2016 Bentley Bentayga SUV Tech & Design REVIEW

MotoMan gets an early shot at the 2016 Bentley Bentayga – the firm’s first ever SUV. Starting with the heavily revised W12 Twin Turbo engine, MotoMan goes on early technical, engineering and design review of most likely the fanciest SUV on the planet . . .

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john melition says:

who tĥe fuck buy this car for 100?is it wôrth it?

shinyam75 says:

Wow, an SUV that seats only four? Pathetic.

Gohot229 says:


Aser Lewis says:

even if i had the money count me out i’d stick to the original’s

Liv in says:

The front grill gives it a ultra luxury feel to it. It looks like the goto suv for rich people. Interior was a bit underwhelming or I dint see enough.

SmokersLounge says:

i would rather have a dodge srt with actual functionality its barely any leg room

parker98x says:

Bentley Truck, yeah that’s my choice of ride.

Allan Dsouza says:

its ashtray not asstray…

mikeklassic78 says:

nice truck- but ive seen better

D Clarke says:

shoo I’m an off-road guy I’ll take it of road

K Reed says:


Re Ho says:

It’s primary appeal will be it’s price tag. The one-upsmanship at it’s best. I live near the Westside/Beverly Hills areas in CA. These will become as common as Range Rovers.

Muhammad Azhar says:

that is an awesome SUV


I LOVE those wheels. Wopuld I ever take it off road? F no!

Unknown Soldier says:

I’d change the break light silver trim to black, transparent or gold all around.

Lord G-man says:

awesome ride I need this!

K.C.R says:

what is the point of opening the hood when you can’t see the engine because it’s coverd in stupid plastics that’s the problem with new designs “plastics”

Joseph Queen says:

Honestly in this video I think it looks great, from the side especially, however I have seen one in my rear view mirror heading out from London on the m40 I thought it was ugly it looks square and narrow, but I think its the inboard headlamps that give that impression. Then two weeks later I seen another one on the same stretch of road but it was ahead of me, As I was closing on it I was trying to work out what it was, I decided it was a Kia with some bling added,,,, wrong it was a Bentley and as I went past that ugly front end was plain to see, Im sure its stunning to drive or even just to sit in, but on looks I will give it 4 out of 10, My opinion

Gluluman says:

What clown concocted this atrocious beast??? I say fire him immediately!
what a waste, takes the appeal off, it looks likes cheap version of the Nissan murano. And the color, hideous!

paul wall says:

Bently had a good image, but now its fading.

Ali Shariati says:

the interior is phenomenon as always but from the outside it looks like an old couple’s crossover. it doesn’t feel like a SUV from the outside. Bentley should learn from BMW X6M. maybe next version …

Dwayne B says:

Thinking of trading in my Rolls Royce for this.

Neil Daniels says:

Based on this review, the Bentayga is a rich and luxurious beast that’s solid in every way, shape and form – Classic Bentley.

Anthony Ramirez says:

Can afford it. Can’t justify it.

David Huggins says:

Is this guy on drugs?
Why is he moving his hands so much? stand still guy!

Christopher Bergs says:

Auto Aficionado Man would be a better title man. 🙂

Mike J says:

that shit is ugly …ppl just gonna get it to say they have it …dont follow hype

branislav branko says:


Johnny Dis says:

if I had one of these mines would be filled with weed crumbs blunt wraps,forgotten xans,promethazine bottles and Styrofoam cups

Sven 30 says:

What a rip off

Christopher Bergs says:

Nice Work. Christopher

slimtone Martin says:

goodbye range Rover it’s over

Maverick Maddy says:

Looks like cheap chinese knock off, very ugly when compared to Jaguar F pace

Charlee Villatoro says:

I might pull up in a new Bentley truuuck Im so up y’all so stuck, got bad luck

yungmatt009 says:

Bently Truck, yeah that’s my choice of ride. Skrr skrr.

John Falkenstine says:

ooh, the steering wheel is ROUND! What a butt-ugly car.

Chris McPole says:

sumer mega overpriced q7.

Omar Colin says:

bought A Bentley truck for my baby momma

Frank Bullet says:

Just another truck with nothing to prove above anything else.

PwnstarUK says:

its ugly very ugly , but as someone whose been in a gtc w12 you would forgive bentleys anything because the w12 engine is the best engine in any car aver..

aky19832001 says:

So basically with no bumper, any small dent or chip will mean you’ll have to replace the whole two side panels. Which will probably cost about 40k.

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