Ultra-futuristic self-driving ‘Vision Next 100’ BMW unveiled during centenary celebrations

German car giant BMW unveiled its futuristic self-driving Vision Next 100 concept car as the company celebrates its 100th birthday in Munich, Monday.


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Regera Agera says:

кσєиιgѕєgg яєgєяα ιѕ вєттєя

Warren Buff says:

This is Alien technology

Sanz Ray says:

Damn danyo

Desca says:

Excellent car have to be BMW , just amazing.

Joe Chaput says:

ugliest piece of shit that’s ever been displayed

Kenneth Russo says:

is this car doing real tours? i bet it’s fake!

leon vdd says:

so which movie is this from?

Ubeydullah Yilmaz says:

We are in the year 2116

AllTimers says:

´pointless. Would not want of these

Victor Escobar says:

This car looks like if Megatron had the runs and took a shit right then and there. I like BMW but this ain’t for me lol

Adams 3:16 Moments says:

did the humans create this

Mudhar Hadi says:

Now try and drive over those speed bumps…

And as per usual, we have the legendary BMW height from the ground issue, & every driver will struggle to get in / out the car…

Rafael Nieto says:

well that’s another new thing I don’t have money to buy.

comics comment says:

kinda looks like Spooner’s car from, I robot.

darkwoodmovies says:

Why do they make these concept cars? What’s the point? They’re not practical and they’ll never go on the market anyway…

Minecrafted says:


Daniel Ribeiro says:

so much technology and still we cannot create cars that can fly like we once predicted in the past. What a shame


В жабрах грязь забьется – как отмывать?

Schuriken says:

It looks like someone ate a big bag of Doritos, drunk a galon of gold paint and then threw up all over a random concept car. God this SUCKS. That’s not the future of cars that’s the future of throwing up in your mouth.

EvanG The Beast says:

what a retardedly overcomplicated car

henrik hagen says:

ugly af

Appsessed says:

Those wheels are everything.

Zuriah Heep says:

Will it be available in manual transmission?

Gabe Adorno says:

Rooster teeth is the real RT

Evan Kirschenmann says:

what’s up with manufacturers trying to go with “futuristic” looking designs. It’s STUPID! go back to the good old days when gars like the AE86 or an old muscle car like the 69′ Charger were around that didn’t look like crap!

Hidden Climax says:

This looks AWESOME

Graham Savell says:

HA HA The roads in the UK would destroy it in ten minutes.

Pioneeryourself says:

Aliens are definetly after seeing this

Señor Spook says:

Oh my god I love how the little scales on the front move with the wheels

Brian A. says:

Too overboard for me personally. Cool concept tho.

mindaugas sjjjjsssssssssssssssss says:

i dont like bmw in future.what i can see is shit.

Kazi Shahid says:


franki3Ru550 says:

They should really take this car into production now! make the future happen

ButtHurt Libtards Joy says:

bullshit car. give me a lamborghini diablo 2001.

Sasha Tolstoi says:

ну и убогая хуйня.

Edward says:

Fuck the future

Ice Frog says:

Новая лада революция ?

IthatoneguyLOL says:

Obviously we don’t even know what we will have in 30 some years like the jetsons lets actually not waste money on prediction but put money into the future idk what I’m saying

Awsomenerd332yo NERD says:

so beautiful,*sniff

EvanG The Beast says:

what a retardedly overcomplicated car

Mertz says:

just imagine the insurance-prices.

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