► 2016 Bentley Bentayga – Technology teaser

At its launch, the Bentayga will be the most advanced Bentley yet – and the world’s most luxurious SUV. But the innovations inside are not present just to impress. They are there to heighten the sense of style.

As always, some features are there to assist the driver, while some entertain only passengers. But what links them is their contribution to the overall Bentayga experience: an experience in which the environment is no longer a mountain to be climbed. From within the Bentayga, it becomes a beautiful backdrop, against which to see through new eyes.

The Bentayga is the first Bentley to offer more than two choices of sound system, including the most powerful system available in any SUV.

The interface is remarkably flexible, offering a choice of touch control, rotary dials, gestures or even voice, depending on user preferences or driving conditions.

Meanwhile, rear seat passengers can also enjoy TV and video entertainment, navigation features, games, video calling and media streaming.

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Donovan Campbell says:

If it has a touch sensitivity engine button what happens if you accidentally brush your arm on it in traffic

ReaperChief says:

Still won’t beat the Range Rover.. will make for an interesting match-up, though..

Dennsen Der Wo Hat says:


Ermal Morina says:

We don’t just feel the technology,we copy it from the S class.
The best or nothing!

chính Bùi says:

we don’t just see technologi but i can see :))))) yeah yeah

jesus babio esporas says:

same Audi Q7/WV Touareg

MMD says:


Dordor says:

Supper Luxury

Ryan 9000 says:

I saw a 3 year old Continental for £30.000

slabiciune says:

For all you S-Class, Range Rover,Audi and BS Bentley lovers:
Cadillac had this technology 10 years ago.
“Standard of the World”….

GermanyTechno says:

I hate this kind of “artistic” videos, they are so stupid.

IMB2U says:

Is that actually a touch sensitive engine start button? It would be a deal breaker for me if I actually had the money to buy anything on 4 wheels.

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