2016 Bentley Bentayga – readers review Bentley’s new ultra-luxury SUV

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We’ve been given exclusive access to the brand new 2016 Bentley Bentayga. With a price of £160,200 it eclipses current offerings in the SUV market, and is described as being the world’s first ultra-luxury SUV.

With a new 608bhp W12 engine and near infinite options list, the Bentayga is unlikely to leave people wanting for more, and our lucky readers are here to give their verdicts.

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Benjamin Hatchett says:

the interior is beautiful, the exterior is not! if this car had VW badges on it, no one would be saying it is beautiful on the exterior! Range Rover and Escolade exterior is killing this

Alex says:

Just curious, will this car also get scratches from road hazards like stones and pebbles and stuff? Or will it also eventually have swirl marks? Or will it always stay flawless?

Del Mac says:

What a amazing car, so beautiful.

Jibril021 says:

The first guy is clueless.

Dominic Washington says:

anybody know the song they used?

donkeydicked says:

Wait for a hybrid ?? For gods sake who cares about fuel consumption ? Just ridiculous

Dahlia Man says:

Very suitable colour choice.  Its the colour of babies shit and it looks like….. you get the picture 🙂

LinusLarrabee says:

Gorgeous interior. Exterior?…hmm…..

Ratul Ghosh says:

I want this !!

die_Eisenfaust says:

I know it all expensive and stuff, but it`s so damn disproportioned and ugly. Was there any real need for extra expensive Touareg?

its christophersamuel says:

anyone knows whats the background music called?

Château Angélus 1982 says:

I’m in love with this car.

sapurvis says:

Ugliest exterior on the planet. Amazing interior.

kaga1310 says:

primarily it is build for china and middle east, not europe. and that fact reflects the design.

gregory gyllenship says:

It’s a very in your face show off car, probably a love it or hate it but where on earth does the name come from… Bentayga ???? What is that supposed to mean ?

VolvoXC90TV says:

Seriously What Car, your last proper review was 7 months ago with the Porsche Macan. Get your shit together…

dogsitter68 says:

its ugly
inside its very nice

mike c says:

Well, I love it! I agree that it is perhaps not to everyone’s taste but I’m sure there will be a long waiting list for it nonetheless.

Namn L says:

I hate skoda superb stop doing stupid ads for it fuck faces

Gentle Brother says:

James Rae clearly had his beer goggles on. On the ugliness scale the Bentayga is up there with the 1994 Ford Scorpio. Google it and prepare to vomit.

brown bear says:

looks like a terribly poorly done illegitimate copy of an early 2000’s Korean car… Do these people realise this is a tarted up VW? And we thought those Germans had their wits about them.

p.s Where did you find these people? :s

Gadgetlava says:

i’m sorry, but i really wanted to like this car i really did and while the interior may be top notch the exterior is an absolute shambles. I mean what were the bentley designers thinking when they submitted the final designs for this monstrosity ? And the absolute kick in the nuts is you’re buying a tarted up VW touareg/Audi q7/Porsche cayenne which look way, way, way much better than this hideous creation

Kamaka Chang says:

So this how much money and luxury it takes to make you go blind.

James May says:

Probably the ugliest car/ SUV you can blow your cash on. Ugly beyond words.

cuttight says:

If there was ever any proof needed that money cannot buy you style or class, I suppose, this is it. I cannot see how anyone with a British or European sense of style would ever buy such a grotesque looking thing. Clearly, developed with the Chinese market in mind. Shame, really, for Bentley can do interiors quite well but the German owners of the brand (VW) only seem to care about the Chinese $$$ and have abandoned the British heritage of the marque. It just looks bling in the same generic way that everything else the Europeans sell to the Chinese does.

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