2016 Bentley Continental V8 S Technical Review

What’s going on car family?!?! I dropped by Bentley Atlanta to shoot this gorgeously spec’d Bentley V8 S. Lets take a few minutes to go through the features of this great example of high end automotive craftsmanship. Make sure you hit that like button!

If you’re interested in a Bentley V8 S or any other Bentley model, be sure to check out BentleyAtlanta.com.

Equipment Used:
Camera: Canon T6i
Mic: Rode Smart Lav
Software: Adobe Premiere & Adobe After Effects


Del Mac says:

As always, a well presented “show” so calm and relaxing, and amazing quality photography.

Maria das Santos says:

I just love Mr Wayne’s utterly charming introductions to such wonderful cars.His eye for detail was supreme,particularly the juxtaposition of the gorgeous red,white and black,who would have thought such a combination could be so thrilling,particularly when Mr Wayne reminded me of it or more correctly pointed it out?
If Mr Wayne ever does a tour of the Louvre I am with him,his astounding eye and knowledge are breathtaking and modest.Just to say more of the same please.


Ben, thanks for the great review! I really enjoy your posts.

Ssegwanyi Rogers says:

One thing I like from you Wayne, you’re always smartly dressed…. That’s cool man

Ville Korhonen says:

Absolutely great review, keep up the good work!

hatcher2262 says:

I love the Red top. Thanks for showing the top. 75% of time the top is up so that is pretty important.

Lazayvion Hammick says:

Great Video as always. Enjoy your style!

Jason Williams says:

This car is poetry, I enjoyed this vedio. Thank you

texastomek1 says:

These videos are getting better and better. Well done!

Vel Boone says:

wonderful review…

barbara tate says:

This color combination makes you understand why its a bentley worthy of the honor of Mr. Bentley!!!!

Gohot229 says:

Ben Wayne, a thorough testing, or rather the things we really use. the Bentley would become a White Elephant because at some point in the future electrical/wiring issues arise, and they must. That’s when your going in for a $10K. repair bill . Of course their not practical, their Toys…… Better to lease one I think, or get a bumper to bumper policy and keep it paid up. But, yea it’s a bichin car…. Mr. Wayne,  great job..

gary france says:

A Man Who Can Sell ,    Well Done .

Rogacki Thornton says:

Very nice sir

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