► 2016 Bentley Bentayga – Technology

A suite of state-of-the-art driver assistance systems and infotainment features designed to enhance safety, comfort and convenience make the Bentley Bentayga an innovative and connected luxury SUV.

It offers the widest range of on- and off-road drive settings of any vehicle via Bentley’s Drive Dynamics Mode and optional Responsive Off-Road Setting. Up to eight modes are available, allowing drivers, at the simple turn of a dial, to select the perfect dynamic set-up for any surface or road condition. This versatility is complemented by Bentley Dynamic Ride (electrically activated 48V active roll control)  and Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS).
Responsive Off-Road Setting allows the customer to select the appropriate vehicle settings for a wide range of off-road surfaces, while the Driver Information Panel displays information on pitch, roll, wheel articulation, steering angle, compass bearing and altitude.
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) including Stop & Go, Predictive ACC and Traffic Assist enables the driver to maintain a set distance to the vehicle in front. Predictive ACC uses the navigation data, sensors and cameras to predict upcoming corners, city boundaries and speed-limit changes and can then modify the vehicle speed accordingly, improving both comfort and fuel economy.
In urban environments, there are a number of driver aids available on the Bentayga. These systems – such as Traffic Sign Recognition, which detects a wide variety of traffic signs and displays information to the driver; Rear Crossing Traffic Warning, which uses radar technology to detect crossing traffic when reversing out of a parking space; and Top View, a system which uses four cameras to display an overall picture of the vehicle’s surroundings – combine to enhance everyday usability.

The Bentayga is also available with Park Assist – a system that detects suitable parking spaces (both parallel and perpendicular) before autonomous steering takes over to support parking manoeuvres, even in narrow and tricky spaces.
Other innovative systems available on the Bentayga include Electronic Night Vision, which uses infra-red technology to identify potential obstacles ahead, and a Head-Up Display, which reduces driver distraction and increases safety.
The Bentayga’s all-new, cutting-edge 8” touch screen infotainment system boasts class-leading navigation technology, a 60GB hard drive, and a choice of up to 30 languages.
Rear seat passengers benefit from the introduction of the Bentley Entertainment Tablet – a removable 10.2” Android device with 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth for effortless, high-speed on-board connectivity.
Customers can choose between three different sound systems for the Bentayga: Bentley Standard Audio, Bentley Signature Audio and Naim for Bentley Premium Audio. The latter is the most powerful system in the segment, with 1,950 watts, a network of 18 speakers and super-tweeters for unrivalled recreation of the highest audio frequencies.

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xmetalkingx says:

Name of the song in background?

طلال العتيبي says:

افضل صالون

Anonymous Guy says:

So nothing new …

Luther says:

nah dont like it

Wood Barter says:

It’s ugly. Looks like Kia could’ve made it.

geothermalenergy says:

Tesla Model X >>> Bentley Bentayga

Marco Galindo says:


Surf Shop says:

So whats new?

levy smith says:

im so getting one in my late 30s when its cheaper

foxxmufasa says:

so ugly

WolverineNerd says:

The biggest waste of money. Sorry Bentley I love you but this is just stupid. Stick with making luxury sedans and luxury sports cars. Stay out of the SUV market.

Dong & Jian says:

I spent 100 dollar can buy a nice tablet.

mihai nicolae says:

nothing new

thelordz72 says:

looks like toyota venza

Nosferatu NoFear says:

nice suv

Danilo Soares says:

very good

FinestInstinct says:

Hideous. If I were to win this thing or something I would sell it, buy me an SQ7, and still have loads of money left over.

bluesky says:

This thing sucks crap and is already archaic and outdated! It is useless, and worthless as Tesla Model X makes the best, most innovative, and most advanced cross over SUV. What’s Bentley going to try next, make a steam car?! They made an old fashion station wagon/cross over using old as stink tech with leather inside and some other gadgets everyone else has been using for years now…. they should be embarrassed about this, not trying to show it off!

AK Chohan says:

aj kon hoga khi ka meair

Presidentovich says:


Tathagatb Banerjee says:

It took 17 years for Google to get in a car. Wondering how much time will it take for the autonomous system to come in…

Donovan Campbell says:

It’s ugly

KYDashcam says:

Looks very nice. I can’t wait to see reviews for this SUV.

Voornaam Achternaam says:

ordered one

krutomjer says:

The design is mediocre at best. It looks like a fiat 500L from the back.

Rocket Man says:

I agree, all this technology seems to be very impressive, unfortunately it is powered by an ancient power unit, a combustion engine, it must be left in the past.

hyylo says:

you call this technology? hahaha. tesla model X offers real innovation.

sercuzu2 says:


Arnold says:

Of course the CEO of Bentley will not come on TV and say the Model X is the most technologically advanced vehicle on the road today..

Abdulaziz Alraddadi says:

Audi q7 with a bentley logo

محمد الشديدي says:

افضل سياره في العالم

M. Kassis says:

The fact that they mentioned the speaker system makes me want to try it out so bad!!!!! Pass me the aux cord lol

Gene &Lexx Vlogs says:

Smart car ! It doesn’t need a driver lol.

Lord nigel of chelmswood says:

hoorible looking car   no style like a proper Bentley

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