Top 5: Technologies in the BMW 7 Series (On Cars)
Brian Cooley runs down the top tech in BMW’s new top ride.

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Mathias Aspegren says:

Welcome to 2015 where we charge our key every 24 hour. Ahhh the future

Peter Park says:

Good luck spending your time at bodyshop for repair after 2 years. German cars look nice but terrible reliability.

Cart Man says:

good luck changing light bulbs. lool

Adam Farkas says:

american cars will never have these tech gizmos:). at least not for another 10 15 years!
that is why we love GERMANS:).

Bob Reinheimer says:

The laser headlights are not coming to the US because they do not meet Federal standards. All advanced lighting systems now available in Europe are illegal in the US because our standards are so far behind the times. The American Society of Automotive Engineers is developing new standards to propose but these things can take YEARS and probably will. It’s sad that innovations that contribute so much to safety are out of reach for US citizens.

Tom Fidler says:

umm premium touch screen noo porsche ?

Jergialipananu says:

a key fob i have to worry about keeping charged all the time? no thanks i have enough devices to keep track of already. last thing i want is a dead key.

Colin Khoh-Reiter says:

Now we all want to know… How much is it?

sen soni says:

Need screen protector and case for the fob ?????

Jason Lee says:

Like like you will need a bmw key cover to prevent drops and scratches

Heavie Walker says:

I can’t wait, till they include a super feature, that allow the car to pay the late and behind car note for you. Because, the car is married or attach to the owner and don’t want to be repo. Consider me impress once the engineer figure that one out.

Alex Godman says:

cool keys !

Ethan Mayer says:


Hannnnnzi says:

It’s nothing…

BMW is out of creativity.

SwayD SkyKnight says:

remote for parking nice and exspensive pretty awesome

Сергей Цыбизов says:

Steampunk car))) Modern car is Tesla

Darryl Barnes says:

That key fob is really cool!

WeKnowTheTruth2012 says:

Key still lags on touch screen and imagine how dirty and easy it’ll break why dont they implement android system into it?


apple gonna sue beamer for using the swipe functionality on their keyfobs

TheKkd123 says:

It would be such shame.. When you are about to go back and forgot to charge your keys

RaptorJesus720 says:

So now that BMW has remote control parking, maybe in 20 years or so we’ll see full remote control technology and be able to drive outside of the driver’s seat like in Tomorrow Never Dies? 🙂

MBArep says:

Pretty sad to see that the new e class will have the park feature but bmw can only include it in the flagship

Ana Lauš says:

Gn r

Naveed Ahmed A.T says:

Naveed ahamed

Mr 4ER says:

how to find money to buy it?

Lark says:

This just make me wanna work harder.

N20 Gtr says:

So if it drives in by itself can It also back up on itself ???

Cyrus D says:

So, I see a parking spot to park, choose not to. Get out of the car (better be a nice sunny day or else), stand beside the car staring at that empty spot like a tool, take my key fob out of my pocket and hold down the park button and let it SLOWLY park it self…head first by way. Oh Yeah!! That’s not a crowd pleaser, it a clown pleaser. By this time a kid would reach puberty already.

When tech comes out that you get off in front of a mall let’s say and the car then drives off on it’s own and finds a spot and parks by itself, now that will be impressive.

Vaporizers101 says:

gesture control looks douchey

abdullah hamadeh says:

that key looks like a phone

RotaryPerfection says:

Introducing the 1st key fob that cost $1,000.00. LOL!

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