The new MULTIBEAM LED lighting technology – Mercedes-Benz original

Mercedes-Benz is incorporating the new MULTIBEAM LED lighting technology for the first time into the new-generation CLS. The many benefits of LEDs have been innovatively combined with the latest control technology.
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Артем Брагин says:

Наконец дошли до того что Ауди уже делает давно.Я про фары Matrix LED

Nikhil Kashyap says:

Very innovative and state of the art technology. I am amazed by how much technology these people can stuff in a small headlight. This must be what known as MAXIMUM INNOVATION 🙂

Jonathan Washington says:

To much stuff in headlights nowadays. Imagine all those control units after 3 years.

Harry Fichtner says:

I love star-Cars 🙂

Asihene Christopher says:

highly dynamic, highly precise

Michael Cui says:

Sadly illegal in USA. Canadians are lucky to be able to get this while we try to distract ourselves with 1990 nissan skylines.

Kru S says:


sexydjole93 says:

Very interesting 🙂

Mark Wahlberg says:

يالزهراني يابوزقه In your dreams

Diana Liu says:

Florian Herold, what can I do with the headlights at 2012 Mercedes Benz C 300 4 Matic,I just purchase a used CPO and barely I see when I’m driving.Any suggestions?

gulshan narula says:

Beautiful discovered

Herbert Hall says:

Very interesting.

AmeriCanonStudios says:

LOL Audi has this already in the a8. It’s called Matrix LED for them. Nice copying Audi Mercedes. Audi is always one step ahead.

00sam7 says:

I just got the 2017 E-class with multibeam headlights. However, they don’t seem to work, someone told me they are disabled for the us market can you confirm?

James cls says:

the best or nothing.

anick1978 says:

This innovation is why I decided to go to Mercedes-Benz and not infinity or Lexus. Great job and keep the innovations coming.

theory816 says:

4300k hid’s 4 lyfe

Mercedes-Benz says:

Introducing: #MULTIBEAM  LED lighting technology! Mercedes-Benz is incorporating this innovative feature for the first time into the new-generation CLS-Class. 

Tree And a Duck says:

lol i love the tone of his voice
it has a tint of listlessness 

sebastian jr says:

Currently available on the CLS only ?

Christopher Avgerinos says:

just amazing tech!

Chris Briggs says:

Shame you are developing new technology to improve safety yet leave W204 owners with windscreen wipers which don’t clear the screen and simply say it’s a known design flaw to which there is no solution!my 20 year old saab can clear the windscreen but that seems too difficult for mercede to achieve!


really bad sales pitch, hardly shows what it does….

Theod Mi says:


qwertz33 says:

no interesting inventions for years now…


wowwwww the best or nathing

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