Toyota Concept-i Official Trailer – CES 2017

Toyota shows off its futuristic car, complete with artificial intelligence.

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Mr Ghostly Akumu says:

Price by any chance? im for real i want this as a “first” car lmfao

Sebastian Hernandez II says:

How does it even move without back tires/wheels

Marky 360 says:

You always see concept vehicles like this but they never seem to actually come to fruition

death2b says:

im kind of scared

Morgan Cook says:

Wow a car that’s gayer than a prius.

sentian442 says:

thanks for letting us know you can make this. now will you actually start making your cars look this nice or at least to some extent.

Jake Heidecker says:

No aux?

Gonzales says:

The thing which i cant understand yet why all these lights in the car ?!

tswb209 says:

Really want to see how’s this work, instead of just introducing the project! Wish a new video cover that.

Dan Hong says:

what’s the song?

Mafia says:

What east report this channel

Florian Heise says:

All I can worry about is keeping the inside clean.

Bouncy Jelly says:

what about cars with turrets so robbers stay away

Roblox for life says:

its like the 90s all over again

HamTv says:

We can afford to make a futuristic car, but yet we can’t even go into space

YAAR Gazdar says:

bring back the supra !!

Ray S says:

Alas it will never be a stinger

Crystalline says:

Japanese people are gods


this thing looks uncomfortable as hell

nik chernishev says:

future is coming

MrMaxadax says:

why do people want self driving cars so much? so they get to spend the half hour each way doing what they’d be doing for the rest of the day anyway? is consuming garbage and texting that important now?

Cue Da Ninja says:

Looks like a self driving car; wonder if it will go into production…

Edwin Ojeda Herrera says:


JosÉ says:

que loco

William Dance says:

Cuz everyone wants to be able to talk to their cars…

Nick Salehi says:

Hope i live to see cars like this.

Moon Man says:

It’s ugly af tho

Kevin Qerimi says:

Out future cars

Neha Kadam says:

Cooooool !!

4 Wheel Online says:

I don’t want to sit inside of an iPhone

red asylum says:

does it come in black?

down4mah2 says:

Make it 50k and I’m buying one

Bailey Pate says:

Why do they make them look so futuristic?

- DotCom says:

Does it come in black?

deadleylotus says:

I only have one question about this car how much is it?

McHanZu says:

the new rocket league car looks dope

Sauce 87 says:

Does this car come with motion controllers

Nerf Guy - Call of Duty Battlefield and more! says:

Even though Toyota won’t release it to the public, we can still drive the car in GTA 5.

Starblade125 says:

This car should be put in Rocket League

My God, It's Full of Stars says:

AI is a waste of money. That’s what my brain is for.

Morrius07 says:

They’re not ballsy enough to actually put it into production, there have been thousands of brilliant concept cars that have not been released.

Movie Melee says:

Introducing the Toyota iPhone

Сергей Пустарнаков says:

клевая машина!!!

Kaiyanpepper says:

This is scary

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