2016 Bentley Continental GT3-R FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (2 of 2)

MotoMan drives the 572 HP Bentley Continental GT3R – a further derivation of what was previously his favorite flavor of the Bentley Continental range – the V8s. However, with the engine from the Audi RS7, things beyond horsepower change – namely a slight weight reduction that all come together to change the driving dynamics of the Bentley Continental . . .

For more information, check out our 2016 Bentley Continental GT3-R TECH REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tfe2lNhMCdg

– or –

2016 Bentley Continental Range FIRST DRIVE REIVEW in NORWAY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Bpw9y3_rD0

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harakaz007 says:

Estonia says Rear drive, would handle corners a little better

TheIronCruz says:

No. It is too heavy. Even with 2wd will not cut much weight. It need turn to be Extreme supperleggera – so it will not be a Bentley.

cohen garrick says:

nice am first


Santa Maria Madre de Dios!

Phos9 says:

Seems like a great way to get rid of a set of tires.

Stephen Butler says:

End question – no, I don’t think the target audience want out right ‘shit yourself’ fun, more ‘refined safe luxurious’ fun.

Snafu says:

Happy Thanksgiving Motoman! Love Bentley, this GT3-R should be an additional model instead of a special edition in my opinion. Stunning! I just wish the center console could be had with some burl walnut instead of Carbon fiber, just like the regular Continental can be had with the mix of Carbon fiber and wood.

Any chance of some more British luxury, say a Jaguar XJ Supercharged/R?

As for the end question, that’s something I’m not sure how to answer, I’d like a RWD Bentley, but not on the current platform. Hopefully something like the Speed 6 concept replaces the Continental and has better weight distribution. I’m from Lake Tahoe, Nevada or Marin County, California depending on the time of year and have a fair amount of time spent driving and riding in various Bentley’s.

trilingualkid says:

not to be picky but that green trim is pretty ugly.

Justin Rozinak says:


Stephen Butler says:

Always think the interior of the continental is good but never really liked it, but this one is lovely.

Jones J says:

Maybe I lack taste but I don’t know about that green interior

whiteandnerdytuba says:

Say it again. The engine from a rs7. Bentley decided to carry av engine over instead of doing a meaningful change to the w12, trademark of Bentley and….. Audi 8

GL HF says:

in other words, a pimped rs but makes less power vs rs7 performance edition, has much more weight, has an interior arguably better than a lot of cars?

Moss-maserati mitchell says:

You can hear that beautiful Audi engine

Yo Yo says:

The fact that i see one of these for $100,000+ less with only 100 miles. Is hilarious

1hard2findbro says:

Yes rear drives are always more fun if your into drifting. More importantly, why can’t we get a button to switch from rear to all wheel drive?

mfmf100 says:

Amazing car but I’m not sure I completely get it – is it a sports car or a gt? I think it’s one of the few models I’d prefer the less powerful, quieter version, makes for a more coherent car.

James Ellsworth says:

Having done a lot of driving in the Northeast US, all-wheel drive is valuable to me. I want an all-season, most road conditions ride rather than a thrill ride. After all, MotoMan, on this video you warned ‘don’t do this at home!’ And if I paid this much for such a fine automobile I would want to be able to use it as a daily driver, personal car. ‘Limited Editions’ sound fine but there would need to be, I imagine, an expensive bit of redevelopment to make a rear-wheel drive version work as well as this one.

Kares Pratt says:

With torque vectoring and being a heavy car, the Bentley can be rwd. With that, it’s also lighter.

Dee Jay says:

It’s too big n heavy to be a sports car.. A very nice appearance package though!
An answer to your question at the end though, about making it a high powered rear drive car.
Basically a Bentley HellCat.. I imagine the chassis would be over powered with only 2 driven wheels
Even considering it as a limited edition performance package, I’d say the average Bentley customer wants a car that’s stable and easy to drive.

rnz250 pai says:

I feel like a fair few of these went to the middle east…

Blake Swan says:

@MotoManTV why would one get this over something like the new MB E63 AMG S? Or even the R8 Plus? Both as luxurious inside and better driving and looking.

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