.

Low budget gamers says:

In a decade, the phrase “Why re-invent the wheel?” will make no sense at all.

681726 says:

Disappointing imagination from a tire maker. I expect these kind of concept will break away from traditional 4-wheels design. It will be more practical if the diriver and engine/brake (magnetic induction device) were located inside one big ball tire with gyroscopic stablization.

Lockeedman says:

Audi RSQ, here we come!!

baka baka says:

Sorry good year there are so many things wrong with this concept. You guys need to go back to making F1 tires that explode.

Thomas Davey says:

Das cool

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