2005 Bentley Continental GT Review

This video is about 2005 Bentley GT Review


Clorox Bleach says:

respond please. Do you still have it? what type of repairs/maintenance have you had to do? how much $$ have you put into it after buying. thinking of buying same car/around same year

hdhostPL says:

You’re wrong, it is made by Germans in Germany, by Volkswagen, it get shipped to England when they glue the badge on and that’s it.

PlayYouAChopin says:

Maybe it was just the effect of the camera, but is it loud in the cabin?  How’s the noise insulation inside?

ajfx says:

fancy doing an update? Great review 😉 #dreamingofone

Donkere Begrafenis says:

good job!

Ivan Dobrichkov says:

How true is the bumper-to-bumper warranty for 3K a year? Is it worth?

Free Guitar Lessons says:

But… do you like it?

Just kidding! Awesome car. I’d love one.

Jay Saterrius says:

This and the gallardo my two dream cars

Marco Polo says:

is it a car thats reliable I want to get a 2005 but we’re in 2016?

Jasson Zambrano says:

This and a G-wagon is two cars I will respectively be able to afford 🙂

John S says:

Why do you think the tires are only lasting 10,000 miles?

Jonathan Sefcik says:

Such a beautiful car. Its got everything; speed, comfort, practicality, looks, and good reliability for an exotic. I can’t think of anything else that balances all these factors so well. When I have enough saved up I might get a used one.

robs747 says:

My dream car great video

JAY21NET says:

Hi there ,I just bought a 2005 GT with 47k miles and I want to change the oil myself ,can you or anybody please tell me what type of oil should I use ,brand and number ,thank you.

Виллем Дэ Корте says:

Super! Hi…please help me…is iT normal that The car engine temperature is easily 200 degrees om the clock on the dashboard? What’s the average temperature normally

Rich S. says:

You would think with 550hp it would go 0-60 much faster than “under 5 seconds”. All Wheel Drive is nice too in the winter

ph4tboy says:

is your name really van slam?

Ahmed El says:

Great Review ! I have a few questions: 1. how is the gas consumption ? would you recommend it for city drive ? 

Sean Lelie says:

Great video! It’s definitely an accomplishment to own one of these beauties.

CAMO LD says:

enjoyed the review .. you know your stuff sounds like it was well prepared too .. I might actually get it now thanks to you

Dennis Mojica says:

Hey I love your car !! I’m A 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe owner but as you said in the vid the Bentley is def on my bucket list lol !!

John Webb says:

love it

Christopher Walker says:

This car is like a race car wearing a tuxedo.

Kev Kruz says:

great video…but lower your steering wheel. lol – 

Samuel Preston says:

Did you run over a poor person at 2:10? What the heck was that “whump!” sound?

Aaron Adams says:

I drove it and wasn’t that impressed actually. I liked the Mercedes SL better.

Yup Gamer says:

Im 6’3 How will i fit with my height?

Abdullah Al-Shimri says:

I plan to buy this exact car next year. Bents are awesome.

Christopher Walker says:

This is a sports car disguised as a luxury car. Beautiful.

LIL_ NACHO says:

Nice color combo. How long have you had it now? I’m looking to buy one within the next 30 days. Any reliability issues?

Abdullah Al-Shimri says:

Honestly, this is the best Bentley review on YouTube.

hey canada says:

Hi how is the maintenance. Plz let me know

yehuda soyonov says:

What type of electrical problems does it have plus and is it expensive to insure

Виллем Дэ Корте says:

I loved your video!! Can I ask you a few more questions but via whatsapp or another medium?

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