2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible – Review – CAR and DRIVER

Contributing editor Csaba Csere gives an in-depth review of the 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed convertible on a new episode of Car and Driver: Tested.

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CAR: Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible
LOCATION: California, Nevada
MAG EDITORS: Csaba Csere

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acehighflyer123 says:

Thanks for the comprehensive review….

ehh90 says:

Norway. Probably the most bureaucratic and heavily taxed country in the world.

Adam Potter says:

I like this car reviewer, another great review, thanks

Roberto7474001 says:

Csaba Csere!!! Good ol’ Hungarian boy!!

Rubby213445 says:

Did you mean $515,000 USD or $515 USD?

Steven Kennedy says:

Great car with a great interviewer=fantastic video! 

Frank Assnot says:

Middle class people buy Ferrari, bentley, rolls royce, lamborghini all the time. just buy used or get a lease. The WEALTHY don’t buy cars, they buy planes and yachts. Only middle class and rich care about cars

theonesillyboy says:

looks to be genuine carbon fibre? really? it’s a Bentley ffs, not some piece of crap american shit, it is a genuine carbon fibre!

jusbus777 says:

I beg to differ those Super Luxury Coupes or a 200mph luxury coupe is easier to come up with the 290K than to find something cheaper brand new that is as quick and as refined no the M6 nor the SL63 cant hit 200mph the next step is to over-rated over price Aston Martin or the high maintenance F12 so…the Bentley is really a good deal

Carson Schalk says:

excellent review

Gadget Review says:

Funny enough, almost to the date by two years, we just published our review of this car.  And save for the infotainment system, I have nothing bad to say about it.  It’s a remarkable a car, especially considering its weight and size, and even more amazing that it can accelerate with such haste and handle so well.  The carbon fiber elements weren’t on our test model, but probably a good thing as I don’t think they match this brand of car, and the potential buyer.  Plus they’re more aesthetic than weight saving in this case.  

Matt Liebau says:

Ok is it just a two sitter with the top down? It looks like the wind screen sits right behind the front seats.

Erick Trejo Tovar TR says:


ContinentalMBC says:

This clip is like haute cuisine is presented by McDonald´s!

Puzzoozoo says:

Nice review. Always nice to hear American reviews of European cars, as they are usually more detailed then ones from people like Clarkson.

deniskatashkentskiy says:

great review!

SynQ86 says:

I probably have more chance of winning the lotery then bentley making a car that i find appealing. Bentley is such a grandpa brand and ridiculously expensive. I’ll get something else for that money for sure. lol

Jan Semerád says:

super car but bad spokesperson

ehh90 says:

Typo. I meant of course 515,000 USD.

ballsworker97 says:

this I is the best car review I’ve ever watched on YouTube, very thorough and covers every area a car review should, brilliant video quality aswell, keep it up!

Razvan Adriann says:

Just wow ! Somebody give him a medal. This is one of the best and pleasant reviewers I’ve seen. The car is gorgeous too but I prefer the V8.

pensive69 says:

heck i could run that wonderful GT in the Winter with AWD
i wonder whether the Bentley design team ‘could’ put this
on a massive weight diet and come up with a BLACK or
Track model? thing would be better at mpg and a lot
faster in a touring mode with turns.
women i know who have seen the interior in red are bonkered by it!

phillip johnson says:

outstanding auto, can’t wait until I get mines!

Oh Yeah says:

This guy went to the fine school of car reviewing, excellent job.

nobby stiles says:

this guy is the best , his reviews are spot on , check out his review of the Audi S8
he really knows his stuff

matt k says:

official car of the Asian mistress

huss1205 says:

folks at car and driver, where is Csaba Csere recently? if I am not wrong, this was his last review or am I wrong? 

uqarni1 says:

Csaba is by far your best reviewer. I watch your reviews solely for his quality reviews.

Zain Farrukh says:

I love Csaba Csere’s reviews

Roy Ye says:

I like this guy, very unbiased review

adi1096 says:


a20axf says:

Note though that I am talking about luxury cars. Koeniggsegg is much more expensive and Pagani is obsessive down to the last tiny detail. They still don’t go the same lengths as Rolls Royce will for materials in the cabin (I don’t mean carbon fibre or titanium for lightness, i mean for pure luxury).

I am not denying that Pagani & Koenigsegg are incredibly high quality but, Rolls Royce & Bentley are much larger companies with much more wealth behind them. That is why they are renowned for luxury

bracikmen says:

im 100% sure Currensy watched it XD

bloodpig101 says:

Good review.
I think i hear a lot of roadnoise though?
How tall are you (rearseat space)?

TheRevolutionary465 says:

why buy a bentley for performance? go for the flying spur or the mulsanne.

Vortex says:

The best car review I have ever watched. Incredibly refreshing.

Rubby213445 says:

Where do you come from?

alex adams says:

i’m not going to be able to but this but my soon to be wife wants one at any cost so i’m going to build it I just bought a kit and frame for it but I might have my friend do it for me don’t know but she will love it

skateboyjay says:

I don’t know why I watch videos about things I cant afford.

SteveRunciman says:

Csere is an utterly irresponsible driver. Admits to going between 90 and 100 mph without looking at road and while talking to camera. Nevada state troopers should prosecute him HARD.

Constantine Pinchuk says:

I can tell how tired this guy is from telling people over and over how to spell his name

Keyur Monpara says:

nice review ever i heard..

Devin Heiner says:

fantastic review

MrTrongky says:

Sir, very informative, detailed and comprehensible. Thank you.

Brad R says:

Seems like a bad idea for polar moment of inertia to put the entire engine in front of the front axle…

TheBenmeister236 says:

Where is Csaba driving? Those roads look beautiful with the mountain view.

Andre Thais says:

Would this be a good first car for an 18 year old? My parents don’t want to spend too much on a car for me.

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